Vermont House Bills

VDC’s comprehensive, detailed updated list of all House legislation

By Guy Page and Timothy Page

This is the Vermont Daily Chronicle Vermont House Bills page, listing on one page every bill introduced into the current session of the Vermont House. 

Vermont House Bills will be updated three days a week most weeks of the legislative session (January – May). The page will be posted prominently for easy access. Information will include:

  • Bill number (with link the www.legislature.vermont.gov
  • Date of introduction
  • Topic, as distinct from the title of the bill listed on the Legislature’s website. Many readers find the bill titles vague, confusing or both. We try to present a clear, succinct, descriptive topic. 
  • Lead sponsor
  • Sponsor’s party (blank if sponsored, referred by a committee)
  • Committee into which the bill was read (blank if to the General Assembly)
Current as of 2:00 PM, May 9, 2023 – for more information see www.legislature.vermont.gov. This page will be updated three times a week through the 2023 session.
Bill #IntroducedTitleLead SponsorSponsor partyCommittee
H.5235/8/2023Combats harassment, hazing, and bullying in schoolsStone/ Conlon/ BradyDem./ Prog.Education
H.5225/8/2023Establishes maximum speed limit of <55 mph on limited and controlled access hwys.DonahueRepublicanTransportation
H.5215/3/2023Subsidizes, makes sales-tax exemptions for firearms storage devicesMcCannDemocratJudiciary
H.5205/3/2023Requires license, registration, and insurance to possess a firearmMrowickiDemocratJudiciary
H.5195/2/2023Evaluates whether the town clerks’ salaries match the volume of workCanfieldRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.5184/27/2023Essex charter amendments, incl. the governing of eviction without just causeDodgeDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.5174/19/2023Dissolves Duxbury-Moretown Fire District No. 1TorreDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.5164/19/2023Approves administrative amendments to the charter of Essex JunctionDolanDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.5154/13/2023Requires DoC review its governing statutes for a modernized approachRobertsDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.5144/11/2023Strengthens penalties for DUI resulting in harm to a minorSammisRepublicanJudiciary
H.5134/7/2023Protects the competitive integrity and safety of girls and women in sportsPetersonRepublicanEducation
H.5124/7/2023Introduces racial concerns into Vermont’s health care systemCinaProg./ Dem.Health Care
H.5114/7/2023Gives special support to youth of “marginalized communitiesCinaProg./ Dem.Human Services
H.5104/7/2023Adopts the Social Work Licensure CompactCinaProg./ Dem.Health Care
H.5094/4/2023Allows non-citizens to vote in Burlington city, school district electionsMulvaney-StanakProg./ Dem.Government Operations and Military Affairs
H.5084/4/2023Institutes ranked choice voting in local Burlington electionsMulvaney-StanakProg./ Dem.Government Operations and Military Affairs
H.5074/4/2023Amends voting site selection procedures in BurlingtonMulvaney-StanakProg./ Dem.Government Operations and Military Affairs
H.5064/4/2023Establishes new district and ward boundaries for BurlingtonMulvaney-StanakProg./ Dem.Government Operations and Military Affairs
H.5054/4/2023Allows Rutland Aldermen to assess a one percent sales taxCliffordRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.5044/4/2023Allows Berlin Town Treasurer, with approval, to waive certain taxesGoslantRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.5033/30/2023Approves amendments to the charter of St. JohnsburyBeckRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.5023/29/2023Prohoibits VSC from reducing physical libraries without legislative approvalShawRepublicanEducation
H.5013/29/2023Requires disclosure of energy code compliance from building sellersRobertsDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.5003/29/2023Prohibits the involuntary sterilization of the intellectually disabledDurfeeDemocratHuman Services
H.4993/29/2023Protects Winooski tenants from no-fault evictionsSmallProg./ Dem.Government Operations and Military Affairs
H.4983/29/2023Prohibits VSC from reducing physical libraries without legislative approvalSammisRepublicanEducation
H.4973/29/2023Amends the rules for real estate appraisalMulvaney-StanakProg./ Dem.Ways and Means
H.4963/29/2023Establishes a Recovery Friendly Workplace ProgramNicollDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.4953/29/2023Makes Town Treasurer an appointed position in MiddleburyScheuDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4943/28/2023Makes government appropriations for Fiscal Year 2024Appropriations
H.4933/28/2023Authorizes bonding, appropriate capital funds, etc.Corrections and InstitutionsAppropriations
H.4923/28/2023Sets dollar equivalent yields to set property taxesWays and Means
H.4913/28/2023Requires mileage reimbursements be paid to all employeesCampbellDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.4903/24/2023Approves the merger of Lyndonville with the Town of LyndonLaBountyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4893/24/2023Approves amendment to the Shelburne Town charterBrumstedDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4883/23/2023Approves the adoption of the Ludlow town charterNicollDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4873/23/2023Amends process for handling Executive Branch officials’ ethical misconduct allegationsLaLondeDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4863/21/2023Establishes the School Construction Aid Task ForceEducationWays and Means
H.4853/21/2023Prohibits the use of leghold trapsBos-LunDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.4843/21/2023Provides VSAC incentives to teaching students intending to teach in VermontCommerce and Economic DevelopmentWays and Means
H.4833/21/2023Increases State oversight of independent schools that want to receive public tuitionEducation
H.4823/21/2023Emphasizes competency in law enforcement training instead of minimum hoursGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4813/21/2023Establishes duties of the Director of Suicide PreventionHealth Care
H.4803/21/2023Removes municipalities from the property reappraisal processWays and MeansAppropriations
H.4793/21/2023Adopts annual Transportation Program, amends misc. transportation lawsTransportationWays and Means
H.4783/21/2023Creates a pathway for independent schools to become public onesGraningDemocratEducation
H.4773/17/2023Increases marriage license fee to $75.00JudiciaryWays and Means
H.4763/17/2023Amends law enforcement training laws relating to Domestic ViolenceGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4753/17/2023Prohibits using a person’s disability as reason to deny, restrict parental rightsChristie/ CaseyDemocratJudiciary
H.4743/17/2023Amends Burlington Charter to ban no-fault evictionsMulvaney-StanakProg./ Dem.Government Operations and Military Affairs
H.4733/17/2023Lets radiologist assistants provide services without a radiologist presentHealth Care
H.4723/16/2023Makes multiple changes to miscellaneous agricultural regulationsAgriculture, Food Resiliency, and ForestryWays and Means
H.4713/16/2023Makes numerous technical and administrative changes to tax lawsWays and Means
H.4703/15/2023Makes technical amendments to three alcoholic beverage lawsGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4693/14/2023Allows remote witnesses for Ulysses clause in advance medical directivesWoodDemocratHuman Services
