Stone: The ongoing censorship of Conservatives and Republicans

A comprehensive and subtle geopolitical agenda

by Christine Stone

A recent letter sent to Front Porch Forum from the Chittenden County GOP in response to FPF’s request for $200,000 in donations inspired this article. The letter stated that Republican and conservative posts are being censored; therefore, “until FPF ceases its censorship of Republican and conservative posts we will not support the platform in any way and will encourage our members and conservatives state-wide to join us.”

The letter featured Republican Chair Wendy Wilton’s FPF account of being deactivated for “challenging FPF double standard of moderating and demeaning people who lean center-right, while favoring all liberal views like the way Twitter used to work.” 

On reading, I had questions: Is there proof that Twitter censored Republicans and conservatives (the right) and why, is there a geopolitical driver, and is FPF intentionally censoring the right. This article attempts to answer these questions, bringing into light the coordinated global effort to censor and propagandize public opinion against the right under the guise of human rights.

Censorship & Twitter

Censorship of the right on Twitter and other platforms resulted from multiple United Nations (UN) partnerships.  Some partnerships are detailed in the 2018 UN Report of the Special Rapporteur on “contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.” These “contemporary forms of racism” are a new social contract defined by the UN based on human rights, not Constitutional and Civil Rights. The report called attendees of the Unite the Right rally on August 11, 2017, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists, who shared white nationalist revolutionary history. The report states that GoDaddy, Google and Airbnb removed white nationalist and neo-Nazis content from their services, and that Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube banned individual users who threatened violence. The UN redefined protected speech as violence. For example, refusing to use a person’s preferred pronoun and not supporting Gender Affirming Care for minors are labeled as violence. While U.S. states that prohibit minors from receiving Gender Affirming Care are declared unsafe for the LGBTQ community. 

In 2022, Twitter partnered with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to create Addressing conspiracy theories What teachers need, which built on UNESCO’s #thinkBeforeSharing social media campaign launched by Twitter in August 2020, with the European Union, and Jewish World Council. The document supports primary, secondary, and higher education learners, and states that conspiracy theorists promote misinformation, disinformation, hate speech and fake news. These terms served to propagandize distrust of all narratives that ran contrary to the UN in lieu of censorship. 

Elon Musk stated that prior to purchasing Twitter. It was an “Information Weapon Harnessed by the Far Left.” The Guardian published an article in 2022, UN urges Elon Musk to ensure Twitter respects human rights. Volker Türk, the UN high commissioner for human rights, said that reports of the new owner laying off the platform’s entire human rights team were not a good start.

Türk said he was writing with “concern and apprehension about our digital public square and Twitter’s role in it.” He warned against propagating hate speech and misinformation and highlighted the need to protect user privacy, saying free speech was “not a free pass”. Türk wrote that “Like all companies”, Twitter needs to understand the harms associated with its platform and take steps to address them. 

Mirroring the UN, FP published Elon Musk’s Twitter Is Becoming a Sewer of Disinformation, Changes to the platform have systematically amplified authoritarian state propaganda stating that “Few recent actions have done more to make a social media platform safe for disinformation, extremism, and authoritarian regime propaganda than the changes to Twitter since its purchase by Elon Musk in 2022. Following the takeover, the platform has disbanded its trust and safety teams” (aka: UN human rights team); “revoked bans on extremist and dangerous accounts; removed labels informing users that accounts were associated with foreign governments (including Russian and Chinese propaganda outlets); censored journalists critical of Musk; and allowed for what users report to be a sharp increase in hate speech, online trolling, and harassment. 

Censorship of the right is further understood in context to The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 2014 report Agenda 21, The UN, Sustainability and Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory. The report laments over the fact that “Agenda 21 was transformed in the mind of Americans into a secret plot to impose a totalitarian world government, a nefarious effort to crush freedom in the name of environmentalism. And it isn’t only extremists pushing this conspiracy theory — in January 2012, the Republican National Committee bought into the propaganda, denouncing Agenda 21 in a resolution as a “destructive and insidious scheme” meant to impose the “socialist/communist redistribution of wealth.” SPLC stated that “Republicans cast doubt in the public’s mind.” The Socialist/communist redistribution is explicit in UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 10: Reduce inequalities within and among countries, and SDG 10.3: Ensure equal opportunity and reduce inequities of outcomes. The socialist and communist underpinnings of the UN are detailed by the Capital Research Center.

