VT GOP plans suit over non-citizen voting

by Guy Page

The Vermont Republican Party will take legal action against the non-citizen voting law passed by the Democratic controlled Legislature, Party Chair Deb Billado told attendees Saturday at the quarterly meeting of the state Republican Committee in Montpelier.

Sen. Brian Collamore of Rutland reports the Democrat controlled Legislature focused this year on addressing small or non-issues while leaving large problems unsolved. House Minority Leader Pattie McCoy looks on.

The Legislature last month overrode the veto of Gov. Phil Scott of two bills allowing non-citizen voting in Montpelier and Winooski respectively.

In response to questions by Patti Howes and Wendy Wilton, House Minority Chair Pattie McCoy also said the GOP caucus would support introduction of a voter ID bill.

But in addition to bill introduction and legal action, Vermont needs more GOP seats in the Legislature, party officials stressed. The House and Senate both about four more GOP members to sustain a governor’s veto. And there’s encouraging news for Republicans on that front.

In recent years, Vermont has seen more towns organized with local parties and more women involved, especially among top leaders. Of the estimated 95,000 Republican voters, about 1600 are actual VT GOP members. The state party Facebook page has more followers than the Vermont State Democratic Party.

“Many of those people are working hard to get more people elected,” Billado said. “That’s the only way to stop what I would call the dangerous legislation coming out of Montpelier.”

The keynote speaker was Tommy Hicks, a Texan with an interesting resume: former Golden Gloves boxer, University of Texas graduate, former Chairman of the America First Action PAC, co-chair of the Trump campaign, and leader in Turning Point USA.

“I don’t need to tell y’all about the dangers of socialism,” Hicks said. “You get to hear it from Bernie Sanders.”

RNC Chair Tommy Hicks

He also weighed in on the Biden administration’s disastrous impact on the national economy.

“Inflation is the highest since, well, Joe Biden was vice-president,” Hicks said. “They’re doing it by blowing out the national budget.”

“Love or hate President Trump, we had the best economy before the pandemic.”

On the issue of defunding the police: “GOP candidates and officials will continue to be behind supporting police. That is a critical issue for Republicans,” Hicks said.

Vermont Daily asked Hicks: “People say I feel all alone, everything is changing, I don’t know what to do. What would you tell them?”

“Please get involved,” Hicks said. “Run for office. Run for schoolboard. Don’t assume your neighbor is going to do it.”

UVM Republican Committee President Franklin Cody of Bennington

Young Republicans looking to expand – the president of the University of Vermont Republicans said his group has featured Vermont elected officials and candidates like Phil Scott, Scott Milne, and Sens. Joe Benning, Corey Parent, and Randy Brock. And they’re looking to expand.

“We are proactively searching for students at St. Mike’s, Champlain College, and Castleton,” UVM student Franklin Cody, 21, of Bennington said.

A resolution banning vaccine passports passed unanimously.

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  1. “A resolution banning vaccine passports passed unanimously.”

    Maybe I’m reading this wrong but what is this referring to??

  2. Good to see the Republican party do something about this grave and ridiculous overreach.

    How does Phil Scott feel about the GOP doing something about it?

    Phil Scott:
    “I understand these charter changes are well-intentioned, but I ask the Legislature to revisit the issue of non-citizen voting in a more comprehensive manner and develop a statewide policy or a uniform template and process for those municipalities wishing to grant the right of voting in local elections to all legal residents,” Scott said in a statement.”
    *Please note that “legal resident” is not the same as a US Citizen.


    Why are Democrats (including Phil Scott) always trying to give or take away US Citizens rights and money?

    In my opinion they either don’t value them or they don’t value us.

  3. The Left, Cabal, Progressives, Marxists, all the anti-American criminal gangs want to destroy the American way of life. They want to be the elites in control of the serfs. That’s why they are in a race to destroy the Constitution, Bill of Rights and all capitalism. We The People will not stand for it. Our ancestors have given their lives and continue to do so for America.