H.4683/14/2023Requires each State agency implement language access servicesAustinDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4673/14/2023Establishes the Green Mountain Recreation FundTorreDemocratAgriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.4663/14/2023Makes technical amendments to the Vermont Statutes AnnotatedGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4653/14/2023Lowers quorum requirements for emergency management committeesGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4643/14/2023Provides extra health insurance financial assistance to Indigenous personsBurrowsDem./ Prog.Health Care
H.4633/3/2023Creates Americans w/ Disabilities Act Coordinator position for the HouseBurrowsDem./ Prog.General and Housing
H.4623/2/2023Expands the hearsay exception concerning physical child abuseLaLondeDemocratJudiciary
H.4613/2/2023Makes a number of changes to education policyEducation
H.4603/1/2023Allows college faculty unemployment insurance between termsAnthonyDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.4593/1/2023Bans sale or possession of any parts of a kangarooCaseyDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.4583/1/2023Creates the Community Media Public Benefit FundPattDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.4573/1/2023Imposes taxes on food based on how far food travels from originO’BrienDemocratAgriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.4563/1/2023Orders the amendment the Periodic Inspection ManualSammisRepublicanTransportation
H.4553/1/2023Makes a civics test mandatory for high school graduationBrumstedDemocratEducation
H.4543/1/2023Creates union for Vermont State Colleges adjunct facultyAnthonyDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.4533/1/2023Bans sale of motor vehicles before previous sale is finalizedMrowickiDemocratJudiciary
H.4523/1/2023Expands apprenticeships and other workforce opportunitiesMarcotteRepublicanCommerce and Economic Development
H.4513/1/2023Extends the grace period for life or long-term care insurance policiesHowardDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.4503/1/2023Gives supplemental income, health insurance, retirement benefits to legislatorsHowardDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4493/1/2023Creates a short-term rental housing registryBuss/ PajalaDem./ Ind.General and Housing
H.4483/1/2023Demands racial and social equity measuresCinaProg./ Dem.General and Housing
H.4473/1/2023Bans paramilitary groups and open-carry of some semiauto weaponsMrowickiDemocratJudiciary
H.4463/1/2023Adds two voting faculty members to the UVM Board of TrusteesCinaProg./ Dem.Education
H.4453/1/2023Places a moratorium on developing a new correctional facilityCinaProg./ Dem.Corrections and Institutions
H.4443/1/2023Designs a trust fund that will provide for long-term careNoyesDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4433/1/2023Amends the Vermont State Employees Retirement SystemMorrisDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4423/1/2023Includes contributions to teachers’ retirement in education spendingBeckRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4413/1/2023Ensures funding for Vermont Internet Crimes Against Children Task ForceBurdittRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4403/1/2023Requiring safety belts on new Type I school busesBurdittRepublicanTransportation
H.4393/1/2023Decriminalizes synthetic cannabisCina/ TroianoProg./ Dem.Judiciary
H.4383/1/2023Develops a plan to eliminate incarceration, starting with womenCinaProg./ Dem.Corrections and Institutions
H.4373/1/2023Commissons report to further energy storage developmentStebbinsDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.4363/1/2023Grants municipal flexibility to meet enforce residential energy standardsHolcombeDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.4353/1/2023Radically overhauls Vermont’s economy to be ecologically friendlyCina/ SheldonProg./ Dem.Environment and Energy
H.4343/1/2023Creates the Vermont Office of Film and Creative MediaJeromeDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.4333/1/2023Allow voters to use electronic signatures for local election petitionsPriestley/ BoydenDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4323/1/2023Studies slavery reparation proposalsCinaProg./ Dem.General and Housing
H.4313/1/2023Prohibits pesticide chlorpyrifos, herbicides glyphosate and atrazineCinaProg./ Dem.Environment and Energy
H.4303/1/2023Allows tenants right to refuse sale of their buildingCinaProg./ Dem.General and Housing
H.4292/28/2023Numerous changes to election, campaign finance lawsGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4282/28/2023Authorizes prescribing by doctoral-level psychologists.NoyesDemocratHealth Care
H.4272/28/2023Provides direct cash transfers to youth exiting foster careNoyes/ McGillDemocratHuman Services
H.4262/28/2023Creates of new types of cannabis establishment licensesSuprenant/ TemplemanDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4252/28/2023Regulates kratom products and set age restriction for saleGregoire/ Nicoll/ SmallDem./ Prog.Human Services
H.4242/28/2023Allows ranked-choice voting in town, city single-seat electionsHooperDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4232/28/2023Reduces possession of a personal use drug supply to a civil offenseNicoll/ SmallDem./ Prog.Judiciary
H.4222/28/2023Studies the impacts of perfluoroalkyl, PFAS in leaching from landfillsCina/ Headrick/ Logan/ Small/ O’BrianDem./ Prog.Environment and Energy
H.4212/28/2023Amends drinking water standards for perfluoroalkyl and PFASCina/ Headrick/ Logan/ SmallDem./ Prog.Environment and Energy
H.4202/28/2023Encourages year-round agricultural practicesBeck/ Boyden/ Cina/ et al.Rep./ Dem./ Prog.Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.4192/28/2023Establishes Vermont Broadband Consumer Protection and Competition ActSibiliaIndependentEnvironment and Energy
H.4182/28/2023Amends Barre Town charterMcFaun/ GalfettiRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4172/28/2023Limits hours per day for happy-hour drink specialsNicoll/ PajalaDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.4162/28/2023Promote teacher workforce developmentBrady/ Graning/ McCann/ et al.DemocratEducation
H.4152/28/2023Increases minimum wage to $19.45 on July 1, 2023Logan/ McGillDem./ Prog.General and Housing
H.4142/28/2023Creates an unused drug repository for VermontWhitmanDemocratHealth Care
H.4132/28/2023Mandates computer science education standards in public schoolsToofRepublicanEducation
H.4122/28/2023Makes motor vehicle inspections biennial, studies impactsSurprenant/ NoyesDemocratTransportation
H.4112/28/2023Extends COVID-19 health care regulatory flexibility policiesHealth Care
H.4102/28/2023Requires rabies vaccination certificate sent to town clerks for pet licensureDurfeeDemocratAgriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.4092/28/2023Restricts the use of restraints and seclusion in schoolsWood/ BluemleDemocratEducation
H.4082/28/2023Establishes compassionate release and parole eligibilityBurkeDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.4072/28/2023Restricts perpetrators of animal cruelty offenses from future animal ownershipRachelsonDemocratJudiciary
H.4062/28/2023Revises provisions relating to telemedicineMcFaunRepublicanHealth Care
H.4052/28/2023Allows school choice for all Vermont studentsPetersonRepublicanEducation