In 2018, the Southern Poverty Law Center released a list of 200 Bitcoin accounts linked to white supremacist leaders. SPLC claimed that decentralized, peer-to-peer, cryptocurrency appealed to hate group leaders and other influential extremists, and that no company or government could intervene to stop the donations from flowing organizations. The UN, and World Economic Forum are advocating for the abolishing of decentralized cryptocurrency and implementation of centralized central bank digital currency (CBDC) controlled by the government to mitigate this issue to control the new sustainable and equitable economy. 

Censorship & Front Porch Forum

The probability is high that FPF is censoring the right based on the evidence presented thus far. Additional insight was gleaned from the Front Porch Forum’s 2022 Annual Benefit Report list of panels and publications that FPF participated in to make “Vermont communities more resilient. First, the word resilient is synonymous with Agenda 2030, meaning to protect vulnerable communities from climate change and other physical, social, and economic adversities and challenges. Secondly, FPF participated in the Dialogue on Digital Discourse for a Thriving Democracy and Resilient Communities Meeting,” Convergence, September 2022. The Convergence website states that the meeting was supported by the New Pluralists, a sponsored project of the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

About The New Pluralists

The New Pluralists website states “America’s founding ideals of liberty, equality, and justice have always held out the promise of pluralism — ….” 

“To become a politically vibrant, multi-racial, multi-faith democracy, we must renew the promise of pluralism in America by ushering in a new pluralism.” The New Pluralists approach focuses on culture change — on shifting the norms, values, skills, and behaviors that shape the way we see each other and ourselves.” 

The claim that “America’s founding ideals of liberty, equality, and justice have always held out the promise of pluralism — ….” depends on the definition of pluralism. America is a great example of a pluralistic society, as there are many different types of interest groups advocating for their own values and causes, which influence politics. Obviously, The New Pluralists do not share this definition. The reason why is revealed in its approach on how to change Western cultural norms, which is the “critical method.” The critical method analyzes systems, language, and interactions in society to “uncover” oppressive power systems (systemic racism). The goal is to revolutionize society to achieve social justice provided people accept their moral imperative to “doing the work.” Vermont’s public-school children are “doing the work” via Social, Emotional, and Learning (SEL) programs, a neo-Marxist pedagogy, and key component of the UNESCO Education 2030 Agenda. Xusana Davis, Director of the Office of Racial Equity with the State of Vermont with the E.P.I.C. and IDEAL programs, and Abundant Sun are working collaboratively to realize the agenda.

Pluralism explained

Wikipedia: Pluralists believe that political power should not be held by any single group—whether defined by their gender, ethnicity, economic status, or political party membership—and should instead be distributed. Unlike populists, pluralists do not believe that such a thing as a “general will” exists.” The “general will” is the collective will of the people, representing what is best for the common good. The “general will” and pluralism come into conflict due to their differing views on the source of authority in society. Conflicts occur when efforts to uphold the “general will” suppress the interests and voices of minorities, and groups, challenging the principle of pluralism and its emphasis on inclusivity and diversity, and inclusion, core tenants of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Some pluralists support economic equality, redistribution of wealth. While populism supports the concerns of ordinary people against a perceived elite or establishment, advocating for their interests against those of the so-called corrupt or self-serving elite. One example is the ordinary people’s concern of the so-called self-serving elites of the World Economic Forum (WEF) featured by the Tasnim News Agency

Pluralism Origins

Pluralism is attributed to Harold J. Latski and is a “theory, which opposes monolithic state power.” General sense of the “toleration of diversity within a society or state.” Latski was a member of the British Labor Party, who turned to Marxism to interpret the “crisis in democracy” during the Great Depression. He attacked the notion of an all-powerful sovereign state, arguing instead for political pluralism. Laski believed that the economic difficulties of capitalism could lead to the destruction of political democracy, viewing socialism as the alternative to the rising menace of fascism in both Germany and Italy.

The UNESCO Courier, Many Voices, One World; Against an individualistic impasse: Latski stated that any attempt by the UN to formulate a Declaration of Human Rights in individualist terms would fail to ensure a certain number of social rights for its citizens. Western civilization is grounded in the Protestant bourgeois tradition, which failed to realize in universal form below the level of the middle class. 

The extreme ideological differences between populism and pluralism underpin the political rhetoric expressed in the ECPS European Center for Populism Studies, which claim that populists are supporters of far-right political movements and rallies associated with neo-Nazis who employ their ideology to promote hatred and attack minorities, or in some cases to create a fascist state.”

