VT GOP starts petition to stop new Service Tax

Paul Dame

Yesterday the Vermont Republican Party launched a petition to stop an expansion of the sales tax on to services like haircuts, auto repairs, home renovations, even child care and tuition payments, Party Chair Deb Billado said.

The current plan would expand the number of taxable products and services, and reduce the 6% sales tax to 3.6%. Critics say the Legislature would likely increase the sales tax rate over the next few years, while not reducing the scope of taxable items.

You can see the video message from Political Director, Paul Dame here on the GOP facebook page, where you can also find and share it with your friends.

Billado encouraged people to “take a moment to go to our website and complete the petition, then make sure to share it via email, facebook or twitter with your friends, neighbors and co-workers – especially if they earn their living by providing a service that is about to be taxed.”

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  1. Yeah ! At least someone realizes that we are already being taxed into oblivion !