Abortion/transgender shield bill headed to House floor

by Guy Page 

H89, the transgender/abortion provider shield bill, was approved by House Judiciary Tuesday, February 7 and will go to the House floor tomorrow. 

Of the 11 committee members, only Franklin County Republican Tom Oliver voted no.

H89 would: 

  • Define legally protected health care activity to include reproductive health care services and gender-affirming health care; 
  • Exempt cases involving tortious interference with legally protected health care activity from the SLAPP statute; 
  • Prohibit civil arrest of a person for purposes of abusive litigation concerning legally protected health care activity; 
  • Establish a new cause of action regarding tortious interference with legally protected health care activity; 
  • Prohibit a court from ordering a person to give testimony or a statement or produce documents or other things for use in connection with abusive litigation involving legally protected health care activity; 
  • Prohibit a public agency from cooperating in an interstate investigation or proceeding seeking to impose civil or criminal liability upon a person or entity for obtaining or providing legally protected health care; 
  • Establish a misdemeanor crime for using force or threat of force or physical obstruction to interfere with someone obtaining or providing legally protected health care; prohibit the extradition of a nonfugitive person in connection with abusive litigation in another jurisdiction; 
  • Prohibit a court from issuing a summons when a prosecution is pending in another state concerning legally protected health care activity or where a grand jury investigation concerning legally protected health care activity has commenced or is about to commence for a criminal violation of a law of the other state unless the acts forming the basis of the prosecution or investigation would also constitute an offense if occurring entirely in Vermont; and 
  • Expand eligibility to the Address Confidentiality Program to a person providing, assisting another person in obtaining, or obtaining for themselves reproductive health care services or gender-affirming health care services.

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  1. One question comes to mind: have any of the 100 or so sponsors considered the possible unintended consequences of this far reaching bill?

  2. Ahh I see now. I did not know that sex mutilation surgery was a “legally protected health care”. I feel so much bettor now ……. NOT ! The supporters of this bill are criminals by supporting this insane doctrine and deliberately hiding information from parents.

  3. Protection to mutilate children….NoNoNoNo…this is patent child abuse. Where are all the sane legislators? Are there any in Vermont?

  4. Our children are no longer safe in public schools. Schools are allowed to have 2 student records for each student. One record is for the parents and the other record is a secret record that parents cannot see. Teachers and sex educators are counselling students about gender affirming care without the parents knowledge. Most parents are unaware that this is happening. It is outrageous that the legislators are even considering this bill H89. I thank Rep Tom Oliver for voting against this terrible bill. I can’t imagine passing a law to allow minors to have secret addresses or to allow any adult to represent a minor without a court order. What would be the qualification of this adult? Would this adult have to pass a criminal background check? Why are schools allowing students to pick their own personal pronouns? What happened to proper grammar? Again I say most parents are not aware of this bill. It would be incredibly deceitful for the legislators to pass this bill without educating the public about it.

  5. When are state and federal leaders going to stop pandering to the mentality ill? It’s a mental illness and nothing more.

  6. The legislature is trying to protect itself from getting sued over the passing of article 22. People were lied to. Voters of Vermont were lied to-I remember Anne Donahue the House representative from Northfield challenging the democrats to debate the article but in the end the Dems didn’t want to face her because they knew there truly was no arguments-article 22 will destroy lives-families. Children cannot make these decisions on their own at a young age and parents will be cut out of the decision making. It takes years of therapy to only find out that 87% want to stay the same and don’t want to proceed with changing their gender!!! This is maddening. The doctors and planned parenthood will make thousands per child destroying them without consequences. Where is the ACLU???