H.4042/28/2023Requiring community service as high school graduation requirementMaslandDemocratEducation
H.4032/28/2023Addresses inequities in child care grant accessTaylor/ Morgan/ MattosRepublicanHuman Services
H.4022/28/2023Misc. changes to Child, Youth, and Family Advocate statutesNoyesDemocratHuman Services
H.4012/28/2023Attempts to reduce abusive civil litigationCarrollDemocratJudiciary
H.4002/28/2023Encourages divorced parents to share parental rights, reponsibilitiesMaslandDemocratJudiciary
H.3992/28/2023Increases the penalties for sales of illegal drugs, cannabis to persons under 21PetersonRepublicanJudiciary
H.3982/28/2023Restricts insurers from disclosing certain health info on explanation of benefits formsBerbecoDemocratHealth Care
H.3972/28/2023Restricts Medicaid estate recoveryBerbecoDemocratHealth Care
H.3962/28/2023Has Public Utility Commission adopt rules about grid upgrade costsMaslandDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.3952/28/2023Reduces renewable energy generated by large hydroelectric plantsMaslandDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.3942/28/2023Municipal zoning exemptions for at-risk youth group homesParsonsRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.3932/28/2023Requires Alzheimer’s health campaigns to cover dementia and brain healthKrasnowDemocratHuman Services
H.3922/28/2023Demands report of WIC food benefits use at farmers’ marketsSurprenantDemocratHuman Services
H.3912/28/2023Creates an eviction diversion programBurrows/ LeavittDem./ Prog.General and Housing
H.3902/28/2023Limits the hours that transport of catalytic converters can occurWilliamsRepublicanCommerce and Economic Development
H.3892/28/2023Studies feasibility of siting an EPS foam densifier in VermontMaslandDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.3882/28/2023Authorizes mail-in town meeting ballotsBrennanRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.3872/28/2023Lets Secretary of Natural Resources enforce water quality on farmsSheldonDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.3862/28/2023Amends the charter of Brattleboro to allow youth voting locallyKornheiserDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.3852/28/2023Promote creation of a single statewide school district “similar to…Hawaii”RachelsonDemocratEducation
H.3842/28/2023Requires approved independent schools to accept designationSibiliaIndependentEducation
H.3832/28/2023Develops a one-stop State online portal for businessesBuss/ PriestleyDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.3822/28/2023Considers all public nuisance land with exess junk, scap a scrapyardSatcowitzDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.3812/28/2023Uses aggregate value of stolen property to determine crimesLaLondeDemocratJudiciary
H.3802/28/2023Decriminalizes switchbladesBrennan/ NoyesRep./ Dem.Judiciary
H.3792/28/2023Protects healthcare providers from frivolous lawsuitsCordesDemocratJudiciary
H.3782/24/2023Creates the Office of the Housing AdvocateAndriano/ Farlice-Rubio/ et al.Dem./ Prog.General and Housing
H.3772/24/2023Decriminalizes disorderly conductSmall/ et al.Dem./ Prog.Judiciary
H.3762/24/2023Requires Goveronr to review orders placing Vermont National Guard on federal active dutyTangerman/ et al.Dem./ Prog.Government Operations and Military Affairs
H.3752/24/2023Addresses public schools contaminated by polychlorinated biphenylsStebbins/ et al.Dem./ Prog.Education
H.3742/24/2023Establishes the Resilient Rivers CommissionSheldonDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.3732/24/2023Prevent expanded polystyrene foam from disintegrating into State watersSheldonDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.3722/24/2023Legalizes prostitutionSmall/ Surprenant/ et al.Dem./ Prog.Judiciary
H.3712/24/2023Decriminalizes psilocybin, creates Psychedelic Therapy Advisory Working GroupTroiano/ CinaDem./ Prog.Judiciary
H.3702/24/2023Allows municipalities to mainten and regulate legal trailsO’Brien/ Demrow/ GrahamDem./ Rep.Transportation
H.3692/24/2023Requires health insurance plans, Medicaid to cover fertility servicesCordesDemocratHealth Care
H.3682/24/2023Supports new farmers, veteran farmers, disadvantaged farmersSurprenant/ Cole/ LeavittDemocratAgriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.3672/24/2023Supports rural economic developmentSibilia/ Sims/ Hango/ PriestleyRep./ Ind./ Dem.Commerce and Economic Development
H.3662/24/2023Promotes Medicare eligibility equity for those with end-stage renal cancerMorrisseyRepublicanHealth Care
H.3652/24/2023Expands workers’ comp. coverage for firefighters with cancerBeckDemocratHuman Services
H.3642/24/2023Prohibits discrimination based on immunization statusHigleyRepublicanGeneral and Housing
H.3632/24/2023Prohibiting discrimination based on ethnic hair types and stylesChristie/ MrowickiDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.3622/24/2023Updates health care provider terminologyCordesDemocratHealth Care
H.3612/23/2023Prohibiting retaliatory policy following the settlement of a discrimination claimChristieDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.3602/23/2023Creates a litigator position within the Human Rights CommissionChristieDemocratAppropriations
H.3592/23/2023Makes even more minor or one-time discrimination unlawfulChristieDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.3582/23/2023Funds the provision of services by community nursesMasland/ HolcombeDemocratHealth Care
H.3572/23/2023Establishes an annual inflation factor be applied to Medicaid ratesNoyesDemocratHuman Services
H.3562/23/2023Require that Medicaid cover breast pumpsBartleyRepublicanHealth Care
H.3552/23/2023Requires additional campaign finance transparencyHooperDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.3542/23/2023Creates an income tax deduction for Vermont home study expensesTaylor/ MorganRepublicanWays and Means
H.3532/23/2023Develops a model racial equity curriculumToofRepublicanEducation
H.3522/23/2023Relaxes requirement for home study programsToofRepublicanEducation
H.3512/23/2023Allows actions for defamation of a deceased personBeckRepublicanJudiciary
H.3502/23/2023Enacts the Uniform Directed Trust ActMarcotteRepublicanJudiciary
H.3492/23/2023Requires employers to give sick time for abortionsMulvaney-StanakDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.3482/23/2023Studies requiring licensed athletic trainers at all secondary school athletic eventsHangoRepublicanEducation
H.3472/23/2023Ranked-choice voting for presidential primary electionsSibiliaIndependentGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.3462/23/2023Allows sluice boxes for recreational mineral prospectingMcFaunRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.3452/23/2023Declares Lake Memphremagog a lake in crisisPageRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.3442/22/2023Requires connected devices sold in Vermont meet minimum security standardsRachelsonDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.3432/22/2023Protects genetic and consumer health information privacyRachelson/ BurdittDem./ Rep.Commerce and Economic Development
H.3422/22/2023Requires confidentiality in emergency service provider peer support counselingEmmonsDemocratHealth Care
H.3412/22/2023Grants SNAP benefits to some postsecondary studentsRachelson/ StoneDemocratHuman Services
H.3402/22/2023Expands eligibility for the Child Care Financial Assistance ProgramGregoire/ Hango/ ToofRepublicanHuman Services
