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Alex Farrell named deputy housing commissioner

Gov. Phil Scott today appointed Alex Farrell, deputy commissioner, Department of Housing and Community Development.

Farrell has served on the Board of Commissioners of the Vermont State Housing Authority since 2019 and has served as chair of Vermont’s Real Estate Commission since 2019. He also has served the city of Burlington on the Board for Registration of Voters (2015 – 2018), the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Board (2018 – 2021), and the Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront Commission (2018 – Present).

Farrell also ran for the Vermont State Senate in 2018 as a Republican.

Prior to accepting this appointment, Farrell worked at Union Mutual of Vermont as a data analyst since 2015, and later as corporate projects coordinator.

Farrell received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Vermont with a concentration in finance and is currently enrolled in a Master of Business Administration program at Clarkson University.

Gov. Scott also announced other appointments.

Michael Smith, deputy commissioner, Department of Motor Vehicles

Michael Smith has worked for the Department of Motor Vehicles since 1989 in numerous roles, leading to his promotion to director of operations in 2010. In that role, he has been responsible for oversight of the largest division at DMV, encompassing over two-thirds of its staff. The division is responsible for all licensing, examinations, CDL compliance, vehicle registration and titling, IFTA/IRP, oversize and overweight vehicle programs, fuel tax, driver improvement, and legislative affairs.

Department of Mental Health Leadership

Additionally, earlier today, Governor Scott announced the appointments of Emily J. Hawes as commissioner of the Department of Mental Health and Alison Krompf as deputy commissioner of the Department of Mental Health.

State Boards and Commissions Appointments

Boards and commissions serve an important role in state government, giving Vermonters numerous opportunities to serve their state and communities. The Governor’s Office is currently soliciting applications to fill vacancies and upcoming term expirations. All those interested in serving on a board or commission should visit the Governor’s website at to apply.

The appointments made by the Governor between April 1 and May 31 are listed  below:

Act 264 Advisory Board

  • Cynthia Smith of Fair Haven
  • Teresa Sunderland of Essex Junction

Animal Cruelty Investigation Board

  • Pamela Levin of Shelburne
  • Kristin Haas of Hinesburg
  • Gwynn Zakov of Barre
  • Jessica Danyow of Brandon
  • Mary McFaun of Barre

Arts Council

  • Stephen Pite of Berlin

Board of Nursing

  • William Floyd of Bethel

Cannabis Control Board Advisory Committee

  • Shayla Livingston of Williston

Chemicals of High Concern for Children Working Group

  • Paul Burns of Montpelier
  • Andrew Hackman of Washington
  • Ruma Kohli of Essex

Current Use Advisory Board

  • Harold Howrigan of St. Albans
  • John McClain of Bethel
  • Brendan Whittaker of Brunswick

Electricians’ Licensing Board

  • John Benoit of Barre
  • Kevin Bourdon of Vergennes
  • Timothy Watkins of Colchester
  • John Fiske of Rutland

Endangered Species Committee

  • Elizabeth Thompson of Jericho
  • Paul Wieczoreck of Hinesburg

Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

  • Adam White of Jericho
  • Dorothy Helling of Montpelier
  • Jacqueline Becker of Pawlet
  • David Butsch of Moretown
  • Corey Cenate of South Burlington
  • Christian Craig of Weathersfield
  • Elisabeth Fontaine of Barton
  • Janet Franz of Shelburne
  • Joy Dubin Grossman of South Burlington
  • Laurie Knauer of Hydeville
  • Alison Logan of Winooski

Governor’s Workforce Equity and Diversity Council

  • Shalini Suryanarayana of Middlesex
  • Jason Whipple of St. Albans
  • Amanda Colon of St. Johnsbury

Green Mountain Care Board Nominating Committee

  • Grace Branon of Fairfield
  • Betsy Bishop of Montpelier
  • Tom Huebner of Rutland

Human Services Board

  • Michael Donohue of Shelburne
  • Mary Skinner of Middlesex
  • Mary Jean Wasik of Pittsford

Interagency Coordinating Council

  • Amelia Briggs of Shelburne
  • Amanda Cookson of Craftsbury
  • Tighe Stratton of Bennington
  • Emily Brown of Montpelier
  • Christy Swenson of Montpelier
  • Katy Preston of Montpelier
  • Katie McCarthy of Hartford
  • Danielle Howes of Fayston
  • Erin Forset of Lyndonville
  • Kathy Hallock of Brattleboro
  • Monica Newell of St. Johnsbury
  • Heather Wilson of Highgate
  • Kelly French of Norwhich
  • Kelly Lyford of Waterbury
  • Neysha Stuart of Waterbury
  • Susan Coburn of Waterbury
  • Erika Rojas of Barre
  • Lori Meyer of South Burlington
  • Karen Price of Williston
  • Linda Michneiwicz of Barton

Vermont Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision

  • Donna Pratt of Williamstown
  • Jessica Dorr of Colchester
  • Dale Crook of Colchester

