Banned writer accuses Front Porch Forum of “desperate fear of the truth”

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by Guy Page

Martin Green is no crank.

A longtime professional cook and transportation worker, he and his wife of 36 years have owned a home in Morrisville for 29 years. They have four grown children and one grandson. A pro-life activist since 1987, he’s volunteered with Operation Rescue, 40 Days for Life (keynote speaker at the latest Barre 40 Days for Life kickoff on September 24th), Vermonters for Good Government, and was on the steering committee for and still involved with the fledgling Lamoille Valley Pregnancy Resource Center in Morrisville. For the past fourteen months, he and his wife have become more civically engaged and have tried to attend most selectboard and planning council meetings. He serves on the Lamoille County Transportation Advisory Committee.

But he’s best known as a frequent contributor to state and local news media opinion pages. His Vermont-specific, timely, articulate, well-reasoned, often eloquent work has appeared in VTDigger, the Caledonian-Record, the Mountain Times, and many other Vermont media, including Vermont Daily Chronicle.

Where you can’t read him – at least not his latest effort – is Front Porch Forum, the for-profit media that bills itself as a free community-building service in Vermont” that is “all about helping neighbors connect.” Appearing on the Conspiracy of Goodness podcast titled “Championing Radical Neighborliness,” founder Michael Wood-Lewis noted that “it feels that so much of Big Tech social media and mainstream media, it’s almost like their goal is to erode trust among neighbors.”

The irony of this comment is not lost on readers who have been censored.

Green’s latest op-ed about the root causes of the growing crime problem in his hometown of Morrisville was kicked off the front porch. Unlike many who merely fume silently after getting the boot, Green chose to respond publicly. Below, we’ve printed the offending column, FPF’s rejection slip, and Green’s reaction.

Green submitted this column on September 20:

Thanks to Police Chief Jason Luneau, Det. Lt. Todd Baxter, and Sheriff Roger Marcoux for calling the recent informational meeting about crimes and concerns in our community. I thank them for their (and all our LEO’s) diligent work to serve the residents of Morristown. I also greatly appreciate both their honesty about the growing severity of crime here, and their candor regarding their frustration about how their hands seem to be tied in efforts to bring criminals to justice. And I commend them for their humility in starting this conversation and requesting participation from the residents of Morristown about how we can help them—and they can help us—to offer and implement solutions which will provide for a safer community.

If you are angry about, or sick and tired of the increase in criminal activity in your community, it is not the police who are to blame. We have excellent law enforcement professionals in Sheriff Roger Marcoux, Chief Jason Luneau, and Det. Lt. Todd Baxter and those who work for the MPD and LCSD to diligently apprehend criminals and solve cases. We are probably sorely tempted to blame the state’s attorney’s office for what appears from the weekly court report in the News & Citizen to be a very lax and permissive attitude towards crime, criminals, and consequences. But according to Det. Lt. Baxter, the state’s attorney’s office is just as stymied in its efforts to prosecute criminals as are law enforcement agencies in Vermont. Why?

Much of what was discussed—and the community’s frustration with the dramatic increase in crime, along with an apparent inversely proportional decrease in prosecutions and incarcerations—seems to point to the necessity of holding our state legislators accountable for the growing problem. How can they be compelled to face the destructive results of legislation they have passed which, ironically, seems to undermine the authority and ability of law enforcement to do its job?

What I am referring to here is a very disturbing double standard on the part of our state legislators who create laws which abnegate common sense and the rule of law, while expecting our communities to become safer.

*Sex trafficking and decriminalizing prostitution. How will we prevent exploitation of vulnerable members of our community who are being sex trafficked, while allowing prostitution here and softening or eliminating penalties for those who exploit them?

*Increased illegal drug activity and legalizing marijuana. How do we justify welcoming marijuana commerce through the front door, while at the same time trying to keep other drugs from coming in the back door? How long before our legislators decide that so many people are using illegal drugs, we might as well just legalize those, too, and at least garner some tax revenue?

*Creating a constitutional amendment which falsely permits a “right” to kill preborn children at every stage of pregnancy. And yet we provide WIC for moms, preborn babies, and infants, and believe in no child left behind, while we intentionally abort about 1200 preborn babies in Vermont every year.