H.3392/22/2023Ensures the Agency of Human Services’ use of respectful languageBerbecoDemocratHuman Services
H.3382/22/2023Grants certain unionized State employees the right to strikeCaseyDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.3372/22/2023Amends definitions related to independent contractors, workers’ comp.MrowickiDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.3362/22/2023Provides the Abenaki with access to, and use of, State landsO’BrienDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.3352/22/2023Adresses concerns over low 3rd-Grade literacyAustinDemocratEducation
H.3342/22/2023Promotes the Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness ProgramAnthonyDemocratEducation
H.3332/22/2023Requires schools to implement seizure action planRachelson/ StoneDemocratEducation
H.3322/22/2023Forms committee to enforce compliance to building energy codesCampbellDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.3312/22/2023Changes Natural Resources Board into Environment Review BoardSheldonDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.3302/22/2023Amends procedures regarding returns of electric vehiclesCampbellDemocratTransportation
H.3292/22/2023Establishes year-round U.S. Eastern Daylight Saving TimeChaseDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.3282/22/2023Requires new or replaced heating in State buildings be non-fossil-fuelCampbellDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.3272/22/2023Revises the child abuse and neglect substantiation proceduresWood/ BrumstedDemocratHuman Services
H.3262/22/2023Keeps Vermont inmates in Vermont facilitiesRachelsonDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.3252/22/2023Purchases Camp Sunrise to put under conservationAndrianoDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.3242/22/2023Exempts home-sharing rental income from taxationMrowickiDemocratWays and Means
H.3232/22/2023Prohibiting hunting bears, coyotes with dogsSatcowitzDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.3222/22/2023Requires House assent before law-enforcement use of crime-fighting tech.RachelsonDemocratJudiciary
H.3212/22/2023Facilitates info-sharing between State agencies on greenhouse emissionsStebbinsDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.3202/22/2023Raises total renewable energy required by the Renewable Energy StandardElderDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.3192/22/2023Requires colleges to establish new sexual misconduct measuresRachelsonDemocratEducation
H.3182/22/2023Amends fair employment practices, legislative leave lawBartleyRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.3172/22/2023Requires handicap accessibility in new residential buildingsBurrowsDem./ Prog.General and Housing
H.3162/22/2023Makes Vermont Republic and Emancipation Day a legal holidaySammisRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.3152/22/2023Allows Probation and Parole officers to carry firearms while on dutyLaBountyDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.3142/22/2023Bans deadly weapons on school property, excepting law enforcementMcCannDemocratEducation
H.3132/22/2023Requires a license before purchase of a semiautomatic firearmHooperDemocratJudiciary
H.3122/22/2023Changes numerous statutes addressing criminal violenceGoslant/ Burditt/ OliverRepublican/ Dem.Judiciary
H.3112/22/2023Limits UVM, State Ag. College enrollment until rental vacancy risesHeadrickProg./ DemocratEducation
H.3102/22/2023Allots $5 mil. to the Dept. of Forests, Parks and Recreation in 2024Lipsky/ TorreInd./ Dem.Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.3092/22/2023Prohibits tax revenue used for Vermont Housing and Conservation from being used elsewhereLipskyIndependentWays and Means
H.3082/22/2023Amends rules for Executive Branch-issued privatization contractsLaBountyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.3072/22/2023Increases housesite value exclusion for tax credit purposesLipskyIndependentWays and Means
H.3062/22/2023Permits oral reports from mandated reporters of child abuseWood/ BrumstedDemocratHuman Services
H.3052/22/2023Amends many regulations covered by the Office of Professional RegulationGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.3042/21/2023Regulates the use of aftermarket parts in insured automobile repairsMcCoyRepublicanCommerce and Economic Development
H.3032/21/2023Increases portion of court fees used for funding victims compensationRachelsonDemocratJudiciary
H.3022/21/2023Assigns public defenders for certain civil forfeiture proceedingsRachelsonDemocratJudiciary
H.3012/21/2023Protects tenants from no-cause evictionsTroianoDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.3002/21/2023Uses cannabis sales tax to pay for Afterschool and Summer CarePajalaIndependentHuman Services
H.2992/21/2023Creates a Vermont-Ireland Trade CommissionCaseyDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.2982/21/2023Strengthens employee protections, abolishes at-will terminationTroianoDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2972/21/2023Provides workers’ comp. coverage for PTSD for public, State employeesMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2962/21/2023Allows union representatives to be voluntarily certifiedTroianoDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2952/21/2023Imposes sales tax on the first $1,000.00 of sales of precious metals (for investment)PetersonRepublicanWays and Means
H.2942/21/2023Allows State control of how Holocaust education is taughtPattDemocratEducation
H.2932/21/2023Allows refusal to disclose confidential communications with union agentsCaseyDemocratJudiciary
H.2922/21/2023Provides workers’ comp. coverage for PTSD for public, State employeesHooperDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2912/21/2023Creates the Cybersecurity Advisory CouncilSibiliaIndependentGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2902/21/2023Allows pharmacists to test fo, treat certain health conditionsCordesDemocratHealth Care
H.2892/17/2023Increases amount of total renewable energy required by Renewable Energy StandardSheldon/ SibiliaDem./ Ind.Environment and Energy
H.2882/17/2023Reduces liability for sale of alcohol to intoxicated personsNicollDemocratJudiciary
H.2872/17/2023Clarifies rights of temporary State employees, allows unionizationHooperDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2862/17/2023Clarifies policy regarding workers’ compensationMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.2852/17/2023Regulates window tintingSammisRepublicanTransportation
H.2842/17/2023Restricts drones operation over private propertyMorgan/ Leavitt/ TaylorRep./Dem.Judiciary
H.2832/17/2023Expands suicide-prevention funding, servicesBlackDemocratHealth Care
H.2822/17/2023Adopts the Psychology Interjurisdictional CompactHoughtonDemocratHealth Care
H.2812/17/2023Gives Legislators a pay hike and greater benefitsMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2802/17/2023Exempt trailer coaches from property taxationConlonDemocratWays and Means
H.2792/17/2023Enacts the Uniform Trust Decanting ActAndrianoDemocratJudiciary
H.2782/17/2023Forces colleges to give admission preference to career technical education graduatesOliverRep./ Dem.Education
H.2772/16/2023Creates a Rural Business Technical Assistance ExchangeSibiliaIndependentCommerce and Economic Development
H.2762/16/2023Creates a rental housing registryStevensDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2752/16/2023Creates pilot project for 8th-, 9th-grade technical educationDolanDemocratEducation