Joint Committee on Tax Credits

  • Sarah Phillips of Marshfield

Justices of The Peace

  • Sarah Waldo of Westminster
  • Lisa Johnson of Thetford

Milk Commission

  • Jerry Booth of East Barre
  • Linda Berlin of South Burlington

Natural Resources Board

  • Brad Aldrich of Shelburne

Northeast Fire and Protection Commission

  • Butch Shaw of Florence
  • Catherine Dimitrick of Fairfax

Pesticide Advisory Council

  • Catherine Ballard of Saint Albans
  • Elizabeth Royer of Williston

Search and Rescue Council

  • Marjorie Fish of Londonderry
  • Drew Hazelton of Jamaica
  • Derek Libby of Stowe
  • Tate Jeffrey of Huntington


  • J. Guy Isabelle of Barre
  • Nicole Whalen of Bolton
  • Megan McKeever of Montpelier
  • Daniel Noyes of Wolcott
  • Lee White of Barre
  • Richard Cogliano of Dummerston
  • Ceilidh Galloway-Kane of East Hardwick
  • Gina Pandolfo of South Burlington
  • Christopher Schembry of Brandon

Snowmobile Advisory Council

  • Kenneth Gammell of East Haven
  • Richard Jewett of Chester

State Infrastructure Bond Bank

  • Peter Gregory of Hartland

State Program Standing Committee on Adult Mental Health

  • Christopher Rotsettis of Warren

State Rehabilitation Council

  • Laura Seigel of Waterbury

Sunset Advisory Commission

  • Matthew Krauss of Stowe
  • Victoria Biondolillo of Barre

Travel and Recreation Council

  • Matt Harrington of Bennington
  • Molly Mahar of Waitsfied

Travel Information Council

  • Francis Heald of Rutland
  • Mandy White of Barre
  • Elizabeth Kennett of Rochester
  • John Labarge of South Hero

Vermont Citizens Advisory Committee on Lake Champlain

  • Eric Clifford of Starksboro
  • Robert  Fischer of Barre
  • Lori Fisher of Williston
  • Hilary Solomon of Middletown Springs
  • Jeff Wennberg of Rutland
  • Mark Naud of South Hero
  • Denise Smith of Saint Albans
  • Wayne Elliot Essex Junction

Vermont Commission on Women

  • Lisa Senecal of Stowe
  • Delaney Courcelle of South Burlington

Vermont Economic Progress Council

  • Michael Donohue of Shelburne
  • Heather Chase of Springfield

Vermont Fire Service Training Council

  • John Marcus of Jericho

Vermont Humanities Council

  • Morgan Moore of Lyndonville

Vermont Pensions Investment Committee

  • Ronald Plante of South Burlington

Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees

  • Shirley Jefferson of South Royalton
  • Susan Zeller of Montpelier
  • Shawn Tester of St. Johnsbury

Vermont Student Assistance Corporation Board of Directors

  • Michael Smith of Essex

Vermont Tax Structure Commission

  • Steven Thompson of Barre

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  1. It does appear that those of us living along the EAST side of Vermont are ORHANS as far as STATE BOARDS go. Most Board members are from the WEST SIDE OF V T. WHICH INCLUDES Chittenden COUNTY!!! WHERE DO WE from Eastern VT. fit in here?

    • Do you genuinely desire to “fit in” to Chittenden County? I live here now (used to be in SW VT) and I don’t fit in here either.

  2. I DO NOT WISH TO RESIDE IN CHITTENDEN COUNTY. I just want EQUAL representation on some of the numerous STATE BOARDS.

  3. Wow, little Vermont has more than 180 Boards/Commissions. Why so many of them? Is this not a waste of money?

    Here’s all the Boards/Commissions from:

    Boards and Commissions
    Click on a specific board or commission below for more information on the more than 180 boards and commissions and to view current membership.

