Vax freedom, fetal personhood bills introduced into House

by Guy Page and Tim Page

A House bill introduced on February 7 would ensure bodily autonomy in health-care decision-making, including vaccination. During the pandemic, vax freedom supporters decried policies requiring mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for employment and college attendance.

Fetus at 24 weeks of gestation – Duringpregnancy.com

H.182 would “recognize and to prohibit any interference with an individual’s rights to bodily autonomy, to make the individual’s own health care decisions, and to be free to accept or refuse any health or medical intervention, testing, treatment, or vaccine based on the individual’s own religious, conscientious, or personal beliefs.”

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Mark Higley (R-Lowell) and referred to the House Committee on Human Services.

Also introduced on Feb. 7, a House bill would establish legal personhood for fetuses past 24 weeks of gestation.

H.174 would “narrow the right to reproductive choice and confer legal personhood status upon a human fetus beginning at 24 weeks of fetal development prior to birth.”

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Arthur Peterson (R-Clarendon) and referred to the House Committee on Health Care.

For a list of all House bill introduced to date, see House Bills in the Vermont Daily Chronicle Toolbox to Follow and Influence the Legislature.

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  1. In general circumstances this sounds good, however the COVID virus created a national emergency and if no one was vaccinated, thousands more would have surely died. and we would still be in a crisis. In this case a mandate was necessary and in the best interest of all of us. World War II was necessary, and millions of men had to serve in the military whether they wanted to or not and many gave their lives. In an emergency like the COVID virus I believe it is not too much to require citizens to get a shot in the arm

    • With all due respect, the details regarding the virus and the shot is not as the mainstream media, NIHS, CDC, WHO, FDA, et al. wishes us to continue believing. As you mention WWII, we are experiencing remnants that were not dealt with appropriately back then. The Nuremburg Code was intended to deal with it. However, as we see today, it is considered irrelevant by those compensated to look the other way. The connections are being exposed daily and the whole Truth shall prevail.

    • Except you were lied to. The vaccines don’t prevent transmission, indeed, have the potential to make it worse. They make you MORE likely to get covid, and there’s scant evidence they decrease severity. All positive effects disappear after a couple months and then show NEGATIVE efficacy, hence the calls for endless boosters, themselves showing diminishing positive returns. Once the virus mutated to Omicron, it was universally mild whether vaccinated or not. Now, the degree of non-covid related excess mortality worldwide is skyrocketing, and the multiple deleterious effects of the vaccines are the certain cause. Some studies are showing a 7% increase in mortality per shot / booster. This episode ought to rightly be considered the biggest crime of greed and hysteria in human history. A mandate for experimental gene therapy is not the answer, and had I faced one, would have fought it to the death. As mentioned, mandating experimental medical procedures violates the Nuremberg Code, established as a direct result of the atrocities that the men of the United States were drafted to end. No. Just no.

    • Did you know that suddenly Vermont has 2x the cardiac deaths?
      Just a coincidence, we certainly know what it couldn’t possibly be though don’t’ we?

      Adult Sudden Death Sydrome…….it’s a new disease. Probably gotten from toilet seats!

  2. Among the causes cited for an excess death rate of about 97,000 in the US from 4/20 to 12/21 were: Diabetes, drug-induced, and alcohol caused increases caused about 40,000 of the 97,000. Add in homicide at traffic accidents for another 10,000 and we are down to under 40,000 of the increase that is heart-related, blood pressure, etc. etc. Even if all of those 40,000 were due to the vaccine it is a drop in the bucket compared to nearly 1 million COVID-related deaths in the same period. This is from The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/00469580221139016.

    Also worth bearing in mind is that 3.5 million US residents died (from all causes) in 2021.

    Please feel free to cite your studies.

    And then…

    “established as a direct result of the atrocities that the men of the United States were drafted to end”

    Hmm, really? I thought that it was Pearl Harbor and then Germany (and Italy) declared war on the US as a result of alleged US naval actions against German military and civilian ships. I find no real evidence that millions of Americans were mobilized to end German atrocities against German and other civilians. Perhaps you have the evidence for what you cite?

    • You can start with Dr. John Campbell on Youtube, who has been exploring issues like this since early 2020. He cites plenty of studies in plenty of related videos, and his track record of being right or correcting when wrong has consistently been at least six months ahead of the media in general. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, and it ain’t just the booze. The millions who died of covid were almost exclusively in their 80’s, or had not one, not two, but multiple comorbidities. Vaccinating young people in particular does not pass the cost / benefit analysis and causes more harm than good. I could care less if you disagree, and no, I’m not going to pedantically list studies for you. I’m not wrong.

      As for the US entry into WWII, yes, of course, the atrocities were not well known until late into the war. It’s a rather metaphorical point. I think we all knew the Nazis were doing bad things.

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