Vermont trans athlete rules: fair or farce?

High school boys outperform Olympic women in most sports

In this swimming event, and almost all others, the best high school boys’ times defeated the best Olympic women’s times. Source:

by Aaron Warner

Trying to take seriously the argument that boys should be allowed to compete with girls ends at around the sixth grade.  The converse is not true.  If a girl can compete with boys beyond that, and she and her parents are comfortable taking the risk, so be it.  However neither the science nor the statistics are on the side of young men, be they neurotypical (sane) or not (mentally ill), when it comes to competing against young women, especially in their teens. 

The science is settled when it comes to the advantages male athletes have over females.  This is not opinion or western patriarchy imposing its hegemonic power.  Bio-mechanics based in the laws of physics and biology make it obvious.  

As a Performance Enhancement Specialist certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine I am educated to know the different training requirements for males versus females.  I have trained both males and females, high school to Olympian, to win World, Olympic, Pan-American and national championships in a variety of sports. Males, especially as they move through puberty, enjoy the following physiological advantages over females: 

  • More muscle mass ratio to bodyweight (better speed and acceleration)
  • Greater bone density (more mass and less likely to  get injured)
  • Larger musculo-skeletal build (more mass and impact advantage)
  • Greater cardiovascular capacity / VO2 max (reach peak performance quicker)
  • Narrower hips (allowing for better speed)

None of this is new information and the ship for science to find otherwise has sailed.  Not even surgery and hormone therapy can shore up the differences based on current studies where common sense should have sufficed.  

Furthermore, in the areas of performance enhancement, which is to use training to create athletic adaptations and advantages, males again have greater capacity for athletic supremacy, also bore out in the numbers. Males have historically, at present, and always will have greater absolute strength capacity, absolute speed production, absolute acceleration, peak cardiovascular capacity and greater force production and reduction capabilities.  Put in laymen’s terms, they have been, are and will always be capable of superior athletic performance in virtually all Vermont high school sports, especially basketball, soccer, track, golf, skiing and swimming.  

Even looking at sports categories the division is plain.  There are no girl’s football teams, nor boys volleyball teams, nor girls wrestling teams, nor boys gymnastics teams.  Not only did this occur naturally, Vermont simply can’t support them for lack of interest due to lack of biological markers making them fair.  No matter what the ideological soup du jour is being cooked up in Montpelier or by the other disenchanted cultural activists, teens know by and large what is fair.  Not to mention boys, and girls, have consciences and integrity, both becoming scarce among university professors, school administrators and politicians, which disallow them from taking advantage of their peers.  

These facts ought to be enough to make an airtight case against allowing male athletes from competing against females, whatever their dysphoria may be.  Vermont athletics is built on rules, not exceptions, and the precedent being set statewide is not only psychologically damaging to both female athletes but trans-athletes as well.  The field of psychology has long warned against enabling negative behavior.  Vermont telling boys they can compete against girls in sports where the performance advantages are unavoidable creates psychological harm for everyone, parents included.  Rules govern fairness in sports.  Vermont’s allowing boys to compete against disadvantaged girls begs the question, do rules even matter at this point?  Why bother calling fouls in basketball, or even having an out of bounds if we aren’t going to respect such obvious natural boundaries? 

Pushing the boundaries is in line with the human spirit.  Climbing Mount Everest, jumping the Grand Canyon, or a Vermont favorite, the polar plunge, all enliven the quest we share to see what’s possible.  However this has never come at the expense of abusing the weaker among us.  There is no honor or glory in that, and so this endeavor to blur the lines and break the boundary protecting women from men is ludicrous – literally. 

The 21st Century is one being shaped by data.  Social media and nearly every business wishing to succeed mine every ounce of data to see what is true of potential customers and clients in hopes of meeting their needs, with the bottom line increasing as the ultimate goal.  Data drives profits, which is the purpose of running a business.  

What does the data say when it comes to men competing against women?  Better yet, what does the data reveal when comparing high school boys 18 and younger to the most elite female athletes in the world?  This may or may not surprise you, however just two sports, track and field and swimming, expose the absolute difference between the sexes, and the advantage is heavily in favor of boys versus fully developed women. 

Looking at the objective data from 2016 high school boys competing against the best female athletes in world in track and field would result as follows: 

  • High School Boys – 34 medals (12 gold, 11 silver, 11 bronze)
  • Olympic Women – 5 medals (1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze)

What about swimming?  Have a look: 

  • High School Boys – 47 medals (16 gold, 16 silver, 15 bronze)
  • Olympic Women – 1 medal (1 bronze)

Bringing the grand total to: 

  • High School Boys – 81 medals (28 gold, 27 silver, 26 bronze)
  • Olympic Women – 6 medals (1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze)

Put plainly from a coaching perspective – that is complete domination.  Usually this type of trouncing at the highest level would call for a celebration, but the boys couldn’t even go get a beer after, let alone celebrate this belittling of women in good conscience. 

The state of Vermont and its associated athletic governing bodies needs to end this assault on Vermont high school girls.  Thanks largely to intimidation and peer pressure tactics, like those used against the Randolph girls’ volleyball team last year, both boys and girls are scared to speak publicly against the crazy train bearing down on them from school officials and Montpelier.  These kids can’t even vote.  

However the state can and should create a Vermont Student Athlete Council to address this issue and find out what do students really feel about boys competing against girls in girl’s sports.  

It’s time for a reckoning. 

Contact the Vermont Principal’s Association who meets today to let them know these rules need to change to protect girls rather than boys who identify as trans. 

