Three shootings, two dead last night in Burlington

Burlington rescue workers load a gunshot victim into ambulance on Decatur Street in Burlington. The man later died. Wayne Savage photo

by Mike Donoghue, Vermont News First

Two men are dead following a shooting at a residence on Decatur Street — the second of three Sunday night shootings reported in the city of Burlington.

In the second shooting, both men were shot in the head.  Their names were not released pending confirmation of their identities by Burlington Police and  notification of their next of kin. Police will hold a press conference at 12:30 today.

Second shooting results in two deaths

It was shortly after clearing from the scene of the first shooting on Main Street that Burlington Fire and Rescue were both summoned about 9:15 p.m. to a residence on Decatur Street by Intervale Avenue, in the Old North End section of Burlington. One preliminary report indicated it was a double overdose, but first responders arrived to find at least one adult had been seriously wounded, freelance news videographer Wayne Savage said.

Body of second victim placed in rear of ambulance. Wayne Savage photo

Savage’s video of the incident shows Burlington Fire and Rescue carrying one person to a gurney and it was lifted into the back of a Burlington Ambulance before it departed for UVM Medical Center.

The second person was not removed and there were indications at the scene about a death, but no confirmation immediately by officials.  

Savage’s video showed at least 5 Burlington Police vehicles at the scene, but no information was initially available Sunday night. Chief Jon Murad did not respond initially to a request for information and the BPD Public Information Officer only works weekdays.

About midnight, Murad did issue a prepared statement to confirm  two men were dead:  one person was dead at the scene and the person taken to the hospital also had died about 11 p.m.

Murad did not say if police were seeking anybody or if they thought they shot each other.

The Chittenden County Gun Violence Task Force, which was created earlier this summer by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, responded to help with the investigation.

Two BFD ambulances and at least one large fire truck were at the scene on Decatur Street, which runs between North Winooski Avenue and Intervale Avenue in the Old North End.

First shooting details

The first shooting of the night in Burlington happened near the Hilton Garden Inn at 101 Main Street just before 8 p.m., Savage reported.

There were no known injuries and no suspects taken into custody, but at least one shell casing was located at the scene, Savage said.

Burlington and University of Vermont Police responded to the area, which is about a block from Burlington’s City Hall Park.

Savage said while first responders were dealing with those emergency calls, there was an unconfirmed report of a knifepoint robbery on North Avenue. No details were available from police.

Third shooting

Also, early this morning police reported that a man was shot in the foot while being a victim of a drug robbery on East Avenue.

Police said after the three shootings Sunday they have confirmed 14 reported gunfire incidents in the city that may involve criminal conduct this year.  The statistic does not include other gun cases, including reports of shots being heard, but no solid evidence found by police.

Anybody with information about any shooting in the city is asked to call Burlington Police at (802) 658-2704.

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  1. Good Job, Burlington. Shootings, drug related crime & violence, vagrants on Church street, tarp shelters by City Hall Park, businesses abandoning downtown… you got the weed shops and I just can’t wait for the legalized hookers. You’re doing great. Keep it up. Springfield is only a dream away!

  2. Burlington the ” Queen City “, surely had turned that page, it’s now the ” Cesspool
    City “, it just goes to show, put liberals in charge with all the anti-policing rhetoric
    and letting people do whatever they want with no ramifications, as you can see by
    the current rise in crime ” shootings ” due to gangs & drugs………………………………..

    As long as Burlington’s taxpaying citizens allow the leftist fools to control the City,
    this is just the beginning, watch as you see local businesses move to safer and cleaner locations, and homeless lying wherever they please, Burlington has learned nothing !!!

    Vermonter’s you see the S-hole Burlington has become, and its current Mayor Miro
    wants the Governor’s seat……………wake up people, before it’s too late.

  3. pretty hard to deny that cities with liberal leadership seem to have ever increasing violence

  4. And this is all because of the city council and states attorney pandering to criminals and addicts while cutting the police departments ability to enforce the law.

  5. Miro Weinberger for governor of the whole state, yep, that’s the way the Leftist mind must work. I am no fan of Bernie Sanders, but at least he left Burlington in better shape than found it.
    As others have already stated – WAKE UP Vermont.

    • Perhaps Burlington was in better shape when he left – but Bernie and fellow travelers set the stage for liberals, progressives, etc. to take over the city government. Bernie is the most dangerous politician in the country because he has been able to convince people that there really is such a thing as a “free lunch”.

  6. Looks like defunding the police combined with forced diversity and a state’s attorney who refuses to prosecute certain people is destroying burlington. No wonder no Vermonters want to go there anymore, I no I don’t.

    • This progressive movement is poisoning the whole state. Police Chief Kilcullen and the city government in Rutland, VT are corrupt and keep existing with the help of States Atty Ian Sullivan. When we are lied to by the people sworn to protect us it is time to replace every one of them.