*Creating bills that seek to prosecute and eliminate pregnancy resource centers which do excellent work to serve moms, dads, and babies, while creating “shield laws” which would protect from prosecution physicians who illegally dispense chemical abortion pills. Ironically, this same law would define as engaging in “unprofessional conduct” physicians and pharmacists who prescribe the abortion pill reversal protocol to women who change their minds about aborting their babies.

*Creating bills which prevent parents from being informed about and/or consenting to whether their children are having abortions, or hormone treatments and mutilating surgeries which will permanently alter their bodies, while at the same time encouraging parents to be involved in their children’s lives.

*Creating bills which increasingly infringe upon the right and responsibility of law-abiding citizens to store firearms the way they choose in their own homes, under the guise of preventing suicide, while passing legislation to legalize physician-assisted suicide.

Is it any wonder that many of our young people are confused? How are impressionable young people possibly supposed to know where to draw the line when the lines have become so blurred?

At the crimes and concerns community meeting, Morristown resident Karina Lyon so eloquently stated —and Det. Lt. Baxter rightly agreed with her—that “love creates love.” Indeed. For it is ultimately love which has the power to truly transform individual human hearts and human society. But creating laws which soften or eliminate the consequences for—or even encourage—behavior which harms vulnerable members of our community, and refusing to hold people accountable for breaking the law, is not love; it is foolish and irresponsible neglect, the antithesis of love and common sense.

Later than day, Green noticed his post had not been published. He then queried:

Hello FPF Member Support, I submitted a posting this morning, and I don’t see it on today’s FPF, nor do I see it when I look up my postings on my member page. Can you please tell me what happened to it, and whether I need to re-submit it? Thank you. Best regards, Martin Green

‘Member Support’ replied:

Hello Martin. Thanks for your note. Front Porch Forum has declined to publish your posting (below) because it does not comply with our Terms of Use. For more information, see provisions 2.8 and 2.9.


Member Support – Essential civic infrastructure in Vermont

Green responded:

Dear Unnamed Representative of Member Support,

Once again you have forced me to write to you to address how appalling and troubling is your blatant prejudice, censorship, and intolerance (under the hypocritical guise of tolerance) concerning my latest posting.

I know, you have the right to censor all postings according to your terms of use. I would submit to you that you wrongly and conveniently use your terms of use to silence, suppress, and shut down any view that doesn’t agree with your own. What a gross double standard you operate by! You’ll gladly publish postings which you agree with, but you somehow almost always find reasons to censor mine.

Based on previous correspondence with you and/or other representatives of FPF (I have no way of knowing it it’s you or someone else because you didn’t sign your name to your email to me), I honestly don’t expect much more than your robotic, boring, email cookie cutter responses to me in which you attempt to justify and excuse your blatant suppression of free speech. How are you acting any differently that they did in Nazi Germany, or in any fascist, socialist, or communist regime? However, just like these evil and failed regimes, you betray your desperate fear of the truth being publicly expressed by your censorship.

Best regards,
Martin Green

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  1. Yep. I can only get a post up offering an item for free or sale and stuff like that.They refused to post anything anti masks or vax. They have banned conservative friends for trying to post something that isn’t leftist. They make their position very clear; pro woke intersectionality, BLM, DEI, Covid vax, Palestinian causes etc. They disgust me. And most still have no idea that they censor posts.

    • Try posting that you have some N95 masks in their original sealed packages to give away or in trade for some ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Or, better yet, that you’ll take 9mm ammo for your Sig Sauer and pay top dollar.

    • Not only are they a lobbyist group, they have the email addresses of all Vermonters, and they know who are conservative and who are with a leftist bent. Think about the power behind that.

      And if you are already in office you get to freely spew lies and propaganda, to which nobody can comment on or call you out. It’s almost a perfect farming tool for communists and marxists……….

  2. Use them for casual sharing of information but dont EVER send them money no matter how many emails they send you with claims such as:
    “FPF is not like Silicon Valley social media. We are intentionally small and independent. We respect our members’ privacy, and we don’t leave moderation to algorithms that favor the loudest voices.”
    No, they dont use algorithms, they use good old-fashioned leftist bias.
    Starve the beast. Send some money to VT Daily Chronicle instead…

  3. Is it bad enough yet? Has it affected your daily life enough yet for you to change who you vote for? I suspect not. Let’s see what happens in November….

