Meiselman: It’s about America

Photo courtesy US Embassy in Israel

by David Meiselman

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist. 

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me. 

-Martin Niemoller 

Martin Niemoller was a German pastor who vigorously supported many Nazi ideas in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. After Hitler came to power in 1933, Niemoller spoke out against the government and from 1937 to 1945 was confined to Nazi prisons and concentration camps. He issued the above warning upon his release in 1945. 

Let me say at the outset, that while I take pride in being Jewish, I am not an Israeli. I am an American. I am not a Jewish American. I am an American American. I don’t need any hyphens. I have only one loyalty, only one country. I have never been to Israel. I do not know anyone in Israel. I do not speak Hebrew and I’m not afraid of or adverse to disagreeing with Israeli policy. My family has been in America for 160 years and generations of my family have seen combat for America in several wars, as volunteers, not draftees. I am a proud United States Marine Corp veteran who served with honor in Vietnam 1968-1969. 

That having been said, this piece is not about Israel. It’s about America. We need to learn the lessons of history and see the big picture. What’s going on in the Middle East is our future, here at home. And I don’t mean 25 or 50 years from now. I mean soon, very likely within the next ten years. And if you don’t see it coming, it will only come sooner. They may not be coming for you today but they will be tomorrow. 

It often starts with the Jews because they are an easy target. But they are only the first stop along the way. As Chris Rock prophetically offers, “that train is always on time.” Then, like with Hitler, it expands to other people and other countries. That is precisely what is happening today. Don’t be distracted by the shiny object. We need to see the world as it is. Evil is coming our way. Today it’s “over there” but soon the terrorism, the danger, the fear, the bombs, the hostages, the loss of innocent lives and the loss of our freedoms, will be here. 9/11 will look like a firecracker compared to what’s coming. This movement is global. Many of those chanting “Death to Israel” in our streets and on college campuses will soon be chanting “Death to America.” It’s no longer a question of “if” but “when.” 

Make no mistake. This war is really against America, the “Great Satan.” When they say they are coming for you, believe them. When they say Jihad, believe them. Iran and its allies China, Russia, North Korea fervently believe their time has come. They accurately see us as divided,

weak and vulnerable. Their goal is to end our existence as a free and democratic nation. They know that if America falls, so does the rest of the world. And we are aiding and abetting them by refusing to see it, despite its obvious presence. Their strategic chaos is intended to destabilize us and the world order. We now have wars raging on three continents. We must not be fooled by propaganda, social media and talking heads. Let us not become part of the misinformed and misguided masses that are so easily led astray. They unknowingly march in favor of repression, violence and intolerance. There will be no BLM, LGBTQIA+, ESG, DEI, BIPOC, environmental or climate voices, safe spaces, criminal justice or women’s rights groups when Iran and China are in charge. Just look at what they do to their own people. 

This is not about politics. We are all at risk. No one is immune. As in Iran and its allies, there is only one political party and no freedom to change that government by voting. Israel helps to keep America safe by being on the front line. Not supporting Israel is not understanding reality. It’s about survival for our children and grandchildren. We need to support Israel, Ukraine and any other country willing to fight our fight. We need to stop brawling amongst ourselves. We must not allow our politicians to divide us. We cannot allow our differences to strengthen our enemies, weaken our allies and make us vulnerable to those who wish us harm. Hating each other compromises us from within. All other issues pale in comparison to loss of our personal safety, fundamental freedoms and national security. This is one issue that should unite us. 

So even if you do not support Israel in its existential battle, remember that they are fighting the evil that will soon be knocking at our door. That is why there is no place for antisemitism in America. If Israel is out of the picture, the full attention of their enemies, our enemies, will become laser focused on attacking America, even if that attack requires nuclear weapons. To think otherwise is naive.

Author is a formal journalist and US Marine.

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  1. Well said. Sadly there are many here in the US, and certainly in Vermont, who are rabid antisemites and Israel haters. Who swallow the propaganda they are fed and take pride in hating Israel, insisting that being anti-Zionist isn’t antisemitic, America First and tough luck to them and all the rest. The comments on the VDC alone are full of this. And they fully believe that as Christians or atheists or whatever, it isn’t their fight and they’re not in danger. Or even worse the legions of self-hating leftist Jews who proudly support Palestinian causes, demonize Israel and side with Hamas. Some of those were murdered by Hamas the other day; seems being a leftist Palestinian supporter didn’t protect you from being murdered by them. What a surprise!

  2. You, as does most media, misrepresent the America First Agenda as being tied to antisemitism and hatred for the world at the expense of humanity. You unwittingly took this talking point right from the United Nations Council on Human Rights. I would like to remind people that the America first agenda strove to bring jobs and employment back to America, it did not support the endless wars that were ravening the globe, nor did the movement support open boards. Open boarders is a goal of the United Nations and the Progressive Socialists of America. This group was procapitalism and antisocialim. This is where the true problem lies for the UN’s agenda which replaces individual rights with communitarianism and collective rights. The author is correct, they are coming for America next. Although, the attack has already started a d you would be ignorant and mislead to ignore it. First they focused on Trump, then his supporters, then parents at school board meetings regardless of their affiliation, and then parents who didn’t want their minor children given hormones and surgery in the name of gender affirming care. The net gets ever wider as more and more segments of the population are deemed as racists, haters, antisematists, anti trans and so on. The powers that be are demoralizing society at large including public school children, a communist tactic.