  7. These murders are the fault of all those peaceful law abiding citizens that own guns for the purpose of protecting themselves and their loved ones. If Phil Scott and his leftist minions confiscate their guns the criminals will stop shooting innocent people.

    I am being sarcastic for those that can’t figure it out.

    • That’s right, Stu,
      Of course, it’s the gun’s fault; just lying there motionless, not doing anything.
      And for you progressive, liberal fools who will never figure it out, I’m being sarcastic, too…

      • For the love of god gun owners, don’t keep leaving your firearms in vehicles! That’s exactly how criminals get weapons and DONT have to follow any of the useless gun laws! Besides, what are you gonna do if you ain’t have it on you when it matters?

  8. Did they send out a couple of social services workers to investigate? Maybe the dead will opt to participate in some kind of restorative Justice program.

  9. I just can not believe what havoc these progressive politicians have wrought on our once wonderful, and very safe state.

    It is not too late to turn the tide.

    Vote every single one of them out, from the local level, up to the national level.

    Better late than never.

  10. Shot in the head dead, is what most of us would call drug cartel execution. You know, turf wars kinda stuff. The word is out, the Queen City is open to drug trafficking, little to no consequences (with the justice system that is) unless of course you cross one of your own. Sarah George and the city counsel own this…100%!!!

  11. I’m glad tax-free New Hampshire is close to the Kingdom so that I’m not tempted to shop or spend time in Vermont’s quaint little college town.

    • If you’re that close in NEK move over. No sales tax, no income tax and the property tax rate we left in VT is higher than what we pay now. All of the same natural beauty and only 10 minutes to Littleton that has everything you need for services and shopping. Your vote over here would actually make a difference.

  12. More blood on Sarah Soros’ hands. Lay in the bed you made Burlington. What a disgrace.

  13. Maggie and High tower are sensing their own disgrace and slinking off from their mess. Hopefully this will help the voting sheep to think about how a city should function.

  14. As Gov. Shumlin would demand of us, “connect the dots.” I think all three of the drug related shootings this weekend and the vast majority of others share a common thread. Now, if I could just put my finger on it.

  15. The drug trade and overdose fatalities have brought so much senseless death to Vermont. Yet, our liberal legislators and congressmen preach climate change is our greatest threat. Boggles my mind how anyone with half a brain can vote for this idiocy. Vermonters have proven to be some of the stupidest people in the country.

  16. Another reason for law abiding people to be armed in Vermont.

    Remember a few things:
    When carrying always be prepared.
    Situational awareness is essential

    Even checking mail, pumping gas and so on are opportunities to “not be paying attention” That could cost you your life.

    If you see something, pay even more attention to your surrounding. Criminals can and do distract to make crime easier.

    Pay attention when you are not moving in a car. Criminals can come up to your car and rob you, carjack you, kill you.

    If you don’t have them already, install more lighting around your home.
    If you are carrying, make sure it is ready for use. Why carry otherwise.

    Practice, practice, practice.
    Ranges are everywhere. You may have enough property to not have to go to one. Ranges offer information as well as a chance to meet new people who also want to be safe.
    What you are trying to accomplish is something called muscle memory. To shoot straight and hit target and to reload. Even practicing with a BB gun will help. But nothing beats the real thing.

    It is now, based on what the cops are not doing, up to us. You and only you are responsible for your safety.


    Don’t be stupid.

  17. Re: The Chittenden County Gun Violence Task Force, which was created earlier this summer by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, responded to help with the investigation.

    So, we need the Chittenden County Gun Violence Task Force to tell us that:
    1. There are rival drug dealers from out of state in VT.
    2. They are shooting one another to protect the territories they set up.
    3. They are shooting people for not paying their drug bills.

    What they won’t tell us it is the Commiecrat politicians and their society destroying policies that are to blame.

    I think we need a Commiecrat Removal Task Force.

  18. Considering the climbing body count, having the ATF permanently set up in Vermont is making quite an impact eh? Appears the Federal government is running the State because the State has failed, the empty suits handed over control because they can’t manage it or fix it. The state of the State is making more sense now. A carotid artery to DC thanks to Bernie, Pat and Peter, the three banditos. Vermont would not exist if it wasn’t for Federal welfare, so we are nothing more than a rotted branch of the corporation. The daily mayhem matches up perfectly to how the establishment operates.

  19. We the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.
    We’ve come so far, done so much, with so little, we’re no able to anything, with nothing at all, we the unwilling…

  20. Yup leave borders open for a few more million and this is what we get… never in lifetime seen anything so criminal and just plain stupid… the admin currently in power&control from top down needs to be voted OUT and HELD ACCOUNTABLE…. Main stream media a BIG part of the problem … as they are at this point an arm of current admin …