Victim in brutal prison beating dies / Scott aide DUI / Randolph kidnapping, sex assault

Prison assault victim dies, new charges may be brought – Friday morning, March 10, 2023, the victim in a Dec. 22 beating at the state prison in St. Albans died, and authorities are considering filing amended charges. 

The victim in the incident, 55-year-old Jeffrey Hall, died at the University of Vermont Medical Center. Hall had remained hospitalized since he was injured in December. The amended charges, if,any, will follow the completion of an autopsy.

On Jan. 12, following a state police investigation, the Franklin County State’s Attorney’s Office requested that VSP issue a citation to Mbyayenge Mafuta, 21, of South Burlington on a charge of attempted murder. Mafuta was already in custody on unrelated charges at the Northwest State Correctional Facility in St. Albans. 

The altercation was believed to have occurred in a cell occupied by Hall, whose address was listed as homeless, and Mafuta. Mafuta was uninjured.

Senior aide to Gov. Scott arrested for DUI – At 12:27 AM on Saturday morning, Vermont State Police initiated a traffic stop after observing a vehicle cross the center line on U.S. Route 2 in St. Johnsbury. While on the stop State Police observed several signs of impairment on the operator, identified as Brittney Wilson, 36, of Danville. 

After further investigation, Wilson was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI and transported to the St. Johnsbury Barracks for processing. Wilson was processed for DUI and released on a citation to answer to the charge in Caledonia Superior Court on April 3.

According to her bio on the governor’s website, Wilson was promoted to deputy chief of staff in 2021. Wilson had served as secretary of Civil and Military Affairs since 2017, and as deputy chief of staff manages several additional executive operations, such as the Constituent Services Office, appointments, and other office functions. She serves as the Governor’s liaison to several state agencies, departments and task forces. Wilson managed the Governor’s election campaigns in 2016 and 2018, and has previously worked in the State Auditor’s Office, Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation and the Department of Libraries.

Jeep with kids in car seats collides with police cruiser – A 21-year-old man was arrested following an incident in Colchester this morning, the Newport Dispatch reports. 

Police say they attempted to stop a vehicle for a motor vehicle infraction on Porters Point Road near the intersection of Church Road at around 8:40 a.m.

The vehicle, a 2004 Jeep Liberty failed to stop for the officer’s blue lights and continued west on Porters Point Road at speeds between 50 and 65 miles-per-hour. Police say it appeared to be driven by a man with a female passenger.

The vehicle passed through the four-way intersection of Holy Cross and Colchester Point Road without stopping and continued onto Porters Point Road. Police say they discontinued the active pursuit for safety concerns but continued to travel down Porters Point Road as it is a dead end.

They located the vehicle as it was turning around in a driveway. The Jeep then pulled forward and intentionally struck the front of the police vehicle. As it passed, the Jeep also struck the left rear corner of the police vehicle and continued east on Porters Point Road.

Police say they then pursued the Jeep due to the driver’s reckless and dangerous actions. The pursuit continued on Porters Point Road, through the intersection of Prim Road onto Macrea Road.

The Jeep stopped at the terminus of Macrea Road and the driver, identified as Daniel Lambert, was taken into custody at around 8:50 a.m. As officers approached the vehicle, in addition to the 21-year-old female passenger, two children under the age of two were found in car seats in the rear seat of the Jeep.

Lambert was lodged at the Northwest State Correctional Facility on $1,500 bail on charges of attempting to elude a police officer, gross negligent operation of a motor vehicle, assault on a police officer, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child under two, and violation of conditions of release.

Police say no injuries were reported in this incident.

Domestic assault, kidnapping, sex assault – A 34-year-old man is facing multiple charges following an incident in Randolph Friday, March 10.

Authorities say they were notified of a woman who had been the victim of an aggravated domestic assault at around 1:00 p.m.

Troopers also determined the offender, identified as Charles Foster, of Randolph, was homicidal and has made deadly threatening comments towards multiple individuals. Following an investigation, police say that Foster also sexually assaulted the victim on multiple occasions.

Police located Foster and arrested him without incident. He was brought to Southern State Correctional Facility and held without bail.

He was cited to appear in court to answer to the charges of aggravated domestic assault, criminal threatening, kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, domestic assault, and disorderly conduct.

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  1. Who was the genius who put Mafuta in with someone reasonably lucid? Stupid has run the prison system for so long you can’t fix it. Law suit on the way thanks to this.

    • Any action or policy deemed by the most creative minds in Vermont state government that can possibly be construed as racist must be avoided at all costs. The family of the murder victim should console themselves that he died in the cause of promoting social justice…progressive-style.

    • A law suit or extra time for Madufa will not give back Hall his life. The person responsible for putting the two in the same proximity, without supervision is responsible for the death, and should be charged as an accomplist to the crime. It is no different than standing there while Mudafa beat him, and did nothing to stop the beating.

  2. I hope the Hall family sues the department of corrections, they knew this ass hole was a danger to everyone and did nothing about it. Too bad we don’t have the death penalty because this piece of garbage is a prime candidate. We as a country need to bring back mental hospitals keep these crazies locked up like the animals they are.

    • I prefer to call them savages because animals only kill to eat, when they are attacked or defending their little ones. These savages attack for no reason to prove how tough they are. Hurting others is their trade!