UVM to require vax once FDA-approved

CORRECTION: a photo caption in today’s emailed edition inaccurately states that UVM staff also will be required to receive FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccination. As reported below, staff and faculty vaccination is encouraged, but as of today will not be required.

The University of Vermont will require students to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus once at least one of the vaccines receives full approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, school spokesperson Enrique Corredera said today.

The requirement will apply to all students entering or returning for the fall of 2021—including undergraduate, graduate, medical, and continuing and distance education students; both full-time and part-time students will be subject to the requirement. Once the current Emergency Use Authorization is lifted for any of the vaccines, and full FDA approval is granted, students will be required to have proof of their vaccination.

There is an exemption policy. “In rare instances, we understand there may be some unique health or religious reasons that may impact a student’s ability to pursue the required vaccination. Students requesting an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination must complete a form by August. 1,” Corredera said.

“The university, as it has done consistently throughout the pandemic, consulted with its public health and infectious disease experts as it considered the requirement,” Corredera said. UVM found the following points compelling:

· A fully vaccinated student population on campus is the best way to protect the health of students, employees, and the broader Burlington community against COVID-19 infection.

· Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes that vaccinations against the coronavirus are safe and effective (90-95% effective in “real world” studies) and protective against current variants. Vaccines are now widely available.

· People who are fully vaccinated are less likely to transmit infection to others. This is particularly important for a college community.

· This public health approach is consistent with longstanding efforts across the United States to protect students of all ages from a wide range of serious and contagious diseases.

· Later in the fall semester, as winter approaches, this step, along with making the flu vaccine widely available on our campus and ongoing campus education about ways to stay healthy, will help prevent illness and support our collective health.

The university will continue to encourage faculty and staff members to get vaccinated.

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  1. if students would avoid UVM they would have no choice but to change their draconian edicts

  2. I wonder how much Federal money UVM is receiving from the Department of Health and Human Services? How does UVM know that one of the “vaccines” which are not “vaccines” but experimental shots will be approved by the Fall? Who will be approving one of the experimental shots and why will it take less than 3 years? Phase 3 Trials, which is happening now to all the people who’ve taken the shots takes longer than 2-3 months from June 2021. Something is very, very fishy about all of this. People need to wake up.

    21 U.S.C. Section 360, The Nuremberg Code of 1947 and don’t forget about HIPPA.

    Also, Pharmaceutical Companies are exempt from liability because of the 2005 PREP Act.

    Everyone else including employers, businesses, colleges, schools, municipalities, government officials, etc. all can be sued.

  3. So some of Vermont state General Fund revenues will be in part assisting in the enforcement of the requirement. Vermont residents adults are not predicted to have a mandate to receive vaccines, so will it discriminate further against Vermont resident applicants; also create yet another disincentive for Vermonters to apply in the first place?

    Also, who can say whether the vaccines are racist since everything else is by some fools definition? Does UVM think medical requirements should include reparations in the event these hastily developed vaccines are seen to have long term health effects????

    I would suggest the announcement be delayed until a more appropriate date, say April 1, 2022… Fools Rush in….

  4. UVM takes gov grant money to develop vaccines. Of course they will trample on human rights to secure its life blood. I wouldn’t send my dog to UVM. They have proved they’re corrupt and authoritarian in nature. MANY world renowned immunologists (silenced) have confirmed that the inactive viral spike protein that are produced by the vaccines are just as deadly as the virus itself. The spike protein damages all cells in the body, because it has been confirmed that the injected vaccine DOES leave the injection site causing vascular inflammation. The “fake” spike protein is active and will attach itself to ACE2 receptors which can render ovaries and testes sterile. UVM should be ashamed calling itself a medical school when it condones the possible sterilization of its students. The damage from platelet aggregation is evident in the thousands of people who died from Covid19 vaccines (VAERS gov data base) from heart attacks, stroke and neurological effects. UVM students need to do their homework on the safety of these vaccines but it won’t be easy since the pharmaceutical companies have “captured” all the peered reviewed medical journals such as Lancet who recently had to retract many studies because of fraudulent data manipulation.

  5. Time for all college students who aren’t sheep to choose to go elsewhere. Go to a “free state” where the colleges aren’t demanding this infringement of your rights. Leave VT colleges to the vaxed sheep.

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