In a 2019 UN press release, Long Way to Go Before World Fulfils Promise of Pluralism, Deputy Secretary-General Tells Global Centre, Urging Respect for Diversity in Reclaiming Common Humanity, the UN Deputy Secretary stated that “pluralism has a central place in the work of the United Nations and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”Pluralism is in the DNA of the United Nations. The Charter, our founding document, refers to “We the peoples” of the United Nations, …Like Latski the UN rejects the notion of an all-powerful sovereign state, arguing instead for political pluralism on a global scale inclusive of all member nations.

Pluralists globally criticized the America First Agenda. The America First Agenda threatened the UN vision of “We the peoples” of the United Nations because it sought the readjustment of NAFTA, and enforcement of immigration policies, and the U.S withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2017, and withdrawal from UNESCO in 2018, and the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2018.

The Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) 

The Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), sponsor of The New Pluralists, is a UN Sustainable Development partner. It implemented the SDG Philanthropy Platform, as well as the SDGs Guide for Philanthropy.

What was learned?

There is convincing evidence to support that FPF is intentionally censoring the right because of the de facto censorship occurring, the UN history of partnering with social media platforms to systematically censor the right, and FPF’s involvement with UN strategic partners like The New Populists and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. While this important, more importantly, a great deal was learned about the coordinated global effort initiated by the UN and its partners to censor and propagandize public opinion against the right under the guise of respecting human rights, and its desire to achieve pluralism understood as “We the peoples” of the United Nations to achieve its Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. 

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  1. “The report called attendees of the Unite the Right rally on August 11, 2017, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists, who shared white nationalist revolutionary history. ”
    And correctly so. Marched chanting the classic white nationalist slogan, “Blood and Soil” … and let’s not forget Heather Heyer, who was murdered by a white nationalist by striking her with his car.

    • You assume correctly that all the attendees shouted such sentiments, which is inaccurate. Conservatives in other countries have reported that entities like you described showed up at their events too, resulting in their event being declared as a neo-nazis event. The media entity that you cited is a stakeholder of the World Economic Forum and ESG rated company. This means that everything they state is to further the UN agenda.

    • I don’t know of any conservative person who has EVER said that. Clearly, you’re an agitator, perhaps a fed….very likely a fed.

      What 3 letter agency do you work for?

      Interesting how you won’t use your name, but all the other commentators on this site are not afraid to use their own name.

    • There were two rallies, and the media intentionally conflated them, which was likely the entire purpose of the false flag Fed tiki torch brigade. They crashed the statue-removal protest by showing up the night before and stuck around the next day to help smear the crowd of normal people simply opposed to Orwellian history erasure. The media also lied about Trump, who was clearly referring to the statue protest and the communist counter protesters when he said there were “fine people on both sides,” as the media left out the follow up, “and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis because I condemn that totally.” But you knew all this, g2-hgcyhhgh. The leftist media, in lockstep with the entrenched US establishment, and the aspiring globalists lies, smears, censors and frames normal people like this as a matter of protocol. They will rule this way as well. The FBI might as well be Stasi at this point.

    • Many people involved in the Unite the Right rally were none of what you state. You Libel them.

  2. In my opinion, it appears multi-national corporations have control and power over the government, and exercising more power and control over the People. Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, in 2010 set the ball rolling in the United States. Throw in the unelected power structures of the UN, NATO, WEF, IMF, WHO and it should be clear what type of “representative” government we have and Masters controlling them and us.

  3. Was Twitter censoring the right? Of course it was! What’s the debate? They removed the duly elected 45th President of the United States from their platform! Still in denial? Read Matt Taibbi’s “Twitter Files”. Matt has been liberal leaning for as long as I can remember, but he is a great writer, and I give him credit for following the facts as they pertained to Twitter. Case closed.

    Labels like “white supremacist” or “domestic terrorist” simply make good sound bites, like “conspiracy theorist”. Funny though how most “conspiracy theories” turn out to be valid, while the other two labels don’t.

    It is my firm belief that the Patriot Act was the first major step in an insidious long-term plot to subvert our Constitutional rights and traditional values. And what prompted it? The alleged hijacking of several airliners by a bunch of dudes wielding the always deadly “box cutters”. You know what would happen if anyone started waving a box cutter around a plane? Most of the men and many of the women passengers would beat the idiot senseless. What’s to fear? A couple of stitches vs losing your life? Come on, man!

    So then we “elected” an alleged Kenyan as president, who gave us Citizens United, who made it legal to use propaganda against American citizens. And does anyone with half a brain think corporations are people? Don’t believe the propaganda part? Fauxvid (TM) was the most in your face example of this yet. They even changed the definition of vaccine to accommodate mRNA shots. Outrageous! Want more propaganda? “Climate Change”, which is good, old-fashioned money laundering – nothing more, nothing less.

