Vermont AG opposes parent op-out for LGBTQ books for 2nd graders

Vermont Attorney General Charity Clark

by Kenneth Schrupp, for The Center Square

(The Center Square) – A coalition of 19 attorneys general, including Vermont Attorney General Charity Clark, filed an amicus brief in support of a local Maryland board of education’s policy that does not allow parents to opt their children out of LGBTQ+ inclusive texts. The lawsuit was filed by three families against the Montgomery County Board of Education, with two of the three families suing on behalf of policies for their second grade children, while the third did not list the grade level of its elementary school children. The parents, who are Muslim, Roman Catholic, and Ukrainian Orthodox, filed their lawsuit on religious freedom grounds. 

In the initial ruling from a federal judge, the parents’ lawsuit was struck down, with the judge claiming the required reading of the books would not result in the “indoctrination of their children” or “coerce their children to violate or change their religious beliefs.”

In their lawsuit, they cited situations in the the books My Rainbow, about a mother who creates a rainbow-colored wig for her transgender child, and Born Ready: The True Story of a Boy Named Penelope, a book about “an elementary-aged child who experiences triumphs and frustrations in convincing others what the child knows to be true—that he’s a boy, not a girl,” as going against their faiths. 

According to religious liberties law firm Becket, these books “portray elementary school age children falling in love with other children, regardless of sexual preferences,” and include terms like “intersex flag,” “[drag] king,” “platform shoes,” “lip ring” and “leather” among word lists children can match to images.

These books were adopted as part of the school district’s English programs for students in kindergarten through fifth grade in October 2022 after a spring 2022 review by the school board found the books in the existing English curriculum “were not sufficiently representative because they did not include LGBTQ characters.” 

The parents appealed the judge’s ruling and the case now faces the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, where the multi-state coalition filed its amicus brief

In their brief, the attorneys general chiefly argue, “all students benefit from safe and supportive schools that foster an inclusive environment,” that “the county’s use of the books at issue permissibly fosters tolerance and prepares children for a diverse world.” Lastly, the coalition opposing the parent’s lawsuit claims the main argument of the supporting coalition of 30 other attorneys general — that “the County purportedly has failed to follow the common practice of allowing students to opt out of sex education classes” — because “the County’s integration of LGBTQ+-inclusive books into its language arts curriculum is not sex education. 

The cases reflect an ongoing tension across the country between school boards and parents, who are increasingly choosing to either become more active in school politics or pull their children out of traditional public schools. In some states, such as California, states are seeking to reduce control and oversight over curriculums and school policies from local school boards. This has led to incidents such as the situation at Temecula Valley Unified School District, where California governor Gavin Newsom successfully threatened to fine the school district $1.5 million for at first refusing to adopt a curriculum including lessons on LGBTQ+ history for 1st through 5th graders it deemed would require “having to explain sex and gender at an ‘inappropriate’ age.”

The coalition of 19 attorneys general includes California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia.

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  1. Amazing to see the AG’s are all from blue states, go figure…………………

    • Soros gets a great return on his money for state offices….great interview with Elon and Joe Rogan….course many have known this for years.

      But no 10 commandments allowed, that’s for sure.

      Organizers, who was a leading one? Whom was his book dedicated?

  2. In other words, our Attorney General supports sexual exploitation of minors, child abuse, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Under the law, she is derelict of her duty, violating the oath of office, and must removed from her post immediately and disbarred. Of course, only if we were operating as the Republic of the United States of America and real law enforcement wasn’t complicit and derelict of their duties.

    • It would be upsetting enough if someone like this was installed in a dictatorship, but the real outrage is that a majority of Vermont voters put her in charge.

      • It is, effectively, a dictatorship. A tyranny by the majority. Two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Never mind that our Constitution’s (State and Federal) most ubiquitous directives are stated and intended to protect individuals from this tyranny. Charity Clark isn’t ‘charitable’ at all. She’s a tyrant.

  3. Of these Attorneys General I wonder how many have school aged children and how many of those children attend public schools. Usually with them their own children are either in private schools or are homeschooled. The usual liberal…..but not in my neighborhood.

  4. This is flagrant branding, marketing of deviant sexual behavior to a captive group of impressionable children. The crime to mandate this garbage in the curriculum is not enough for these culture destroyers, in addition they gang up to block those who wish to protect children (and our culture) by opting out. Disgusting. How is it these people become entrenched in government?!

  5. When an organization you’ve hired (inherited) does not satisfy the needs promised…to help you educate your kids…doesn’t it make sense to take your money and go? Do we just acquiesce to this kind of bondage? Schools can offer what they want. Shouldn’t parent/citizens be re-empowered to hire the teachers they want and buy the curriculum/schooling services they choose? Emancipating citizens from the government monopoly would return the responsibility for educating kids to parents. Teachers and parents can do business as they wish.

  6. The question remains. Is it bad enough yet for people to start making different choices for the tools that represent us? I do not mean that as a derogatory term.
    Politicians are tools for we the people to use. Elections should not be a popularity contest or about who has the most money! Wake up or it will not be long…..

  7. It boggles my mind that so many adults in the Vermont Education establishment, from the Attorney General to the Secretary of Education to Superintendents to Principals to Teachers are all so focused on the sex lives of extremely young children.

    And this is happening while proficiency rates for Vermont students top out at 46% for English Language Arts, 44% for Math, and 40% for Science.

