Scott, Dems smear conservatives in push for ‘unity’

(Editor’s note: As of today, 1,807 people have signed the petition begun by the author, asking Gov. Phil Scott to leave the Vermont Republican Party. For news on the petition and Gov. Scott’s views on leaving the Party, see Vermont Daily coverage.)

Ronald Lawrence

 “So – are you still beating your wife?”

We’ve all heard this question and understand how unfair it is.  It’s posed as a question with only “yes” or “no” as an answer—both condemning the recipient.  It’s an outrageous accusation about a heinous act, completely devoid of the truth, and is designed to put the recipient on the defensive.

“So…are you conservative Republicans still racists and white supremacists?”

It’s the same tactic.  And it is a tactic that has now been employed by our Governor. 

This calls into question our Governor’s support for the Party to which he claims to belong.  It certainly calls into question his leadership and devotion to uniting the Party.  And, it calls into question his personal character.  What kind of person engages in this sort of smear tactic—except only silence his opposition?

This same tactic is used, once again, in a VT Digger article this morning about the rise of “hate groups” and “racism” on the “right”.  This is just the latest in a growing national media campaign to silence our voices.  The Left has taken control, and they are using every available avenue to squash their political opposition.  There’s something to be said for listening in on the opposition, but I’m beginning to wonder why I allow this poison into my life.  It may be time to shut it down.

You have to wonder, if they choose such deplorable tactics, what are their goals for us as a people?  Do you think the Left: the Democrats and the media, are interested in promoting personal liberty and justice for all?  Do you think they about upholding our Constitution?  I’m having my doubts. 

Folks, this is now an unmasked effort to completely eliminate discussion about personal liberty—the foundation of our Constitution.  Freedom of the press, freedom of religion,   freedom to assemble, and the right to bear arms are all under attack.  And, it seems to be our children who are at the forefront.  I wonder why?

Our Governor seems to be all too comfortable exercising these tactics.  This petition is about calling out this behavior.  It’s sending a signal that we don’t appreciate his smear tactics.  I hope you will sign our petition and share it with your friends and relatives.  Let’s rid the Republican Party of this cancer.

And please join your local Republican Committee, to give yourself a stronger voice in our leadership.  Local Committee members send delegates to the County.  The County Committees send delegates to the State.  The State Committee sends delegates to the RNC.  These committees have the clout to endorse and fund candidates running for elected office at each level. 

It’s really that simple.  Now, more than ever, it’s time to make your voice heard…before it is too late.

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  1. Ya mean people of the party of Jefferson Davis, and Nathan Bedford Forest are asking the people of the party of Abraham Lincoln if they are still “racists ? Interesting

  2. Congratulations on bringing together reasonable people to raise their voices in protest to Scott’s playground name-calling. Insulting half the country’s citizens is not a productive way of bringing unity. Duh.

  3. Govenor Scott has betrayed himself,Republicans,and the USA.He was elected by a few Republicans,but mostly Democrats and Progressives. I make no attempt to assault his character;but the truth is most Democrats are not helping people,they are burdening them with taxes and programs that only help a few! The government by and for the Constitution derives its power from the people!! We must hold our governments accountable!!

  4. Governor Scott’s support is from left leaning republicans and “moderate” Democrats. I’m pretty sure that Dems find wisdom in not running a “moderate” against Scott knowing that they may put their governorship at risk. I believe that Governor Scott knows this and will make every effort not to cross those moderates – a classic Leahy-esk damn the Republic – get reelected at all costs.
    The unity that is being called for requires all of us to wade into their swamp and have a drink of Kool-Aid, I’m not going!