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As noted above the author is a Performance Enhancement Specialist certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also the Vermont Daily Chronicle regional reporter for Windsor County and a Hartford resident.

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  1. The Trans mafia will not allow science to disrupt their political agenda.

  2. Ahh for the “good ole days” when D.E.I. was the abbreviation for Dale Earnhardt Incorporated !

  3. Unless they have completed the sex change procedure then they are still men and have no business competing with biological women. I don’t understand why the country panders so much to less then 1 percent of the population.

    • I’d go so far as to state that unless this bastardized version of a male also has two x chromosomes, can become pregnant, and give birth, the medical practitioner is just being allowed to go all Josef Mengele on a mentally disturbed person. (according to Mirriam Webster, bastardize; to modify especially by introducing discordant or disparate elements

  4. I think the objective is to eliminate school sports, just like their objective was to destroy marriage. They can’t just shut it down, so they have to create chaos to make it implode.

  5. For a woman that has played women’s sports, every year all my schooling I competed with physiologically born woman..It was a level playing field.I knew that when I competed the athletes were all capable of achieving within their physical abilities and training . I occasionally signed up for Coed sports by choice knowing that the bell curve of abilities would be much higher and the risk of injury much greater. I
    Grew up in the seventies on the tail of women fighting for equality (not equity) to have the opportunities to play sports at higher levels of competition and be recognized and paid to play was a long journey .The likelihood of me a gifted athlete bumping off a man at spring training is
    Slim to none .As gifted as I was
    I could never compete with men . I can say that with a true sense of reality .The odds of a man competing in a women’s league and
    winning ,well doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure those odds .This will destroy what women have fought courageously for 75 years. Title 9 .Will that history be erased.
    .Maybe that is the goal ,Hmmmm .

  6. Now, more information about Lia Thomas is coming to light. Quite unsavory.

  7. Gender dysphoria is a real problem and instead of helping those with this condition and telling them the truth, many want to make them “feel good.”

    What they really need are people who care enough to tell them the truth about their sickness and help them overcome it.

    Science proves there are only two genders and they are: male and female.

    • All humans are born with biological characteristics of sex, either male, female, or intersex. Gender, however, is a social construct and generally based on the norms, behaviors, and societal roles expected of individuals based primarily on their sex. Gender identity describes a person’s self-perceived gender, which could be male, female, or otherwise.

      • Dear Mark,
        You are very confused. You are conflating innate characteristics such as skin color, gender, eye color, etc. with behaviors that are choices made by individual male or female human beings.

        I hope you will think this through for the sake of your own well-being.

  8. The Vermont Principals’ Association has chosen its side – unconstitutional as the directive may be.

    Now it’s time to let all parents choose too.

    School Choice. It’s the only remedy to the state of Vermont’s extreme educational polarity. Anyone who disagrees, on either side of the aisle, is more concerned with indoctrination than respecting individual liberty and freedom.

  9. The Vermont Principal’s Association had no choice but to follow the Vermont Agency of Education’s policy regarding transgender students. The questions are who and when were these policies made? Are these policies legal and binding? It is my understanding that all students should feel safe at school and the reason the girls withdrew from the game was because they did not feel safe playing with a much bigger and stronger transgendered student. The Vermont Agency of Education’s policy is about 95% in favor of transgendered students and little concern for the rest. It allows schools to deceive parents and create secrets between students and parents. It is a terrible policy. Our children are no longer safe in public schools.

  10. Our civilized society has evolved with and a majority of common-sense guided folks are still quite comfortable with sex segregation in some venues, mainly for the protection of women. Those venues are contact sports, public restrooms/changing facilities and the prison system. Traditionally, the sorting criteria has been ANATOMY not psychology, in the interest of protecting women and to most thinking people that makes sense. Long before this “gender enlightenment”, we did not insist that gay men used the womens’ restroom and vice versa in order to not mix up those who are attracted to each other. It was ANATOMY not PSYCHOLOGY that was the segregation criterion then. Athletics should be no different. The easy way to deal with this is by renaming criteria for participation “XY” and “XX”. You can’t cherry pick when you want to involve scientific fact and when feewings should be the deciding factor. It’s either that or we no longer have sex-segregated sports, and have only the “hockey team” and it will be made up of the best players which will be overwhelmingly male. The Federal Civil Rights Code known as Title IX has been hijacked by a contingent of mentally disordered and sexually confused people and society is being dragged along for the ride by the long, bony finger of progressive indignation. We voted for this.

  11. These policies were implemented in the dark of night and ultimately it is the voters and the courts which can bring us back common to sense on this issue. Unfortunately, the courts in Vermont are fully on board with the rainbow mafia agenda. That leaves it up to the voters. If you think that a teacher or other school employee should be allowed to convince and assist your child to hormonally and/or surgically alter their young bodies or to kill their unborn child WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION, CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE then keep voting for democrats and progressives, by all means. If you think the age restrictions for having ink artwork injected under the skin of your child should require your permission prior to age 18 but lopping off of genitalia should not fall under the same scrutiny, keep voting for democrats and progressives.

  12. A biological male who believes he is a female has every right to pretend to be a female and to make themselves look like a female. That is their identity. Their truth. It is WHO they are. But it is not WHAT they are. What they are is a male by unchangeable biology, which bestows them with the physical characteristics that create an unfair advantage over biological females. Allowing them to compete on girls teams is a travesty and against all common sense, which appears to be in short supply with Vermont school leaders and many other leaders in charge around the country.