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Vermont publishes roadmap for ‘age-friendly state’

Vermont has published a 10-year aging plan, Age Strong VT, that is open to public comment.

The plan was developed by the Vermont Department of Health and the Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living. From their news release:

“According to a poll conducted earlier this year by the University of Vermont’s Center for Rural Studies, 64% of people in Vermont are concerned that the state does not have adequate resources to address the needs of our older population as it continues to grow. What will it take to ensure all Vermonters regardless of background have the opportunity for financial security, health and wellness, social connection, housing, transportation and more?

“Age Strong VT is intended to serve as a roadmap for building an age-friendly state – a place that is welcoming, inclusive and livable for all. State and local policy makers, and others, including businesses, social service and non-profit organizations, and healthcare planners will be able to draw from the action plan to develop and implement policies and infrastructure that will support Vermont’s aging population over the long-term.”

Plan is accessible here (PDF). Comments can be provided online here or by email at

The comment period is open until Nov. 30. today’s Journal-Opinion newsletter

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  1. If you want to make VT age friendly, eliminate school taxes for people over 65. By that age they have paid their way in life, have a fixed income and no kids in school.

    Or simply use the income figures for the income tax, which doesn’t include SS income fore most, when calculating income for the property tax. — And I’m not sure what the state is doing is even legal.

  2. LOL, age friendly my foot. Stop taxing our SS and military retirement checks for starters.

  3. Vermont for a long time has been unfriendly to not just the old but the poor basically anyone who really cannot run from this state. These new ideas are nothing to sneeze at, as they are the same people who brought you covid protocols and procedures that killed thousands by showing us EXACTLY WHAT THEY WILL DO TO THE OLD.

    Unnecessary, probably “mandated” behavior by “caregivers” to include forced shots, forced isolation from family and friends forced use of ventilators, ignored end of life decisions and on and on.

    No this is just another gubment boondoggle.

    Wait you will see.

    Remember what they did with covid people. Until laws are made and actually honored nothing will get better or safer. No access to hospitals , courts, schools. Remember, during Trump he passed a law so that sick people “had the right to try”. I seem to remember life saving drugs being denied to people. Can you say Ivermectin?

    I remember and still see the SCARE of needing to MASK UP. Though all science says that is the worst thing you could do.
    Can you get a NEMT without a mask? And for how long can you get into a hospital if you can? I remember my wife being refused a ride by “qualified” healthcare emergency workers (for not wearing a mask when she could not breath) to go to the hospital and then getting the cops called for “non-compliance, how about you?

    When the “two weeks ” came and went no one did anything to stop the gubment from locking up those same OLD PEOPLE that are being discussed.

    Lets not forget the MASSIVE PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN they put on every form of media to get us to conform.
    How much of that was subliminal? I wonder.
    Now they are trying to force people to spend huge amounts of money for their latest cash grab by corporations. You know, the whole heat pump, solar, electric car garbage. It is not an experiment it is real and active. As always they lie to you to do what they want. Just remember the latest S5 law I think it is called.
    More lies more lies more lies

  4. The truth is: a 10-year plan to eliminate as many elders off the dole without raising an eyebrow, house them in facilities like prisoners of war (which they are doing now since 2020) inject them with bioweapons like human lab rats, feed them subprime food (aka grul) innoculated bioweapons, and promote assisted suicide on a daily basis. Based on my experience since 2020, I don’t trust the State’s plan for anything as far as I can spit, particularly when it comes to children and especially the elderly. Just take a look at who runs UVM, the non-profits and the agency. Globalist nihilists.

  5. This state will never be as great as it was 50 years ago before it was invaded and taken over by liberal democrats. If you voters do not get your heads out and find real CONSERVATIVES to elect, life will continue to deteriorate for all age groups. The high priority problems in Vermont are the out of control cost of, not getting our children, an education, and the invasion of criminals.

  6. When we rely on the state or feds for anything…we pay for it. We’re too lazy and too self-centered and too concerned with working for Mammon to realize the depth of depravity behind making it necessary to HAVE the STate and the Feds bail out those whove been marginalized, scapegoated, gaslighted, and told how to live out the rest of their lives (in isolation, at the mercy of profiteering medical and insurance companies, and cared for by strangers in sterile environments that cater to death, not life…preparing to die)…away from loved ones and family.
    Slogans don’t mean a solution.
    We need to take CARE of our friends, neighbors and families and not make it necessary for that traditionally familiail DUTY to be taken up by an INSTITUTION that by its nature — is not natural, has no heart, and is only as good the the algorithmns in place to make it so…

    AI in control of aging — I can see it now: after the cows, they’ll be fitting the aged with devices that feed them pills automatically, put them to sleep automatically, make them pee and poo on schedule… you know…like… cows, or chickens, or pigs…

    We deserve what we accept…