    Look at the long view. Little by little our Constitutional Rights have been whittled away. Referring to someone as this or that is now “hate speech”? No, it’s protected speech, like it or not. And if you don’t? Work it out somehow, like we did for the first 200+ years.

    Next to our right to bear arms, the protection of free speech is the most important thing our country was founded on. In fact, our Founding Fathers put it number one, so they likely believed it was the most important. I’m not going to argue.

    The point is, until we collectively wake up, our rights will continue to be chipped away until one day we’re all taking multiple mandatory (kill) shots, being herded into “smart cities” (remember, it’s ALWAYS the opposite), driving “mandated” EVs (literally the stupidest idea I ever heard, unless the goal is to restrict your movement), and using “digital currency” to make sure you comply with “The State”. By then, it won’t be worth it. America will be dead, but Amerika will be alive and well.

  4. If you want to see reasoned arguments just look in the deleted section of the FPF moderator. It was fun for a while, what was awesome was it took a day for responses to come back, and you’d get unvarnished replies….people didn’t know what others were thinking, for this it was a gold mine.

    People in office can spread their “news” across the state for free, those who want to critique their thoughts cannot do so, very convenient.

    It has the email addresses and surely their political bent, which makes for an easy round up of like-minded Marxists. Most are completely unaware they are cannon fodder for an ideology they don’t understand and haven’t thought about. It’s the free cheese sign on the mouse trap, get’em every time.

    • Mr. Johnson, I am intrigued. How does one find the “deleted section of the FPF moderator”. Or was this a rhetorical statement?
      Thank you,
      Pam Baker

      • A bit of both, if they let us into their computer, you’d find them all, of course all the posters know what article or commentary got them deplatformed, so we could go that route.

        They don’t want people coming together, they don’t want people solving their own problems, and heaven forbid they bring a thought against their agenda……

        The “organize” like thinkers and cancel/isolate those they disagree with, it’s their strength and most certainly their weakness. Most thoughts won’t stand in the light of day and most certainly the test of time.

  5. When will you learn what the 1st Amendment means? You can’t have it both ways even though you want it. If you want to live in a world where you don’t have a bake a cake for a gay couple, a liberal doesn’t have to platform your social media conspiracy theories. See how that works? Love that free market.

    Every conservative social media platform has failed miserably because at the end of the day, conservatism is lame and the anger is the point people that are cool and popular tend to be liberal. That’s why my Dad can’t understand why noone wants to share is MAGA or Sleepy Joe posts, because we’re not in a cult. I have a suggestion for you that is a winner though:

    Start your own Conservative FPF, the name is right there, “Get off my lawn” lol

    • “people that are cool and popular tend to be liberal” Don’t we all want to be part of the cool and popular crowd and ascend to that exclusive table in the lunchroom? I guess we can’t all be equal and coexist if some of us are just unwilling to be cool or popular acccording to the left and follow the herd as instructed. Next it will be “free thinkers need not apply.” No wonder the State is swirling the bowl. Maynard James Keenan is right “the only way to fix it is to flush it all away!”

      • Oh Melissa, no one wants to be popular more than your Big Daddy Trump. I saw him at one of his rallies dragging Anna Wintor for not putting Melania on the cover of Vogue. Then to watch blue-collar people cheer along like they have a clue what any of that means reminds me that you’re not in a cult at all. Spare me the following the herd, your Daddy said this Saturday:

        Trump: “China, many years ago, was being taken over by much smaller countries bc they were all drugged out on the poppy fields. The poppy. The drugs. Heroin. The nation was drugged out. And then along came a very powerful leader, you know who that is, and he said, ‘no more.'”

        I didn’t have Trump praising Communist Chairman Mao at his rally on my Bingo card, but everyone went right along with it. Tell me more about free thinkers.

      • Do you get your exercise jumping to conclusions or is projecting nonsense a subconscience tick? 45 is not my Daddy, my Daddy passed away 20 years ago. Thank you though for displaying the instant default tactic of painting people with wide brushes deflecting with gibberish talking points. It shows the attempt to appear superior, but falling way short on intellect or reality. In case you missed it – those “fact checkers” testified in court they are paid to offer opinions – nothing they do is steeped in facts or reality.

    • Just out of curiosity, Chris… what’s your age? I ask because you sound like one of those just-out-of-college folks who’ve been too over-programmed to realize that respect IS allowing others to speak freely, even though you may disagree with them.

