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Homeless hotel owners named their price / Highway deaths hit 10-year high / UVM wins hoop crown

The Fairbanks Inn in St. Johnsbury was among the state’s hotels contracting to house homeless Vermonters during the pandemic.

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WCAXBurlington City Council to consider resolution condemning transphobia
NBC 5Vermont clinches 10th America East title in program history
VT Digger‘A wild part of me’: Rocket, a one-named videographer and Hartford politician, grapples with a pugnacious past
VT DiggerVermont car crash fatalities hit a 10-year high in 2022
WCAXEmergency response at Burlington International Airport Sunday
WCAXRutland hospital increases child safety with footprint database
VT DiggerIn housing program, motels named their price. What did Vermont’s most vulnerable get in exchange?
WCAXHate-Free Vermont to discuss community relationship with police in St. Albans meeting

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  1. Regarding the VT Digger article : “In housing program, motels named their price. What did Vermont’s most vulnerable get in exchange?” This is the huge reason that our government is not even close to adequate when it comes to housing the homeless. The job of our government is not to help house people. There is no incentive for the government employees to work efficiently and get things done quickly. Govt employees get paid regardless if they do a bad job or waste money. Hotel owners overcharged our government because they could. I wonder if the government employees who approved the $8000 per month rental payment even had a clue what going rates were for rentals? Another boondoggle?

  2. Well, that’s VT Digger for you – Always grabbing the low-hanging fruit while real problems like the Unaffordable Heat Act are relegated to the real journalists.

    If VTD doesn’t have a company motto yet, I nominate “Look!!! Squirrel!!!”

  3. VTD, why were’nt you covering the Unaffortable Tax Discussion???
    Disgusting !!!! We can’t save The World with China Burning up The World??? Must have people in high places in Washington invested in Fuel in China!!!!