  3. The naivete of many of the pro Hamas demonstrators is disturbing. David Meiselman’s observation that “There will be no BLM, LGBTQIA+, ESG, DEI, BIPOC, environmental or climate voices, safe spaces, criminal justice or women’s rights groups when Iran and China are in charge.” is compelling. We know this is true by observing human rights violations around the world, but right now in particular in this conflict area of the Middle East.
    It is sad the children of Abraham can’t find it in their hearts to follow the commands of their God. For an ancient and Biblical perspective, I recommend reading the Book of Amos in the Old Testament. It is short, only 9 chapters.This has been going on for centuries and runs deeper than modern politics. In the book, Amos prophesized the outcome for God’s people, Israel… well as the unrepentant.

  4. Yeah, I don’t think that either side of this conflict has my best interests in mind, and I’m sick of the gaslighting accusations of hating anybody for thinking so. It’s especially rich when it’s perfectly clear that both sides here are absolutely filled with hate and grievance.

    • You ridicule? based on what? Russia isn’t formidable? It’s taking the U.S. everything it has to hold Russia down in Ukraine.

  5. Chris- It’s not 1984? What the books proposes, has has come true! We “Boomers” can remember back further than 1984! What the author speaks of will, and is, coming to pass. There will be no one to help us. No one to send us arms and troops. The USA is the last hope of freedom loving people in the world. Have you been living under a rock? Wake up!

  6. Does anyone know the details and history of the State of Isreal, the centuries proceeding it, and the heritage of tribes scattered across the globe? I wonder why the Rothchilds are having a fire sale auction of their fine art and decor? I wonder why Soros is closing shops in Africa and other offices around the globe? There is much more going on inside and outside of the conflict than many Americans have no clue about. Like lemmings, they must pick a team and can’t think or research outside their social media feeds. What is coming to light will shock many to their cores.

  7. Excellent points Mr. Meiselman. Well written article. However, I do think your timeline is a big generous. I believe we will see significant issues not in 10 years as you have postulated, but in 2-3 or possibly less.
    And all the “BLM, LGBTQIA+, ESG, DEI, BIPOC, environmental or climate voices, safe spaces, criminal justice or women’s rights groups” folderol is an absolute outcome from a society that is far too fat and comfortable and needs to feel something, so they find something to be upset about or create something to be upset about. As any developing nation would not address or be concerned about those issues…. they are worried about their crops, the weather, the health of their family. They don’t give a fig or a moment of brain power to those issues. That is a highly documented fact.
    By many accounts we are in for a world none of us have envisioned or for which we are prepared.

  8. Re: “This is not about politics.”

    I’m afraid this is ALL about politics. And it will be so until the American Republic is destroyed… which is very close to occurring.

    Yes – the repercussions will affect everyone… and likely do so as you surmise.

    But this is about politics… and at the center stage is the current debate on who should be Speaker of the House.

    There is a ‘Deep State’. In other words, the government has become totalitarian, and it is primarily the military-industrial complex, along with the health and education administrative complex, running the show. And our representatives in the congress, the senate, the executive, and the judicial branches have become addicted to controlling the prosperity created by the American Republic and its free-enterprise tenants. Those in government are little different from any addicted junkie. They are as certainly so ‘as the setting sun’.

    Those 22 Republican holdout members of congress are the latest example of this corruption, as is the media reporting on the issue. National Public Radio, just this morning, reported that the holdout Republicans were being ‘harassed and threatened’ by waves of phone calls from constituents asking them to vote for Jim Jordan.

    Imagine that. Constituents calling their representatives to ask, no, demand, that the people they voted for do what they promised to do. Yet these holdout Republicans are now siding with Nancy Pelosi. This can’t become anymore Orwellian.

    Israel and Ukraine, dangerous and unfortunate as these conflicts have become, are sideshows. They are being used by the ‘Deep State’ to further divide and conquer freedom-loving patriots around the world. Not just here at home. In the meantime, first things first. Politics got us into this mess. Politics is the only way out of it, short of armed rebellion (God forbid).

    As the airlines tell us… in an emergency, put your oxygen mask on first, then help your kids and neighbors. If the 22 Republican holdouts in the U.S. Congress swing the vote for Speaker of the House away from Jordan –– ‘we’re all screwed’.

    • The situation is absolutely dire. I completely agree! The public is so dumbed down and brainwashed that they have no idea about the future being planned for them, an inescapable digital prison and surveillance state governed by unelected entities in the name of sustainability. Biden signed the executive order to implement a central bank digital currency because all UN member states are required to comply. CBDC is required to control the future sustainable economy. As the World Bank stated they need to know how people spend their money.

  9. I agree with almost all of the people who took the time and made the effort to join in this important conversation. Thank you.