UFOs – three possibilities

To the editor:

Many are speaking out about UFO sightings for over half a century.  Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) inserted language in a bill recently for the classified UFO information be released by June.  This may be  the impetus for current revelations.  It could also be the reason why retired military are also speaking out about their experiences. 

Certain things stand out that are beyond comprehension.

  1. UFO’s travel at amazing speed….far exceeding 6000 G’s far exceeding the force 6 G experienced by our astronauts.
  2. A UFO descended 60,000 feet in one second.
  3. A UFO was cited skimming the ocean surface only to disappear in the water without a splash.
  4. UFO can turn on at right angles at phenomenal speeds without drifting.
  5. There is no man-made material that can withstand the speed and flexibility of these sightings.  

Commentators have offered two options as explanations.

  1. Technology has been developed to achieve the performance cited above.  The US is at a severe disadvantage if China is behind this achievement.
  2. UFO’s are alien…with a civilization in the planetary system that we may never find…..or….
  1. Someone has spoofed our radar technology to create images to fool us into believing false activity.

The more I listened  to these UFO revelations I think option 3 is the realistic explanation for these sightings.  I sure hope we’re in the drivers seat in this development.  If so, China should be forewarned that if military action is contemplated we have a military “arsenal” advantage over them.  Conversely, if it’s a China development we’re destined for inferiority with little or no hope for rebounding.

Maybe next month when more information is released we’ll get answers.  Till then, my bet is option 3.

Frank Mazur

The author is a former member of the Vermont House of Representatives from South Burlington.

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  1. The truth about UFO’s is they are by name,unidentifiable flying objects with no evidence that anything comes from outer space other than man kinds space junk!!

    • Ahhh, you’re wrong, Charlie; and so is Mr. Mazur. I’ve got the proof! Read the piece by Christopher Mellon – former deputy secretary of defense for intelligence – entitled “A Threat Unmet” appearing in the March 2020 edition of The American Legion magazine. (My response to his article appears in the May 2020 edition.) Hardly “space junk,” Charlie!” rlw

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