    • Of course not. Leftists believe the ends justify the means and are on board with communism and censorship.

  4. I disagree with some of what Martin Green posts, yet I support his views being posted on FPF. I agree it is censorship of a group of opinions that are not uncommon here in Vermont. Excluding Martin Green excludes a segment of community which is inappropriate. That said, Martin Green conflates “socialism” with “fascism” and totalitarianism. The irony is that the systems he supports are socialist. Publicly funded police, fire and rescue personnel is part of what socialism is, that is, utilizing public tax dollars for the greater good of the society. The US military machine is a construct of socialism. Mercinary armies such as those provided by Blackwater would fit easily under the header of facism. Lastly, I support the Palestinian cause. These people have been living for many decades under the oppression of an apartheid regime that runs Israel. Their lives are subject to discrimination and oppression not dissimilar from how blacks in the U.S. were treated prior to the civil rights movement and federal law changes and intervention. Palestinians are only allowed to drive on certain roads in the West Bank while Israeli Jews and Jewish settlers (and visiting foreigners of non-Palestinians and non- Muslim, backgrounds) can travel anywhere and everywhere they choose. Settlers from Brooklyn, NY, who previously never lived in Israel or the occupied territories before, move to the West Bank, take over Palestinian homes and properties, under the pretext that Jews occupied those lands millennia ago. The Israeli IDF comes in with bulldozers and smashes down their houses, often using falsehoods such as the homes and properties are being used by terrorists. Ask those settlers if the same rules they operate under should then apply to their families homes and properties back in the U.S. and as such, Native Americans should be able to just move into or bulldoze their house? Jewish Israeli residents who dare stand up against the occupation of Palestinian lands during this time of crisis are being arrested for their on-line posts of support for a cease-fire. Imagine if this were done by our national military or FBI here in the U.S. to people expressing opinions out of alignment with the “acceptable narrative”?! We would not tolerate this as to silence free speech is a core foundation of fascist totalitarianism, a path which Israel appears to be heading down during these tragic and hate fueled times.

    I think it is essential that if we are going to protect our society in the U.S. from the creeping fascism that is evident, that we need to fully understand what we are supporting elsewhere in the world. See these 4 links to learn THE REST OF THE STORY that we are blocked from seeing by our politicized mainstream media:

    Thank you Guy for allowing free expression of ALL opinions on in the VT Daily Chronicle. Yours is the only truly democratic press in Vermont.

    • You can use some fresh reading ideas yourself, John:10 Reasons Israel Is Not An ‘Apartheid’ State | HuffPost Politics

      • The entire situation in Israel has been misrepresented since its inception. Even the death of Rachel Corrie has been misrepresented. Which isn’t to say that it isn’t tragic.

    • Your statements concerning Israeli policy are generalizations of the prevailing Left opinions. They aren’t strictly accurate.
      Concerning socialism, I agree that Marxists have taken over all socialist groups and given the word a stricter, fascistic meaning.

  5. If you’re not writing what they believe is relevant to their cause, or if you just have a different opinion ……………….it won’t get posted !!

    Stay off FPF, it’s just a guagmire of liberal nonsense, and they can’t handle the truth !!

  6. Thanks Martin, great description of the schizophrenic and disordered thinking of the the majority of Democrats and Progressives in our State House. One just has to wonder if their disordered thinking is something to be pitied or if they are purposefully trying to ruin Vermont?

  7. Front Porch Forum in Cavendish and Weathersfield heavily censor all opposing viewpoints regarding climate change and the MRNA devastation. The people in charge of FPP have signed onto the WEF and NWO tyranny.

  8. After an initial plea for civility in politics, FPF allowed this nasty reply to be posted during the 2022 election, violating most of their usage policies.

