21 schools – and counting- hit by shooting hoax calls this morning

State officials disclose information about today’s hoax phone calls

Twenty-one Vermont schools were subjected to “swatting” phone calls falsely reporting active shooters, authorities said today. Most of the calls came to police dispatchers, who then responded to the perceived active shooter threat.

List of schools threatened by active shooter hoax today

Public Safety Commissioner Jen Morrison said the calls were “very similar messages, possibly technologically created….It could be a robo call, you probably get them at your house.” More schools may be reporting similar incidents as the day progresses, she said.

Police determined within minutes that the calls were false ‘swatting’ calls.

Some of the calls mentioned two so-called actual shootings, others referenced only active shooters.

Multiple law enforcement agencies across Vermont this morning receiving calls reporting shootings at local schools, state police said. At this time, none of these threats is believed to be credible, and the incidents appear to be hoaxes.

The calls have been reported to originate from VOIP phone numbers or potentially spoofed 802 numbers and appear to be associated with ongoing nationwide hoax phone threats of school shootings, bomb threats, and other violent events that have proved to be unfounded.

There is no known connection with the bomb threat at the Berlin Wal-Mart yesterday. There was no racial aspect to the calls, police said.

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  1. Though some would consider these hoaxes, in reality they need to be considered adult crimes with adult consequences. Mere slapping the wrist does not provide adequate deterrent for these things to stop. Severe consequences, if not proving a deterrent to others, at least would provide the means to get the transgressor(s) off the street.

    Therapy, for whatever their issues may be, can be administered at the leisure of the state.

    I know that I should be more understanding , but, sorry, I am not. The stakes are too high.

    • In addition to the armed guard, or instead of an armed guard, how about a sign on the building: “Beware, some members of the faculty and staff are armed.” Lets eliminate the soft targets by training and arming some of the staff and faculty volunteers. This just might send a message to the students that one can defend oneself from lunatics with guns.

  2. This is the Liberals, Democrats and gun activists way of using our kids as pawns to get your guns. These need to be taking seriously, but this is planned to put us on edge so you agree with gun crackdowns. I can go on, but y’all will think I’m crazy because you think your honest government wouldn’t drum this up or the loonie activists won’t.

  3. In a statement, Gov. Phil Scott, R-Vermont, called the hoax calls an act of terrorism designed to create chaos and stoke fear that can be exploited. “These events are unnerving for everyone — students, teachers, parents and Vermonters. We can use this energy to come together because unity is the most powerful way to ensure terrorists do not achieve their goals.”

    No Scott, ” unity ” is not the most powerful way to ensure terrorists do not achieve their goals.
    Armed and trained Security Personnel, metal detectors and locked doors are.
    One Entrance and one Exit.
    Stop ignoring the solution and do something to actually protect our Students, Teachers, Staff and Schools.
    You have failed miserably in every aspect. How about actually stepping up for a change ?
    Most of us are Parents and Grand Parents with children in these schools. Call the Governor and tell him to finally do something.

  4. Remember gov Phil supports the degusting Human being in the white house Basement period folks!!
    Schools are a target for gun violence period!! Wake up Americans wake up wake up Vermonters wake up!
    All and I say ALL SCHOOL must have a Armed Guard or Guard’s on sit,trained teachers that choose to be Armed and metal Detectors at each door 🚪 period folks Wake up
    Do you folks think that the governor, legersltor’s, the Great folks in blue, your friends, your family or the folks next door
    Might save your life with gun you better wake and look in the mirror folks! It called a good person with a gun period!!
    You are responsible for your self period!!
    The Vermonter from the Right side period!!

  5. Aren’t they screwing with gun rights in the State House? Someone trying to “ call the question” and I have an idea on the person’s politics. Hope the person gets caught.

  6. Gee, education has come a long way from when some creep would flush a lit cherry bomb down the toilet in the boys room. Good parenting has gone to hell…

  7. It’s obvious to me that we need common sense phone laws, no one under 21 should be able to purchase or possess a phone, and we need background checks and a minimum 7 day waiting period for anyone purchasing a phone. Further we need to outright ban assault phones that have the capability to make multiple, untraceable hate phone calls. C’mon Baruth and LaLonde where are you? I’m starting to have traumatic nightmares at the thought of this evil phone scourge.

  8. Can you expect anything less. They are only doing what they were taught to do. This is what the Progressive/ Communist education system has produced, A Nation of Vipers.

  9. With all the high tech, I’m fairly certain the calls can be traced to the perpetrators. And if they’re not, you can be sure of false flags.

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