Swanton man walking dog shot at four times

By Guy Page

Vermont’s latest illegal gunfire incident took place in Swanton Tuesday night, November 14 when a man walking his dog was unexpectedly shot at four times.

The victim of the shooting was not injured and two local men were arrested following a high speed chase and an assault on a police officer, Swanton Village Police Chief Matthew Sullivan reported November 15.

At about 9:30 PM, a 55-year-old man walking his dog along Robin Hood Drive while wearing a headlamp when he was confronted by people in a black utility van who pulled onto the Rail Trail with the vehicle. The victim stated a man yelled words to the effect of, ‘why are you flashing me with your light?’ The victim stated the driver and passenger exited the vehicle and the passenger shot at him four times. Seeing the muzzle flash, he dove into the trees. 

Officers located the suspect vehicle in the area of Platt Street at Grand Avenue and performed a high- risk motor vehicle stop when the vehicle pulled in the driveway of 134 Grand Avenue, Swanton. The front seat passenger immediately got out and ran into 134 Grand Avenue. 

The driver was detained in handcuffs and was identified as Jared Parizo, who officers are familiar with through prior police contact. Parizo was confrontational with officers attempting to pull away from them. 

The front seat passenger who had ran into the house, later identified as Enrique Hemingway, left the house after a few minutes and immediately became confrontational with officers. A third male juvenile suddenly exited the van, surprising officers trying to control the situation. Parizo broke free from the grasp of one officer and ran toward another officer who pushed him away. Parizo then kicked the officer who pushed him causing injury to the officer’s shin. 

As officers gained control of Parizo and were attempting to place him in a cruiser, Hemingway aggressively approached the officers threatening a physical confrontation. Hemingway was eventually taken into custody without incident and subsequently identified as the shooter by the juvenile occupant  of the vehicle. 

Enrique Hemingway was held on $10,000 bail and was scheduled to be arraigned November 15 for Aggravated Assault.  Jared Parizo was issued a citation to appear in court on December 5 to answer to a charge of simple  assault on a Police Officer. 

The Swanton Village Police appreciate any assistance the public can provide in relation to this incident. Anyone with information can call the Swanton Village Police Department at (802) 868-4100 or the investigating officer, Sergeant Gagne at (802) 868-4100 ext. 2423.

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  1. With all the criticism of police methods and actions under the magnifying glass of the post-George Floyd Era, they showed amazing restraint when faced with what any reasonable person would perceive as a threat of deadly force by criminal suspects. In the real world, anyone who physically attacks a Constitutionally sworn officer would be lucky to survive the encounter and if they did would be held pre-trial as a danger to the community. When dirtbags behaving suspiciously in a public place, at night respond with gunfire because a light is shined on them, they have demonstrated that they deserve to be treated with extreme indifference.

    • >>>”When dirtbags behaving suspiciously in a public place, at night respond with gunfire because a light is shined on them, they have demonstrated that they deserve to be treated with extreme indifference.”<<<


  2. Vermonters need to conceal carry for situations like this. We need to vote out the current AG and get dark money out of the system. Gangs are present in our communities already. Get tough on crime!!!

    • Yea would be nice but that will never happen as long as mail in ballots are sent to every “person” in the state. And as long as we have computers counting them.

  3. none of this is being reported on VT Digger……huh..

    they must be still looking for the truth…

  4. I would suggest return fire, also the first two perps (at least) should have been on a slab. Just sayin’