    Perhaps if the Education establishment was more focused on Reading, Writing, Math, and Science and less focused on sex, those scores might actually improve.

  8. We have a bunch of sicko’s that are using the great American system to to dictate to us they can abuse our children. I cannot believe that democrats have given up their souls and common sense to vote for aberrations masquerading as wholesome democrats. There are some basic concepts that are imbedded in both democrats and republicans. What these sicko’s are up to is contrary to those common principles.

    • It is called Money and in these cases from Soros. We have been had; unless we have a massive turnout of clear thinking Republicans next time.

  9. If I had children and a politized school board pushed this on my 7 year old child, I’d either remove the child from going anywhere near such a school, move to a state that didn’t push this crap, on young developing minds, or would hound every schoolboard member publicly, and legally, that promotes this nonsense, until they gave up. These policies are nothing less than pure evil! My take…in all due respect.

  10. if a white Christian male were reading this book to children while babysitting, showing them the ropes, he’d be arrested for grooming children….he’d be on the pedophile list for looking at photos of what we are showing these children in school.

    See how that works?

    • Can we get our Governor or lt gov to give their opinions on this madness? How about we ask our State legislators for a vote on this so we know who are the responsible indoctrinators are??

      • Maybe we could get the Governor to publicly read these books to all the children of Vermont online.

        If it’s ok for them to do it, he should be fine with reading it.

        Maybe we should start a petition?

      • Is there a millstone quarry nearby or will granite suffice? If the rule of law is out the window – it is high time to dole out the necklaces.

        Mattthew 18-6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

  11. I have to agree with all 17 of the comments before mine that Vermont officials are overstepping their bounds. DEI and CRT and the imposition of drag queens and other sexualized material in the school curriculum are all neo-Marxism. (Are some entities paying our elected representatives to help get us ready for communist control?)
    All education belongs to the cultural realm of society, NOT to the government. Parents need to decide in freedom what is offered their children in school. These materials are all part of the UN’s Sustainable Goals/Agenda 2030 leading to Fifteen Minute Cities and the breakdown of society by turning citizens against each other. Parents and teachers need to stand up and demand that the state/national government STOP GROOMING our children.

  12. The first step to molesting a child is to isolate them from someone who objects to the behavior.
    Next step is to groom them to accept what is being or going to be done to them.

    What happens next I will leave to the imagination of the reader.

    No, I do not have a sick mind or a proclivity to be a perv, I just see what they do and no one does anything to stop it. It is a standard plan. ( I hate doctor phil, but that’s where I got this and it was bolstered by the “experts” on the stage). I again blame parents and I plead with them to take their kids out of public indoctrination centers called public schools.

    Trans is not about being lost in your body it is a grooming technique to get more victims for sexual deviants, brought on by brainwashing / propaganda and peer pressure and that includes the teacher.

    You ever notice all the trans story hours are frequented my MEN dressed as women, not the other way around. They also teach sexual gratification, which is basically pornography directed at children. Oh this is also how serial killers are born.

    A book that talks about Billy s***ing a d*** does not teach children to be tolerant it teaches them how to **** ****. My wife asks a great question.
    Where does a AG get off on doing any of this and where does the authority come from? Really, who gave you permission to attach your name to an official state document (Basically give the OK by the people)about perverted mentally defectives in books directed at CHILDREN. You are a sick sick person. If you have kids I hope they take them away, if not please don’t breed.

  13. When I was in grade school all I observed was that when two people looked at each other dreamily they had a beautiful feeling between them. That was enough.

  14. Wow, it’s really true- you can’t tell someone’s a groomer just by looking at her.

  15. Only in America, will state leaders side with the decay of our children’s childhood,
    for an agenda of liberal nonsense, and you voted for Vermont’s liberal AG, what
    a fool she’s supposed to be a leader against crime, I guess kids don’t matter !!

    She needs to be voted out ……………When will Vermonters wake up ??

  16. We no longer have “public schools” replaced by government schools and this is nothing but criminal…nea pushing and for schools to refuse means less funding… see how that works? We all need to write email call protest not just locally but to the current nea et all ruining this country and the children especially

    • Don’t forget the part that the VtNEA, and AFT play in this. Back in “the day” my late mother worked for the VtNEA for many years. Being a God fearing Christian woman, I’m sure as she is watching this all unfold, she is deeply dismayed with the way these unions that are supposed to protect, and educate children, are being used to indoctrinate them into an anything but rightous life style.

    • She’s just doing what her employer, George Soros asked her to do. She wants to stay on his payroll, that’s all.

  17. You should have voted in Mike Tagliavia ! He was a man with Common sense and no ties to dirty money!!! Think before you vote!!

  18. Someday all these perverted lefty groomers will get theirs. The hot place is warming up for them.

  19. I can’t say this enough times or loud enough…PULL YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL! What price the hearts and minds of your children?

  20. Why don’t children who are adopted, children of divorce, foster children and children raised by their grandparents get special acknowledgment in the curriculum to make them feel included? It would seem that all of these categories merit special treatment, also.

    (Of course, I’m being ironic.)

  21. This is disturbing !Vote
    these Paid characters out .Pull your children while you can still protect them

  22. Elementary school kids should be learning about reading, math, history, and getting along with other kids . The sexuality part has no place in the school system