Vermont has second-highest white/minority voting gap in nation

All but one of ‘mail-in ballot’ states rank below national average

David Flemming

By David Flemming

In 2020, about 20% of Black citizens voted in Vermont’s general election, well short of a Census-estimated 70% of white Vermonters. That’s the second largest gap in the country. 

Last month, Secretary of State Jim Condos opined that “Ensuring the accuracy of our elections is my No. 1 priority,” boasting about “our post-election audit, and to the results certification process.” 

While I could point to past research that questions why Vermont lags behind the other 49 states on important security procedures, I’d like to highlight how Vermont finds itself with one of the lowest minority voter rates in the country, and could continue to do so for the 2022 election and beyond. Unless something is done.

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The author is a Policy Analyst for the Ethan Allen Institute.

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  1. Has anyone polled Vermont’s so-called non-white community to ask why this demographic chooses to not vote? Given that 94% of Vermonters are white, the 6% non-white Vermont community should be easy to canvass.

  2. I say we then physically force blacks to vote in Vermont – whether they like it or not. Voting is no longer a civic duty, but a mandate punishable by law if one attempts to evade polling places over the months-long electoral process once outlined and referred to as “election day”!!!!

    Comrades, hop to it…..time to round up these scofflaws.

  3. You should ask how did they come up with this assumption? Is your race indicated on the checklist? I don’t think so. Seems like someone came up with more race baiting BS.

    • Wasn’t 2020 a mail-in ballot election with ballots mailed out in advance? I thought this great (but stupid) idea was supposed to increase voter turnout? Then add on the drop boxes, how can there be a problem to investigate? Maybe the non-voters are just not interested in the slate of candidates.

    • Good Question. The information used by Flemming is based on US Census data.
      But, reading further- Flemming quickly segues to mail-in ballots, with the implied conclusion that the ‘race’ issue might be a product of the mail-in ballots.
      Some elitist will pick up on this and try to make an issue out of it, but it seems Flemming was pitching this as another reason to ditch mail-in voting.
      I would be very suspect of any census information being very accurate…

  4. Why not make voting mandatory – as it is in Belgium and Australia? Fines for those refusing, but include a “you are all clowns, and I ‘vote’ for none of you” line.