    Regarding Civility in Politics
    Williston, VT. Oct 22, 2022
    “I’ve always promoted civility in politics. But I also realize that many have been put on edge for the last 6 years like never before by a political party’s actions and non-stop drama! The republican party is no longer recognizable. It’s now the party attacking the very democracy our country is founded upon. It’s the party of hate, deceit, bigotry, and extremism. It’s a party denying women’s fundamental rights. It’s a party that demands fealty to its unsavory leaders and their policies lest they be ostracized and demonized. It’s the party of flag waving play soldiers attacking American institutions and leaders. It’s the party that’s dredging the country for who to hate next and how many votes they can pick up for promoting it. It’s a party which is trying to roll back any protections LGBTQ citizens have from hate and bigotry. It’s the party promoting headline names, people without any qualifications or skills, into high public offices so they can presumably be controlled by the party. It’s the party of disinformation and conspiracy theory distribution. It’s the party trying to make it harder, not easier, for every citizen to cast their vote!
    So yes, if you want to put a bunch of men on a corner in red hats and wave flags, there are going to be some good American’s who are fed up and express their opinions badly. I can forgive them, but I can’t forgive what the republican party has become. We can’t risk putting republicans into office now, vote Democrat!”

    I guess the FPF “editors” missed this public display of hate, anger and justification for ugly behavior while violating their policies of:

    2.3 You agree not to engage in public shaming, level accusations or insults, make personal attacks, antagonize neighbors …
    2.4 You agree not to submit content or use
    FPF to engage in conduct that is harmful, threatening, abusive, or harassing …
    2.5 You agree not to submit content that intimidates, degrades or is hateful toward an individual or group of individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, or disability; sexual orientation, gender identity …
    2.6 You agree not to repeatedly post the same or similar content, dominate the discussion, or otherwise drive away other members
    2.7 You agree not to use FPF to deliberately spread disinformation, defined as false or inaccurate information created and spread to influence public opinion and obscure truth.
    2.8 You agree not to submit content that is false, deceptive, misleading, or misinformative
    2.9 You agree not to submit inflammatory or divisive content, or use FPF to incite fear, hate, prejudice, or violence

    So very obvious and sad … very sad ….

  9. Mr. Green is indeed no “crank”. His writing is well thought out and even eloquent. His comments are measured and balanced. It’s really too bad he, as well as other conservative writers here in Vermont, don’t get access to the more circulated public publications currently available. With the exception of VDC of course.
    I too have been censored several times on FPF. Amazingly enough one of the folks in my area, a staunch and vocal conservative, actually was able to post some pretty anti-Liberal comments about a year ago. But lately nothing of any type of political nature has been published in our area except for the Democratic yearly reorganization meeting.
    I know I received many responses from FPF readers after I posted a comment calling out our district State Rep for his absurd logic or lack thereof and his voting actions in the last 12 months. People requested I be “kind” and to leave the “political stuff” off of FPF. I replied that being “Kind” wasn’t always the kindest thing to do. That met with crickets chirping.
    Now, what I am about to say will not sit well with most readers here. And I get it. However, I would say that it is their prerogative to be as bigoted as they like, as “racist” doesn’t necessarily apply. It’s their forum.
    I mistakenly thought they receive no public funding. But in an internet search, Seven Days Vt published an article by Kathryn Flagg dated 2013 that they received $361,500 dollars from “federal disaster relief funds”. The purpose was to expand the coverage area to all towns/regions in the state as mandated by the Vermont Council on Rural Development. So, at that moment…they had a different standard to uphold. If anyone knows specifically what those standards might be, I invite you to share them here. But if FPF and some of its readers would rather keep the uncivil atmosphere that currently accompanies any political discussion off of the forum, then I would agree that would be their choice, until they took state/federal monies. And nowadays, more than half the issues are filled with advertisers. So as so many have stated, steer clear of them and for the love of all that is conservative, don’t give them any money.

  10. I was censored during the plandemic, and ultimately my account was straight up deleted for “violating terms of use” the final offending submission: I referenced an article in Penn Gazette (printed at Lane Press, where I had worked for 40+ years) about the development of gene therapy over the past 50 years, featuring some people who had been involved in that development. While the people interviewed were no doubt supportive of the covid vaccine(so called) they also made no bones about the FACT that the vax was indeed “gene therapy”. For that I was not published and my account deleted. Me thinks FPF means fascist pravda forum.

  11. I’ve been censored concerning a reply to a couple of anti-gun blow hards. They refuse to print anything that is even remotely pro gun.

  12. Just wait til China owns us!!! Then you’ll know true censorship and lost of freedom! The liberals are ushering in Communist China. Boy, are they EVER gonna be sorry.