H.2742/16/2023Develops agriculture and nutrition education curriculumPearlDemocratAgriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.2732/16/2023Allows direct-to-consumer shipping of spirits and fortified winesBirongDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2722/16/2023Limits out-of-state consumer shipping licenses for malt beveragesBirongDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2712/16/2023Amends the charter of the Town of SpringfieldEmmonsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2702/16/2023Further deregulates and legalizes cannabisBirong/ McCarthyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2692/16/2023Creates grant for rural EVs, equipment, and infrastructureSibiliaIndependentTransportation
H.2682/16/2023Regulates use of campaign fundsHowardDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2672/15/2023Abolishes Daylight Savings Time in VermontRobertsDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2662/15/2023Makes changes to the State Teachers’ Retirement SystemElder/ Mulvaney-StanakDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2652/15/2023Issues standard for violence prevention in health care, community servicesCordesDemocratHealth Care
H.2642/15/2023Excluding veterans’ disability and pension from household income, to increase tax credit grantedHangoRepublicanWays and Means
H.2632/15/2023Expands funding and coverage of emergency medical servicesHoughton/ McCarthy/ SimsDemocratHealth Care
H.2622/15/2023Converts civil fines to community service for those who can’t payChesnut-TangermanDemocratJudiciary
H.2612/15/2023Allows alcoholic-beverage delivery servicesNicollDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.2602/15/2023Increases resources for the Commission on Native American AffairsSims/ BluemleDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2592/15/2023Requires select school boards to add student membersBurrowsDem./ Prog.Education
H.2582/15/2023Requires school districts to designate public high school, elementary school, special ed facilitiesGraningDemocratEducation
H.2572/14/2023Regulates cannabis, establishes harms and dangersPetersonRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2562/14/2023Amends timetables for City of Barre tax increment financing districtAnthonyDemocratWays and Means
H.2552/14/2023Exempts military retirement and military survivor benefit income from income taxationCanfieldRepublicanWays and Means
H.2542/14/2023Restricts advertising of crisis pregnancy centersMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratHealth Care
H.2532/14/2023Eliminates penalties for underage tobacco use, possessionRobertsDemocratHuman Services
H.2522/14/2023Allows unified towns and gores in Essex County to hire a professional assessorLaborRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2512/14/2023Issuance of a Brady letter, misconduct under jurisdiction of the Vermont Criminal Justice CouncilLaLondeDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2502/14/2023Allows obtaining of blood samples during DUI investigationsLaLondeDemocratJudiciary
H.2492/14/2023Makes law enforcement liable while policing riotersLaLondeDemocratJudiciary
H.2482/14/2023Creates a Climate Infrastructure Fund to invest in evironmental effortsDolan/ StebbinsDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.2472/14/2023Adopts the Occupational Therapy Licensure CompactStoneDemocrat/ Prog.Health Care
H.2462/14/2023Adding veteran status question to State services intake formsHangoRepublicanHuman Services
H.2452/14/2023Provieds tuition assistance for foster-care, kinship-care youthHooperDemocratEducation
H.2442/14/2023Creates a division to support families affected by substance abuseSammisRepublicanHuman Services
H.2432/14/2023Creates models and policies for school safety and violent intrudersMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratEducation
H.2422/14/2023Give Public Utility Commission jurisdiction over thermal energy networksCordesDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.2412/14/2023Defines policies for recovery residencesTroianoDemocratHuman Services
H.2402/14/2023Creates a residential facility for mental health crises in S. VermontBos-LunDemocratHealth Care
H.2392/14/2023Designates “National Emblem” as the State MarchArrisonDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2382/14/2023Defines Renter Credit program, Landlord Certificate requirementsMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratWays and Means
H.2372/14/2023Increases legislator compensation and benefitsHooperDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2362/14/2023Raises for legislators starting 2033–34SatcowitzDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2352/14/2023Education financial support, better wages for school employeesSims/ BradyDemocratWays and Means
H.2342/14/2023Expands funding and support for animal controlHangoRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2332/14/2023Regulations for pharmacy benefit managersCordesDemocratHealth Care
H.2322/14/2023Lengthens time for owners posting land against huntersSatcowitzDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.2312/14/2023Requires reporting of cybersecurity breachesSibiliaIndependentGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2302/10/2023Reduce suicide by reducing “access to lethal meansBlackDemocratHealth Care
H.2292/10/2023Defines how Petroleum Cleanup Fund is to be usedMarcotteRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.2282/10/2023Requires financial literacy as part of a High School DiplomaJerome/ MarcotteDem./ Rep.Education
H.2272/10/2023Enacts the Vermont Uniform Power of Attorney ActLaLonde/ Marcotte/ AndrianoRep./ Dem.Judiciary
H.2262/10/2023Defines how candidate information is to be filed with StateBluemleDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2252/10/2023Mandates minimum wage for tipped employees by 2024TroianoDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2242/10/2023Allows child’s input in their own child custody casesGarofanoDemocratJudiciary
H.2232/10/2023Creates felony penalty for reckless endangermentStebbinsDemocratJudiciary
H.2222/10/2023Expands legal med-assisted treatment for opioid addictionWhitmanDemocratHuman Services
H.2212/9/2023Studies changes to structure and processes of the LegislatureStebbinsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2202/9/2023Increases Medicaid spending for primary care, preventive servicesBlackDemocratHealth Care
H.2192/9/2023Defines the rights of agricultural and domestic workersMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2182/9/2023Requires good cause for termination of employmentMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2172/9/2023Sets the contribution rate for Workers’ Compensation fundMarcotteDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.2162/9/2023Legalizes open air cremationBirongDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2152/9/2023States Vermont will join all health care interstate compactsCinaProg./ DemocratHealth Care
H.2142/9/2023Creating a body to examine police bodycam and dashcam footageChesnut-TangermanDemocratJudiciary
H.2132/9/2023Commissions study on mobile homes and mobile home parksStevensDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.2122/9/2023Allows minors to possess tobacco for religious reasonsRobertsDemocratHuman Services