    Access Board
    Accountancy, Board of Public
    Allied Mental Health Practitioners, Board of
    Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders, Committee on
    Animal Cruelty Investigation Advisory Board
    Apportionment Board
    Apprenticeship Council
    Architects, Vermont Board of
    Arts Council, Vermont
    Aviation Advisory Council, Vermont
    Blind & Visually Impaired, State Rehabilitation Council for the
    Building Bright Futures Council
    Capital Debt Affordability Advisory Committee
    Capitol Complex Commission
    Chemicals of High Concern For Children Working Group
    Children and Family Council for Prevention Programs
    Chiropractic, Board of
    Clean Water Board
    Clinical Utilization and Review Board
    Commission on Women, Vermont
    Community Development Board, Vermont
    Community High School of Vermont Board
    Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission
    Criminal Justice Training Council
    CJTC Advisory Committee
    Current Use Advisory Board
    Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf/Blind Advisory Council
    Dental Examiners, State Board of
    Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living Advisory Board
    Developmental Disabilities Council, Vermont
    District #1 Environmental Commission
    District #2 Environmental Commission
    District #3 Environmental Commission
    District #4 Environmental Commission
    District #5 Environmental Commission
    District #6 Environmental Commission
    District #7 Environmental Commission
    District #8 Environmental Commission
    District #9 Environmental Commission
    Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission
    Domestic Violence, Vermont Council on
    Downtown Development Board, Vermont
    Economic Development Authority, Vermont
    Economic Progress Council, Vermont
    Education, State Board of
    Educational & Health Buildings Financing Agency, Vermont
    Electricians Licensing Board
    Elevator Safety Review Board
    Emergency Communications Advisory Commission
    Emergency Preparedness Advisory Council, Governor’s
    Emergency Response Commission, State
    Employment Security Board
    Employment of People with Disabilities, Governor’s Committee on
    Endangered Species Committee
    Engineering, Board of Professional
    Enhanced 911 Board, Vermont
    Fire Service Training Council, Vermont
    Fish and Wildlife Board
    Green Mountain Care Board
    Green Mountain Care Board Nominating Committee
    Green Mountain Secure Retirement Plan Board
    Health, Board of
    Hearing Panels for Professional Public Educators
    Historic Preservation, Advisory Council on
    Homelessness, Vermont Council on
    Housing Finance Agency, Vermont
    Housing and Conservation Board, Vermont
    Human Rights Commission
    Human Services Board
    Human Services Grant Advisory Committee
    Independent Living Council, Statewide
    Interagency Committee on Administrative Rules
    Interstate Adult Offender Supervision, Vermont Council for
    Joint Committee on Tax Credits
    Judicial Nominating Board
    Labor Relations Board, State
    Lake Champlain’s Future,Vermont Citizens Advisory Committee on
    Land Surveyors, Board of
    Libraries, Board of
    Liquor and Lottery, Board of
    Livestock Care Standards Advisory Council
    Marijuana Advisory Commission, Governor’s
    Medical Practice, Board of
    Mental Health Crisis Response Commission
    Milk Commission, Vermont
    Municipal Bond Bank, Vermont
    Municipal Employees’ Retirement System, Vermont
    National Ocean Council Regional Planning Body
    Native American Affairs, Vermont Commission on
    Natural Resources Board
    New England Board of Higher Education
    New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission
    New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board
    Northeast Forest Fire Protection Commission
    Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel
    Nursing, Board of
    Occupational Safety and Health Review Board
    Optometry, State Board of
    Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons, Board of
    Parole Board
    Passenger Tramway Board
    PEG Access Study Committee
    Pension Investment Committee, Vermont
    Pesticide Advisory Council
    Pharmacy, Board of
    Physical Fitness and Sports, Governor’s Council on
    Plumbers Examining Board
    Private Investigative & Security Services, Board of
    Psychological Examiners, Board of
    Public Utility Commission
    Public Transit Advisory Council
    Racial Equity Advisory Panel
    Racial Equity Task Force
    Racing Commission, Vermont
    Rail Advisory Council, Vermont
    Real Estate Commission, Vermont
    Recreational Facilities Grant Program Committee
    Restorative Justice Study Committee
    Search and Rescue Council
    Sentencing Commission
    Single-Use Products Working Group
    Snowmobile Advisory Council, Governor’s
    Special Education, Advisory Council on
    Standards Board for Professional Educators, Vermont
    State Infrastructure Bank Board
    State Police Advisory Commission
    State Program Standing Committee for Adult Mental Health
    State Program Standing Committee for Child, Adolescent, and Family Mental Health
    State Program Standing Committee for Developmental Services
    State Rehabilitation Council
    State Workforce Development Board
    Sunset Advisory Commission
    Sustainable Jobs Fund Board of Directors
    Substance Misuse Prevention Oversight and Advisory Council
    Symptom Relief Oversight Committee
    Technical Advisory Committee
    Telecommunications Authority, Vermont
    Telecommunications and Connectivity Advisory Board
    Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission
    Tobacco Evaluation & Review Board, Vermont
    Transportation Board
    Travel Information Council
    Travel and Recreation Council
    Uniform Laws Commission
    University of Vermont Board of Trustees
    Unorganized Town – Glastenbury
    Unorganized Town – Somerset
    Unorganized Town- Buel’s Gore
    Use Value Appraisal Reimbursement Study Committee
    Vermont Council on World Affairs
    Vermont Humanities Council
    Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees
    Vermont State Housing Authority
    Vermont State Retirement Board
    Vermont Student Assistance Corporation Board of Directors
    Vermont Tax Structure Commission
    Vermont Universal Children’s Higher Education Savings Account Program Fund Advisory Committee
    Veterans Advisory Council, Governor’s
    Veterans’ Home Board of Trustees, Vermont
    Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery Advisory Board, Vermont
    Veterinary Board, State
    Victims Compensation Board
    Web Portal Board, Vermont
    Workforce Equity and Diversity Council, Governor’s
    Working Lands Enterprise Board

  4. With so many different boards, maybe we can sell some of them to build to build affordable housing for our HOME:LESS VETS.

      • We have one of the highest homeless % in the nation on top of that. Affordable housing in Vermont is the biggest scam on the planet.

  5. POLITICAL APPPOINTEES are NOT ELECTED positions!!! Therefore, they owe us Nothing BUT to the GOVERNOR and FRIENDS The will follow his BIDDING!!!.

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