  13. Banned writers everywhere, I’ve been banned for years. Happened when I wrote about the wasteful spending in Waitsfield village, using their own figures. We had a “pocket park”, a grant winning project no less, build in the flood way (the major current of the flood) with taxpayer money. Want to know what you got for $200,000????? Couple of park benches, stonework and a few plantings. On top of that they did the typical meeting of public input, one idea that was just stupid, another idea that wouldn’t work and a third idea ….the one they wanted.

    The public has all sorts of good ideas, they wanted no input. This was all spear headed by our regional planning commission. Our next big adventure will be yet more bike paths!

    Yet the people scream, since the mid 1980’s, we need modest housing. The only people to do it in the Mad River Valley is Habitat for Humanity, they build 2 very nice homes. Everybody else can pound sand.

    Yeah, front porch forum is a political front, a political communication center for those in power. They will not allow any dissent. No question, especially if it’s really good and accurate.

  14. Here was my last post…used the towns own numbers.

    Waitsfield pays $500 for hammers, some question the expense.
    Remember when the public found out our government was paying $500 for hammers?
    Park Benches are Vermont’s $500 hammer, our canary in the coal mine. Vermont is a wonderful state and has so much to offer, but we do fall down in some areas. We’ve currently earned a D- in ethics and some might argue we have a spending problem. Others are adamant there is no place to cut our budgets.
    Welcome to government planning and Community Development. A little park seems like a good idea, who wouldn’t want a little park? $220,000 doesn’t seem out of line, but who knows the price of little parks? So some of us investigated and we found the following.
    Government paid $1,000,000 per acre for pocket park land
    It is in a flood zone, can’t, and not supposed to build in.
    It is unbuildable due to set backs, which are bigger than the land.
    If I sold this for someone to build on, with the intent that the town sold to our voters, I would probably lose my license for real estate fraud.
    So we look at the actual park details now.
    They are building concrete benches and planting one trees and bushes, that’s it.
    They have $17,000 for the permitting, of the park benches.
    They have $28,000 for engineering of the park benches.
    Subtotal of oversite for park benches is $89,999!
    Subtotal of building on the 800 sq.ft. is $109,985!
    So without the purchase price of the land $199,984 for park benches on 800 sq. ft.
    The fact that nobody thinks this is exorbitant expense in our town offices is staggering. The fact that our director of planning for the Mad River Valley, came up with the idea is telling for our future. That a regional planner thinks it’s reasonable to have $45,000 to design and permit park benches on 800 sq. ft of land shows a mind numbing disrespect for people’s money and the cost of doing business in Vermont. The fact that this project won awards over all others in Vermont, meaning this was the best use of $200,000 grant money for the entire state, shows how off track Vermont has gone. It demonstrates we have a spending and prioritization problem of major proportions within our green mountains.
    This pocket park epitomizes what is wrong with Vermont.
    This is why people in the Valley have come together to form the Green Mountain Party.
    Please check out the links below. We hope to bring local Vermont government back to the people.
    We need 4 volunteers to form a caucus in Waitsfield; we are also looking for four more in Warren and Fayston.

  15. Front porch forum is a political lobbying group, just like Vt Digger and to some extent 7 Days, they are not open, they are not free press.

    This is low lying fruit the VTGop could easily pick if they so desired, but they seem to like the uniparty status in Montpelier just as it is.

  16. I have posted this before, but still serves to reinforce the censorship claims against the lame steam media FPF excuses for open forum discussions: “I protested Drag Queen advertisements, I protested their refusal to accept a paid ad for the Faith Restoration summit, I protested the Montpelier liberals who accept left-wing ideologies…censored for each of my comments…and now they accept pro-Palestinian Hamas posts of cowardly slaughters of the innocents being used as human shields for their demonic murderous causes? FPF is the lowest and the basest conduit of evil spread online… God Bless Guy Page and the VDC for allowing free expression on any topic…I will not support FPC with even a penny ‘donation’ for their reprobate stands…let them wallow in their hypocritical swamp squalor…

  17. Perhaps the public is finely waking up to the fact that almost and perhaps all many parts of society have been captured by the Satanic Cabal also known as the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Those who I am referring too are (the list is long) Politicians at all levels of government, Judicial Judges & Lawyers who have sworn alliance to a foreign government, Sheriffs & Corporate town and town police. The last notable are the Medical Mafia. The gave COVID Shots and Booster full well knowing the we deadly with the Hospitals using Protocols that have in the past proven to Murder 50% or more of the patients and then taken off the market years ago. I’ve referring to Remdesivir, a Proven Killer in early trials…

    Payback will happen in multiple ways one the general public becomes aware of the Global Genocide planned and implemented by those groups mentioned above together with Federal, State, and local agencies . Military Tribunals will illiminate many some will go into hiding but will be tracked down and then also family members will search out those Doctors who Pushed the Killer Jab all for the $$$ the sense of power…

    Pay back will be there for all the millions involved in this Geocide plot..