H.2112/9/2023Infrastructure for electric vehicles at former welcome centersLaborRepublicanTransportation
H.2102/9/2023Allows legislators to take leave from their primary employmentDolanDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.2092/9/2023Expands choice of public elementary schools in supervisory unionSibiliaDemocratEducation
H.2082/9/2023Establish a public prekindergarten education programBrumsted/ WoodDemocratHuman Services
H.2072/8/2023Allows those acquitted due to insanity to be judged “guilty, but insane”SatcowitzDemocratJudiciary
H.2062/8/2023Vermont Health Access changes, Medicaid dental coverageGoldmanDemocratHealth Care
H.2052/8/2023Provides State assistance in diversifying farm productionGraham/ SurprenantRep./ Dem.Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.2042/8/2023Bans the retail sale of flavored tobacco productsNugentDemocratHuman Services
H.2032/8/2023Report on distracted drivingSmithRepublicanTransportation
H.2022/8/2023Allows tickets for illegally passing a school bus, bus driver’s testimonyLaBountyDemocratTransportation
H.2012/8/2023Requires installation of fireblocking in single-family homesToofRepublicanGeneral and Housing
H.2002/8/2023Names 133 State Street, Montpelier State building after Gov. HoffCaseyDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.1992/8/2023Expands health insurance eligibility regardless of immigration statusChristieDemocratHealth Care
H.1982/8/2023Creates a Dementia Coordinator position within Human ServiceNoyesDemocratHuman Services
H.1972/8/2023Gets rid of State Pension Fund investments in fossil fuelsStebbinsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1962/8/2023Wages on State construction projectsStanakProg./ DemocratGeneral and Housing
H.1952/8/2023Limits jurisdiction over electric distribution upgradesElderDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1942/8/2023Creates Office for planning and government accountabilityStebbins/ TorreDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1932/8/2023Increases the solid waste franchise and hazardous waste taxesDolanDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1922/7/2023Mandatory training for use of electric cargo bicyclesBurkeDemocratTransportation
H.1912/7/2023Establishes a nuisance wildlife trapping licenseSatcowitzDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1902/7/2023Removing the residency requirement from assisted suicideGarofanoDemocratHuman Services
H.1892/7/2023Requires D.o.H.to report on adverse reactions to immunizationsHigleyRepublicanHealth Care
H.1882/7/2023Informed consent for administration of immunizationsHigleyRepublicanJudiciary
H.1872/7/2023Creates a conscientious exemption to immunization requirementsHigleyRepublicanHuman Services
H.1862/7/2023Stops merchants using product registry as requirement for warrantiesBirongDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.1852/7/2023Authorizes dredging for navigation of public watersChaseDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1842/7/2023Exempts landlords from renovation, repair licensing requirementsBlumle/ Ode/ StebbinsDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.1832/7/2023Protect the conscience rights of health care providers, institutionsHigleyRepublicanHealth Care
H.1822/7/2023Ensures bodily autonomy in health-care decision-makingHigleyRepublicanHuman Services
H.1812/7/2023Comissions study on the creation of a statewide supervisory unionElderDemocratEducation
H.1802/7/2023Allows direct-to-consumer shipping of spirits and fortified winesBurrowsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1792/7/2023Transfer certain responsibilities to Secretary of EducationElderDemocratEducation
H.1782/7/2023Allows commissioning of D.o.C.personnel as notaries publicEmmonsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1772/7/2023Bicycle path running adjacent to U.S. Route 5BartholemewDemocratTransportation
H.1762/7/2023Allows for secondary enforcement of certain motor vehicle violationsSmallDemocratTransportation
H.1752/7/2023Modernizes the Children and Family Council for Prevention ProgramsLaLondeDemocratJudiciary
H.1742/7/2023Establishes legal personhood for fetuses past 24 weeksPetersonRepublicanHealth Care
H.1732/7/2023Expands the statute against manipulating a child for sexual contactSmallDemocratJudiciary
H.1722/7/2023Expands selection of persons authorized to carry firearms in hospitalsHooperDemocratJudiciary
H.1712/3/2023Amends adult protective servicesNoyes/ Brumsted/ WoodDemocratHuman Services
H.1702/3/2023Examines the restorative justice approach to criminal justice systemEmmons/Shaw/Squirell/WoodDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.1692/3/2023Amends child abuse investigation, use of Child Protection RegistryBlumle/ StebbinsDemocratJudiciary
H.1682/3/2023Maintenans a database of veterans, expands veteran benefitsHooperDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1672/3/2023Supports expanded access to emergency veterinary careChesnut-TangermanDemocratAgriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.1662/3/2023Removes limit to medical-expense tax deductionOdeDemocratWays and Means
H.1652/3/2023Requires public schools to serve free mealsBradyDemocratEducation
H.1642/2/2023Authorizes ecofriendly wastewater systemsBurkeDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1632/2/2023Creates working group to develop ecofriendly sanitation methodsBurke/ GregoireDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1622/2/2023Bans snow tires from VT Highways from May 16 to Oct. 31BurkeDemocratTransportation
H.1612/2/2023Clarifies burning-permit policyAgriculture, Food Resiliency, and ForestryN/A
H.1602/2/2023Labor reimbursement rates for auto insurance claimsChristieDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.1592/1/2023Protects internet service provider data privacySibiliaIndependentCommerce and Economic Development
H.1582/1/2023Expands the beverage container redemption systemSheldonDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1572/1/2023Vermont basic needs budgetBluemleDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.1562/1/2023Incrementally implements Green Mountain CareCina/ ChristieDemocrat/ Prog.Health Care
H.1552/1/2023Mileage reimbursement rates for plug-in electric vehiclesWillamsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1542/1/2023Medicaid coverage for doula servicesCoffey/ RachelsonDemocratHealth Care
H.1532/1/2023Numerous changes to Vermont’s tax lawsCanfieldRepublicanWays and Means
H.1522/1/2023Prohibits products containing PFAS by 2024Dolan/ WhitmanDemocratHuman Services
H.1512/1/2023Petitions for guardianship of the developmentally disabledBrumsted/ WoodDemocratHuman Services
H.1502/1/2023Amends the charter of the Village of AlburghLeavittDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1492/1/2023Protocol for write-in-candidate consent filings in State electionsBrennanRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1482/1/2023Raises the marriageable age to 18Ode/ BurkeDemocratJudiciary
H.1472/1/2023Creates a Vermont State Building Security BoardDemrow/ Hooper/ SimsDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.1462/1/2023Amends the Northeast Kingdom Waste Management charterSimsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1451/31/2023FY2023 budget adjustmentApropriationsN/A
H.1441/31/2023Exempts unemployment from income taxMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratWays and Means
H.1431/31/2023Towing companies can’t solicit roadside businessRachelsonDemocratTransportation