    Puppet Phil Scott is part of the plan to change Vermont into the Left’s, Cabal’s, Progressives’s, Marxists’s dream of becoming a full-blown government controlled state as in the same likeness of China. Don’t forget he met with a China delegate in 2019, so did the Vermont Secretary of State and the past Attorney General. That was no “meet and greet” and if it was, why would you open the State of Vermont to a Communist, forced labor, live organ harvesting, barbaric regime such as China. Why? Think about that, think about Schwab, Soros and the Global Reset.

    The Truth will prevail.

    Liberty is from God not men.

    • Please let’s not ignore the fact that we have a bunch of rinos that completely support phil scott in spite of the fact that he has no more a republican than Bernie sanders is.

      Let’s not forget those in the republican party that couldn’t rush quick enough to try to push Donald Trump out of office so we could end up in the mess we are in today under the leadership of joe biden… And let’s remember these are the same republicans that support the turncoat phil scott who voted for joe biden.

      We need to hold each and every republican who denounced president Trump, the greatest president in recent history, to lend support to the turncoat phil scott who claims to be a republican but votes right along with the democrats.

      I laughed at love when I saw brian collamore and patty McCoy speaking out against allowing illegal immigrants to vote when they support a governor who formed a sanctuary state while claiming he is a republican.

      Until we end the charade that is taking place before our eyes by electing real republican leadership and getting rid of the rinos claiming to be republicans we will never survive.

      These rhinos are all smiles, handshakes in false promises when they are looking for your vote.

      When they are shaking your hand keep your eye on the other hand because they have a knife in it waiting to stick it in your back.

      Becoming a representative in the state of Vermont is not a full-time job as much as these people would like it to become one.

      If we have republicans that are rinos they no longer represent us and must be removed from office.

      Vermonters I hope you wake up before our state is completely lost.

  4. The argument needs to be made that the rights of citizenship cannot be handed out on a local and selective basis. If these leftists reason that non-citizens should be allowed to vote based on local decision, then they should accept that people of the same citizenship status should also be allowed to possess firearms. Same goes for convicted felons. Not an issue in Vermont where, ridiculously, even incarcerated felons are allowed to vote, but in other states that have restored the right to vote to convicted felons, their 2nd Amendment rights should also be restored. The pen is mightier than the sword. I’m not saying that it makes sense to grant the rights of firearm ownership to non-citizens, only that such important and sacred rights such as that and voting should be reserved ONLY for citizens, and only those without serious past criminal offenses.

  5. Franklin Cody, the same Franklin Cody who supports biological men transitioning to women AND then competing against women in sporting events?

    Anti-woman tripe ole’ Franklin is serving up doesn’t jive

  6. The very concept of non-citizens being granted voting rights is arrogant antifah fist-pumping communism.

  7. Ha ha They hate Sanders down there in Texas . He is a bit confused , Sanders never speaks of the Dangers of Socialism . .

  8. the specific basis of the lawsuit. how does the legislature’s approval of the charter revisions violate actual law?

    • Yeah it would be nice to know what the basis of their lawsuit is, I would guess that it’s a violation of the Vermont Constitution article 4 if I remember correctly but don’t quote me.

  9. Article 4 is the “certain remedy at law, by having recourse to the laws” provision.

  10. The Vermont Constitution, Article II, Sec 42 provides:

    “Every person of the full age of eighteen years who is a citizen of the United States, having resided in this State for the period established by the General Assembly and who is of a quiet and peaceable behavior, and will take the following oath or affirmation, shall be entitled to all the privileges of a voter of this state:”

    Generally state law will preempt local. Interesting question is whether the legislature can pass a law allowing localities to enact laws in seeming conflict with the Constitution. However, the most interesting question is why citizens of Winooski, etc. would want people who have insufficient English language skills, insufficient knowledge of civics, or insufficient motivation to complete the citizenship process to be voting in their elections.

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