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‘Vermont Is A State I Love’ speech given by Coolidge after 1927 flood

The Vermont Historic Sites Division has released a multi-media video commemorating President Calvin Coolidge’s 1928 speech, “Vermont is a state I love.”

President Calvin Coolidge returned to his home state of Vermont in September 1928 to inspect the 1927 flood recovery efforts. He made these impromptu remarks, “Vermont is a state I love,” from the observation platform of his train in Bennington on September 21, 1928.

The three minute, 23 second video features stirring historical paintings and photos and music by Chris Burrink.

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  1. Silent Cal has likely rolled so much in his grave, he’s now in New Hampshire – followed closely behind by Ethan and Ira Allen.

  2. You can see the majestic elm trees, before Dutch Elm Disease destroyed them.

    You can see the Americans, educated, of good stock, before marxists took over our lovely state.

    Both diseases, one is changing our state more than the other. .

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