H.1421/31/2023Raise juvenile delinquency age from 10 to 12Small/ Christie/ RachelsonDemocratJudiciary
H.1411/31/2023Inventory, assessment of immigrant-support organizationsSibiliaIndependentGeneral and Housing
H.1401/31/2023Database of state grants to municipalitiesWillamsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1391/31/2023Required employee breaksStevensDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.1381/31/2023Employers receiving state grants, contractsKornheiserDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1371/31/2023Home share for disabledStevensDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.1361/31/2023Restrict Social Media on state-owned devices, networksDonahueRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1351/31/2023Rent controlBos-Lun/ BurrowsDem./ Prog.General and Housing
H.1341/31/2023Default speed limit for unposted town highwaysTemplemanDemocratTransportation
H.1331/31/2023Reduces penalties for distracted drivingSmithRepublicanTransportation
H.1321/31/2023Homeless bill of rightsStevensDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.1311/31/2023Establishes Green Mountain Recreation FundSimsDemocratAgriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.1301/31/2023Retricts management of sewage and septic wasteDolanDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1291/31/2023More funding for pollution cleanupDolanDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1281/31/2023Exempts small wood producers from Act 250SimsDemocratAgriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.1271/31/2023Legalize sports bettingBirongDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1261/31/2023Conserves 50% of Vermont land by 2050SheldonDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1251/31/2023Revises rules for various boards and commissionsDolan/ BrumstedDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1241/27/2023Supports rural economic developmentSibilia/ Sims/ Hango/ PriestlyDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.1231/27/2023Repeal State LotteryStevensDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1221/27/2023Bans surveillance devices on private property w/o owner’s consentBlackDemocratJudiciary
H.1211/26/2023Affords data privacy protectionsMarcotteRepublicanCommerce and Economic Development
H.1201/26/2023Imposes sales tax on digital sale of software and gamesMaslandDemocratWays and Means
H.1191/26/2023Combats excessive motor vehicle noiseBartholemewDemocratTransportation
H.1181/26/2023Broadens eligibility for Medicare Savings ProgramDonahue/ NoyesDemocratHealth Care
H.1171/26/2023Strengthens suicide prevention effortdBlackDemocratHealth Care
H.1161/26/2023Protects job applicants from discrimination and ensures privacyMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratGeneral and Housing
H.1151/26/2023Requires insurance coverage of breast milk for infantsCordesDemocratHealth Care
H.1141/26/2023Restricts electronic monitoring of employees and automated HR decisionsPriestlyDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.1131/26/2023Bans tax exemptions to any organization engaged in lobbyingSibiliaDemocratWays and Means
H.1121/26/2023Ensures coverage for opiate abuse treatmentSmallProg./ DemocratHuman Services
H.1111/26/2023Amends housing investment and regulationSims/ HarrisonRep./ Dem.General and Housing
H.1101/26/2023Extends application period for telecom sitingSibiliaDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.1091/26/2023Ensures reimbursement for home-delivered mealsNoyesDemocratHuman Services
H.1081/25/2023Update Vermont School Bus Manual and the CDL testsLaBountyDemocratTransportation
H.1071/25/2023Hartford infrastructure financingChristieDemocratWays and Means
H.1061/25/2023Protects teaching gender-identity and racismHeadrickProg./ DemocratEducation
H.1051/25/2023Create $3 mil disaster fundSimsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1041/25/2023Defining membership in worker cooperativesAndrianoDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.1031/25/2023Required state reporting on staff-to-patient ratiosPageRepublicanHealth Care
H.1021/25/2023Amends the Art in State Buildings ProgramCoffeyDem./ Rep.Corrections and Institutions
H.1011/25/2023Reducing transportation carbon emissionsBurke/ StebbinsDemocratTransportation
H.1001/25/2023Seasonal signs at pedestrian crossingsDolan/ McGillDemocratTransportation
H.991/25/2023Amending National Guard Tuition Benefit ProgramHango/ Birong/ SibiliaDemocratEducation
H.981/24/2023Firearms storage restrictions, 10-day waiting periodMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratJudiciary
H.971/24/2023Write-in candidates, primary electionsScheuDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.961/24/2023Clean Heat StandardStebbins/ SibiliaDemocrat/ Ind.Environment and Energy
H.951/24/2023Municipal Energy GrantsWillamsDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.941/24/2023Reach UpGarofano/ Gregoire/ Brumsted/ SmallDem./ Rep.Human Services
H.931/24/2023Reach Up benefitsGarofano/ Gregoire/ Brumsted/ SmallDem./ Rep.Human Services
H.921/24/2023Uneemployment insurance after voluntary separationMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.911/24/2023Paid family leave for serious injuryStevensDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.901/24/2023Defunct Congregational churchesStevensDemocratJudiciary
H.891/24/2023Legal protections for abortion, transgender service providersDonally/ LaLonde/ SmallDemocrat/ Prog.Judiciary
H.881/24/2023Cash bail restrictions, prohibitionsBos-LunDemocratJudiciary
H.871/24/2023Access to wages before paydayMarcotteRepublicanCommerce and Economic Development
H.861/24/2023Audiology, Speech Pathology Interstate CompactMcCarthyDemocratHealth Care
H.851/24/2023Public trails accessibilityBurroughsDemocrat/ Prog.Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.841/24/2023Wastewater discharge permitsSimsDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.831/20/2023Tax credits for living organ donationsNoyesDemocratWays and Means
H.821/20/2023Sell two state buildings to Town of WaterburyWoodDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.811/20/2023Ensure fair repair of agricultural equipmentDonahue/ SimsRep./ Dem.Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.801/20/2023License freestanding birth centersCordesDemocratHealth Care
H.791/20/2023Ensure rights to independent auto repairDonahue/ SimsRep./ Dem.Commerce and Economic Development
H.781/20/2023Takeout of alcoholic beveragesBirongDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.771/20/2023Adopting the Physical Therapy Licensure CompactOdeDemocratHealth Care
H.761/20/2023Regulates captive insurance companiesMarcotteRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.751/20/2023Notify planned outages of 911 servicesSibiliaIndependentEnvironment and Energy
H.741/20/2023Repeal Global Warming Solutions ActHigleyRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.731/20/2023Revoking VT use of California’s Clean Air Act waiverHigleyRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.721/19/2023Safe injection sitesSmallProg./ DemocratJudiciary
H.711/19/2023Expanding DMV veteran designationsPetersonRepublicanTransportation
H.701/19/2023Restrictions on telecommunications sitingsDolan/ PattDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.691/19/2023Ban smoking outdoors near entrancesDolanDemocratHuman Services