  18. “What we found then is now playing out across all Vermont towns… once people have an easy and safe way to communicate with neighbors, they will! And that simple act adds up. The cumulative impact can be huge… after months of FPF, people often report feeling more connected to neighbors, more tuned in to local goings on, and more a part of their community. And in many cases, people then become more active… organizing a group yard sale, mentoring a local kid, volunteering for a park clean-up, voting on election day, etc. That’s what FPF is all about!”
    -Michael Wood-Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO (Burlington, Vermont)

    Community activism wrapped in a feel good, feel connected, feel the change we can all can pay for hogwash. The good news is their nonsense is grating on so many nerves now the backlash and activism of the silent majority is silent no more! They don’t control the entire internet and that is why they are losing control of the town squares bigly!

  19. Perhaps we should start a “Back Porch Forum) BPF where everyones opinions are allowed, firearms, hunting, can be discussed, not just “I am Antifa” stories that Waitsfields proudly publishes, and its despicable that FPF received over $300,000 in Government PPE funds, FPF is in no way “essential”, can you really catch Covid19 from your computer?

    • Great idea! Whether it be FPF, PBS or NPR, public funds being bestowed upon entities that are anything but welcoming or fair to all members of the public should be defunded post haste.

  20. Excellent post Martin Green! Thank you!

    Everyone, please ask friends and family to STOP donating to FPF. FPF gets plenty of donations from (WWEs) woke elites; it doesn’t need our money.

    And if you know a business owner, ask them to STOP business donation/subscription to FPF. If they continue advertising and posting on FPF, stop patronizing them and encourage others to stop patronizing them.

  21. I tried to expose this in 2020 when I submitted links to my debunking the lies the plandemic was based on — interviews with the professionals and experts putting the lie to the propaganda — was rejected. Soon after that, I was banned from FB/META for posting links to my work, and several months thereafter the YT channel of that same work was removed. In all cases, I was told I violated ‘terms of use.’

    FPF is a thinly disguised state funded tool that gets us to pay for half of it, and no guarantees your neighborly discussions will be published. Public private corporations in and of themselves need to be examined for possible corruption. Taking money from the State/feds and then banning free speech…hmmm…vested interests anyone?
    I’ve also spoken with law enforcement about their use of FPF. Laugh out loud: OF COURSE we use it.
    Its also a good tool for propaganda and biased predjudicial censorship… can’t have anyone naysaying Agenda 2030, of which FPF is a primary product…

  22. I’ve heard from many of my Conservative colleagues that they have been censored by FPF. While FPF’s hypocrisy has been well documented, I hope they recognize their calls for financial support fall on deaf ears by those who find their deceitful practices unacceptable.

  23. FPF has refused to post our 10/20 letter to the School Board re the BLM flag flying at EWSD schools. Here is our email exchange:
    From: Front Porch Forum
    Date: October 24, 2023 at 3:34:41 PM EDT
    To: Richard Jesse
    Subject: Re: Help With Post

    Hi Richard and Molly. Your posting does not comply with Terms of Use 2.5. Please also note that FPF is not in a position to host discussion on the exceptionally challenging topic of the war in Israel and Gaza. Please refrain from further postings regarding this issue.


    Member Support
    Need help? Check the Help Center.
    On Mon, Oct 23, 2023 at 5:39 PM, Richard Jesse wrote:
    Thank you for your prompt reply. We would appreciate your explanation of why/how this does not comply with your Terms of Use. A simple reference to your Terms of Use statement is not sufficient. We would like to know exactly what is objectionable, as we do not know, in order to possibly revise our post.

    Richard and Molly Jesse
    On Oct 23, 2023, at 5:13 PM, Front Porch Forum wrote:

    Hi Richard and Molly. FPF declines to publish this posting because it does not comply with our Terms of Use.

