Letter from the Publisher

To our readers: Do you want the good news, or the bad news?

Edited version of photo by Ton Souza on Pexels.com

by Guy Page

Okay, bad news first. Pull the splinter quickly. 

Tuesday morning, PayPal discontinued the Vermont Daily Chronicle account. This means our faithful, much-appreciated Contributing Subscribers can no longer provide financial support via PayPal. 


PayPal’s explanation was murky, as is typical with Big Tech (just ask Martin Green). Who knows, and at this point, who cares – particularly because every donation accepted by PayPal was credited and forwarded to my bank. They’re not freezing any funds. But as of today, PayPal is history for Chronicle subscribers. 

I don’t think it’s necessary for Contributing Subscribers through PayPal to “do” anything – other than accept my grateful thanks and to consider how to continue your support. I’m working on other easy online giving methods: 

  1. We always welcome checks in the mail ($108/year suggested, non-tax deductible contribution) to Vermont Daily Chronicle, P.O. Box 1547, Montpelier, VT 05601. 
  1. We can invoice you for a one-time, non-recurring payment via QuickBooks, payable by credit card. It’s clunkier than PayPal, but if that works for you, please let us know. 
  1. We are working on making Venmo available. Still in process – we’ll let you know. 

And now the good news……

As regular readers know, we’ve long been promising to beef up our Burlington coverage. As of TODAY, the Vermont Daily Chronicle is also publishing the Burlington Daily News, an online daily news publication similar in format to VDC but different in focus. BDN is a true community newspaper, much like the current North Avenue News, which I co-founded over 30 years ago.  I have Burlington roots, as does my son and assistant editor Tim Page. We were both born in Burlington, lived and worked there off and on in childhood and as adults, and attended Burlington High School.

When I worked at the Burlington Free Press as a Jimmy Olsen intern, the Superman of the newsroom was Mike Donoghue, whose desk was next to mine. The Burlington Daily News will publish plenty of Burlington cops ‘n courts news with his byline.

What BDN will publish, and what we won’t. The Burlington Daily News will publish Burlington news and commentary of statewide interest (which will remain available on VDC) plus many other features found in a community newspaper: local sports, neighborhood news, the opening of new city parks, and the city-wide leaf gathering offered by the Public Works Department. 

And in case you were wondering…. yes, we WILL publish comments, within the guidelines set down for the Chronicle: no explicit racism or other bigotry, no profanity, and no mocking or other personal criticism of other commenters. Criticizing ideas is fair game. But when the words become personal, you’ll have to take it outside, cowperson. My bar, my rules.

And like any other good community newspaper, we won’t publish news and commentary that isn’t about Burlington. When I published the Colchester Chronicle lo these many years ago, I used to say that if the governor was shot in Burlington, it wouldn’t make the Chronicle unless he staggered across the town line into Colchester. Now the locales are reversed but the philosophy still holds. 

How to access the Burlington Daily News. Either check in with the website directly at www.burlingtondailynews.net or receive the daily e-edition by email. As with VDC, all subscriptions are absolutely free. Click here to subscribe.

I want to thank Kolby LaMarche for creating the BDN flag (newspaper talk for logo). The aerial photo of City Hall is from a drone shot by Adam Silverman, a former Burlington Free Press editor and current State Police media spox who is one of the very best photographers in Vermont. Remember those shots of the Northern Lights over Malletts Bay last year? Adam Silverman.

Most of all I want to thank our terrific readers, subscribers, commenters, and contributors.

Free Speech Forever,

Guy Page, Editor & Publisher,

Vermont Daily Chronicle and Burlington Daily News

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  1. Wow that’s something else. Did they give you any indication as to why?

    I recommend Stripe (stripe.com) for online payments. Very easy integrations and they have the best infrastructure out there (far better than clunky old Paypal.) One-time and recurring payments are supported and the default checkout automatically optimizes for Apple Pay, Google Pay and other common payment systems.

    A check will be in the mail today. Thank you for your excellent news coverage.

  2. Laughing all the way to the…bank?
    No…to the ONLY truth venues in Vermont…
    Thank You Guy…and co of course!

    Truth matters, as does a peoples’ forum…God Bless you!!!

  3. Venmos owned by paypal. Doubt you’ll get far with them.

    I’m assuming this all part of the conservative deplatforming agenda that has been getting stronger and stronger over the past few years.

    Though Gab gets a bad rap you might want to check out GabPay….they exist to fight conservative deplatforming. I’ll get a check in the mail at the beginning of the year.

      • They’re tightening the noose everywhere.

        On youtube they’re going after George Gammon (Rebel capitalist) and others who speak hard truth bombs. One of my favorite conservative youtubers is being shadowbanned because he had ‘nordic runes’ in the background that were considered hateful. These were actual nordic runes. They’re even going after health channels that promote healthy things like fasting.

        Good luck. We’re entering a very dark time in our history.

      • It seems Substack.com is the best place to still be free without censorship and the site has it’s own payment system set up & ready to go.

        PayPal has a history of shutting down sites when too much Truth gets out there.

        The Globalists want Vermonter’s Blue-pilled for as long as possible … They’re still counting on more of us taking their kill-shots. It’ll makes their lives easier & wealthier. I just learned Blackrock is in charge of all Healthcare provider retirement funds in the entire United States; e.g., nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physical therapists, etc. That has got to add up to trillions with all the Baby Boomers about to retire.

  4. Guy, keep us posted on the payment fiasco, let us know your preferred payment
    venue, we will follow…………………………….

  5. Great news … thanks … about BDN !! Hope you set-up that new payment process successfully.

  6. PayPal is following the lead of other companies and entities. It is literally criminal.

    • It’s not illegal federally. DeSantis recently signed “anti-ESG” legislation which makes discriminating against conservatives is now illegal in Florida. I believe a couple other states followed suit, but certainly not Vermont.

  7. The Biden/FCC regime has dusted off the Net Neutrality plan to accelerate censoring, deplatforming, demonitizing, blocking, removing and crushing anyone they deem necessary to silence, imprison, and bankrupt in the process. Welcome to the new world order.

  8. First, you state: “Who knows, and at this point, who cares…” Well, I do! PayPal has been a huge plus in my life, and I don’t want to give it up unless/until I receive a solid reason why that organization discontinued service for Vermont Chronicle…and who else? While I’ll accept the possibility (likelihood?) that political forces are at play, I won’t accept them without proof.

    Second, Burlington has become to Vermont what New York City is to New York State. There’s a whole bunch of us, many miles and cultures away, who don’t give a hoot what’s going on the major metropolitan center, which for all intents and purposes is another country. I would much rather have more coverage of the rest of Vermont than more about Burlington. After all, this news service calls itself “The VERMONT Daily Chronicle,” right?

    • PayPal does not make it easy to separate from them. I had to close down my bank account to shut off my PayPal.

  9. If you know what’s good for you, disconnect / exit your bank’s checking account from PayPal. It is a corrupt & fascist organization; just like all the ‘Big Banks’ are these days.