H.681/19/2023Urban zoning, housing developmentBongartzDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.671/19/2023Manufacturers pay for household hazardous products collectionDolanDemocratHuman Services
H.661/19/2023Mandated family and medical leave insuranceKornheiser/ Scheu/ StevensDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.651/18/2023Raise Small claims from $5,000 to $10,000PattDemocratJudiciary
H.641/18/2023Ban on wake boatsSimsDemocratTransportation
H.631/18/2023Marriage/family therapists/ licensed clinical social workersCoffeyDemocratHealth Care
H.621/18/2023Interstate Counseling CompactHoughton/ DurfeeDemocratHealth Care
H.611/18/2023Elective income tax and creditHarrisonRepublicanWays and Means
H.601/18/2023More 4th classes licenses for alcohol manufacturersBirongDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.591/18/2023Amending veterans‘ death certificatesCoffeyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.581/18/2023Unbiased appointment of zoning administratorsPetersonRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.571/18/2023Dog trainers, client consentCoffeyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.561/18/2023Ban natural gas line extensionCordes/ ElderDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.551/18/2023Unemployment insurance amendmentsMarcotteRepublicanCommerce and Economic Development
H.541/17/2023Municipal services supportAnthonyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.531/17/2023Eliminate driver’s license suspension for some nonpaymentDolan/ LaLondeDem./ Rep.Transportation
H.521/13/2023Retirement benefits for temporary state employeesCaseyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.511/13/2023Boaters pay $20 for aquatic nuisance passesDolanDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.501/13/2023Ban on sale of PFA productsDolan/ WhitmanDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.491/13/2023Retirement plan for volunteer firefightersNicollDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.481/12/2023Find new landfill siteSims/ PageDem./ Rep.Environment and Energy
H.471/12/2023Disposal of solar panelsHarrisonRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.461/12/2023Dissolution of Colchester Fire District No. 3TaylorDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.451/12/2023Restrict litigation against abuse survivorsDonnallyDemocratJudiciary
H.441/12/2023Small town local option taxDolanDemocratWays and Means
H.431/12/2023Military protection ordersOdeDemocratJudiciary
H.421/11/2023Public meetings alternativesGov. Ops.referralWays and Means
H.411/11/2023Domestic-/sex-assault cases to community justice centersDolanDemocratJudiciary
H.401/11/2023Make contraceptive tampering a crimeRachelsonDemocratJudiciary
H.391/11/2023New plan for State distributing revenues to municipalitiesAnthonyDemocratWays and Means
H.381/11/2023Device-distracted drivingShawRepublicanTransportation
H.371/11/2023Require winter tires on rental carsPattDemocratTransportation
H.361/11/2023Exempt forests from small town planningParsonsRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.351/10/2023Responsibility for Victims Assistance ProgramRachelsonDemocratJudiciary
H.341/10/2023State-owned public restroom near CapitolCaseyDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.331/10/2023Legislator expenses: reimbursement or allowanceHarrisonRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.321/10/2023Social Security benefits exemptionHarrisonRepublicanWays and Means
H.311/10/2023Aquatic nuisance control moratoriumBongartzDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.301/10/2023Increase acreage of wetlandsSheldonDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.291/10/2023Restrict all mapped river corridor developmentSheldonDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.281/10/2023Expands expungement of court diversion casesLaLondeDemocratJudiciary
H.271/10/2023Coercive controlling behavior basis for abuse orderDonnallyDemocratJudiciary
H.261/10/2023National Guard income tax exemptionBirongDemocratWays and Means
H.251/6/2023Feasibility study for child care facility in a State buildingAnthonyDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.241/6/2023State Auditor examining State contractor recordsPageRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.231/6/2023Mail-in ballots upon request only for general electionsLaborRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.221/6/2023Sexual exploitation by policeSmallProg./ DemocratJudiciary
H.211/6/2023Require utility to notify landlord of disconnectionsPageRepublicanGeneral and Housing
H.201/5/2023One person, one vote’ reapportionment studySimsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.191/5/2023Municipal boards of abatementArrisonDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.181/5/2023Ban sale of single-use-filter cannabis and tobacco productsPageRepublicanHuman Services
H.171/5/2023More time, money for towing abandoned vehiclesPageRepublicanTransportation
H.161/5/2023Study to expand passenger, freight rail servicePageRepublicanTransportation
H.151/5/2023Protecting golf courses from developmentPageRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.141/5/2023More pay for jurorsCoffeyDemocratJudiciary
H.131/5/2023Legalizing switchblade knivesBrennanRepublicanJudiciary
H.121/5/2023Dismiss nonviolent misdemeanors to reduce court backlogLaLonde/ Burditt/ ChristieRep./ Dem.Judiciary
H.111/5/2023Insurance for epinephrine auto-injectorsHangoRepublicanHealth Care
H.101/5/2023Creates VEGI oversight boardKornheiser/ MarcotteDem./ Rep.Commerce and Economic Development
H.91/5/2023Exempt EVs from inspection for 40 monthsAnthonyDemocratTransportation
H.81/5/2023Repeal statute of limitations for childhood emotional abuseAustinDemocratJudiciary
H.71/5/2023Replacing term “cider” with “hard cider“DonahueRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.61/5/2023Expand development ban down to 1,500 ft.AnthonyDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.51/5/2023Regional plan reformBongartzDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.41/5/2023Removes pilings causing ice jams at Barre bridgeAnthonyDemocratTransportation
H.31/5/2023$800K for mental health providers working with policeAnthonyDemocratHealth Care
H.21/5/2023Exempt aircraft hangars from Act 250 reviewCorcoranDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.11/5/2023Payment, case management for developmental disability servicesMcFaun/ WoodRep./ Dem.Human Services

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  1. H27 perfectly describes the abusive and coercive behaviors we witnessed during lockdown and the ensuing vax program. Isolation from family and friends, denial of opportunities, threatening and shaming and name calling. Indeed the hallmarks of an abusive relationship. If only laws like this applied in to the state and those who have captured it.

  2. Here we go again, going to tax us to use the waterways of the state!
    H.51 is going to impact everyone, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, all watercraft, including inflatable. What’s next, tax all bicycles, razor scooters, skateboards because they have wheels?!

    UNREAL just how brazen and ridiculous this is, this on top of we’re already taxed with fishing licenses, boat/trailer registrations, bait/tackle sales tax.

    Another money grab by the marxist/leftist/progressive/demoncrats of this state.

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