    Member Support
    Need help? Check the Help Center.
    On Mon, Oct 23, 2023 at 4:25 PM, Richard Jesse Jr wrote:
    Dear Member Support:
    We am trying to submit the post below to the Essex Center Forum, but we are being cut off at 500 characters. We think this is an important discussion for the Essex Westford School District community.

    Thank you for your help with posting this.


    Richard and Molly Jesse
    Type of post: Discussion

    Subject: Our Letter to the EWSD Board re the BLM Flag


    Dear Members of the Essex Westford School District Board,

    We demand as taxpayers of the Essex Westford School District that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) flags be removed from flagpoles of all District schools.

    As journalist Christopher Rufo has noted:

    “BLM has promoted this ideological line (the violent ‘decolonization’ of not just Israel but also the United States) since its inception. In 2015, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors led a delegation to the Palestinian territories, so that the group’s activists could learn from the ‘Palestinian struggle.’ She condemned Israel as an ‘apartheid state,’ and the running theme of the trip was revolution, ‘from Ferguson to Palestine.’ The same year, Cullors signed a statement drawing parallels between the Palestinian fight against Israel and the black one against America. During a speech at Harvard Law School, Cullors went further, telling the audience: ‘If we don’t step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project called Israel, we’re doomed.’

    . . . Following the carnage in Gaza, both BLM and the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) confirmed their support for violence. The BLM Grassroots organization declared that the Hamas terror campaign ‘must not be condemned, but understood as a desperate act of self-defense.’”

    Source: (accessed 10/20/2023).

    BLM has shown itself to be anti-American and anti-Semitic. All “white-privilege” lives, as well as the lives of any BIPOC persons who oppose BLM, are of no value to BLM. There has never been any justification for flying the BLM flag.


    Molly and Richard Jesse

  24. Thank you Martin Green for spreading the word and standing strong against tyranny and censorship. And thank you everyone here for all of your efforts to share truth with our communities despite intense, unconstitutional and dangerous censorship by propagandized social media platforms.

    I have also been censored by FPF and VTDigger multiple times. Since my article on Energy Action Network, VT Digger now refuses to publish any of my writing and of course as we all know refused to publish anything related to covid injections and masks. They are dead – more mainstream propaganda- so much for pursuit of truth.

    Thank God for VDC and free speech and free press – alive and well here with wise, well researched and dedicated writers and readers.

    After successfully posting VDC articles into FPF for the past year, I was told they are no longer acceptable and VDC violates their policies. So any links to VDC are banned on FPF.

    Keep spreading the word and speaking your truth. It gives me hope to know that so many are spread throughout Vermont doing the work- we will get there. I have faith.

    • Thank you for your bold stands for truth, for your encouraging words, and your insightful comments.

      I just found out yesterday as I tried to sign in, that FPF has officially deactivated my account. As I have hear it said before, if we’re not taking flak, we’re not over the target.

      Truth cannot and will not be silenced. Keep fighting the good fight.

  25. Great free speech statement by Guy Page. Those trying to coerce all commenters to identify themselves are the anti-free speech agitators who want to bully people into self-censorship. And the sad fact is many who have thoughtful, cogent comments are not comfortable revealing their identities specifically for fear of being targeted for retaliation and cancellation. It’s astounding how many “Vermonters” want to silence their neighbors and impede critical thinking. As the saying goes, Nothing makes a fool angrier than telling them the truth.”

  26. FPF, the Burlington Free Press, WCAX, The Herald of Randolph all have the facade of first amendment champions – they care that the main audience remains faithful and quietly censor … censorship is what they do.

  27. Wow. I was censored by FPF as well, twice. I disabled my own account in disgust. But, several locals responded to the posts they did publish, so now I know who the good neighbors are. Faux Porch Forum is a joke, a bad joke.

  28. Last year, during my run for legislative office, Front porch forum, for nearly 2 weeks, posted out right lies about my feelings of the LGBTQ+ community. My husband and I had a very pleasant phone conversation with Micheal , ( the owner of FPF), where he admitted that the content of many posts printed on the forum were indeed not true. He agreed to tell his monitors of their errors and to advise them not to post any further entries with such lies about my presumed hatred of LGBTQ+ members.
    The damage done by these posts and the assaults that followed made me feel unsafe to continue my campaign as planned.
    I will never again use or read FPF.