School shooting threat prompts petition for armed school cop

Twinfield Union school board meeting from last Tuesday. Bielawski photo

By Michael Bielawski

A petition with over 160 signatures has emerged from the Plainfield/Marshfield communities to have an armed officer be on the campus of the Twinfield Union School, following a school shooting threat last week.

The petition was started by Caitlin Bingham, a mother who attended the Tuesday evening, October 10 school board meeting. She was concerned about the vulnerability of the students after speaking with school leadership on the current protocols – or lack thereof – for an event such as a school shooting.

The signers are local people, Bingham said.

“I think that most were parents of children at the school, there were a couple of students that had signed and I did leave it open to taxpayers of Marshfield and Plainfield,” she said. (Read more on

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  1. There is something particularly satisfying about seeing liberals/leftists realize the fact that the best way to deal with a bad person with a gun is with a good person with a gun.

    • Not needed enough of the students are already armed on school grounds and probably have better aim

  2. It’s becoming more apparent that law enforcement is needed to deal with ever increasing dangerous situations…let’s get on the bandwagon of funding, not defunding, every level of these needed responses…city councils and liberal loonies be damned…