      Believe it or not, I once walked the same path and felt similarly. Then I got a good job, got married, bought a house, and had children. When reality slaps you in the face, you’ll do well to listen to what it’s telling you.

      No offense, just saying. And btw, listen to your Dad.

    • Therefore, if someone is compelled to bake a cake, then platforms such as FPF have to present both views?
      Actually, news platforms, especially those who receive tax right offs, let alone govt. money must be open and not censure political candidates. E.g.: Felker.
      It is enshrined in the Law of this land that political candidates must receive equal time.

      • “It is enshrined in the Law of this land that political candidates must receive equal time.”

        No, it is not and that sounds pretty, pretty Commie to make sure that everyone gets their turn and their fair share.

      • I have to wonder if Chris and SNR are paid trolls. It has happened many, many times before, let’s not kid ourselves. If so, we must be ruffling a few feathers and moving up in the world.

    • Remember the story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? The emperor had new clothing designers who claimed to make clothes of the finest weave, but (supposedly) were only visible to those who were smart and competent. Nobody could see the clothes, because there were actually no clothes to be seen, but everyone went along with it just the same. In essence all who did not speak up became co-conspirators to the fraud and the lie. Why did people go along with it? Because they were afraid of standing alone and speaking the truth — afraid of appearing lame, uncool, and unpopular. Look around your own school. How many people go along with what is popular, just because it is popular? If something is popular, does that automatically make it better? Are “popular” people actually better than unpopular people?

    • Intelligent people are not concerned with whether a certain platform is conservative or liberal, they advocate for truth, and in the real meaning of the word, inclusion. You are satisfied with a media culture that favors your propaganda and ideology (dare I say brainwashing), and excludes people who have differing viewpoints. In your limited world view void of critical thought, this makes sense to you. You make denigrating comments as if you were some kind of authority or moral hero, but your rationale is intellectually bereft and excruciatingly banal. You’re just parroting tedious talking-point propaganda. It’s simultaneously sad and amusing that you are unable to see that the people you adulate are exactly the same as the people you despise, they just operate under a different facade. In other words, you don’t mind your mind being controlled (as is obvious), as long as it is controlled by people you think are “cool and popular.” People who actually are cool do not care whether they are popular, nor whether they are cool. Elon Musk is a good example. Previously the darling of the left, because he had the courage to expose the one-sided agenda and illegal government collusion of Twitter, he is now demonized by those same people, proving how little they value the truth, and how exposure to it makes them into hysterical braying donkeys. You would be doing yourself a favor if instead of lampooning your father, you had a conversation with him where you solicited his POV and reflected on why his is so different than yours. This will require you to increase your self-awareness, which you may not be ready for, so good luck. Just remember, until you are committed to truth, you will never be cool, no matter how big the herd you follow.

      • To Mr. Robert:
        Wonderfully written and succinct. But our dear “Chris” won’t appreciate your attempts.
        You should write an op ed. Spend your energies where they will be appreciated and attended to appropriately. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and opinions.
        Pam Baker

  6. It is actually real simple. Follow what our gubment does and what laws they pass for our ” safety”
    Think the Patriot Act.
    They wrote into law, against all standing laws a section that repealed and replaced the Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (Public Law 80-402), popularly called the Smith–Mundt Act. This allows the gubment to use at an ytime it want to make sure you believe what THEY want, not “dis information”. You know like Russia stealing the election from HRC and on and on. Also called propaganda.

    How about the people who KNEW covid was a lie.

    It is all a game and the gubment is supposed to do something about places like FPF (like a lawfare suit like they do to conservatives) to stop what they do to violate our first amendment right which is THEIR JOB.

    Don’t give me that “private company ” garbage. What they do is different than being attacked and silenced on a street corner by their BLM or ANTIFA thugs. No, that is a public paper that censors and that according to the gubment it is fine by them.

    Remember most statutes are actually about what THEY cannot do The Constitution is about them NOT VIOLATING THOSE RIGHTS. We made a government to STOP this incessant usurpation of these same rights BY NGOs. Yes that is hired non GOVERNMENT organizations. They were created to “help” the gubment violate rights they want violated.

    I again bring up what happened to people during the covid lie. It was not the gubment stopping people from shopping or going to the dentist or doctor, no it was the secondary arm of that same unconstitutional government overreach disguised as a helping hand…. Kinda like the same “helping hand” that put the Jew on the trains.
    Remember the TRUTH
    The gubment sent letter/emails to facebook, instagram and twitter telling them who to silence.
    Here is a bit of “subliminal” training for ya, when I write this I proudly leave the company facebook, twitter and instagram and get a “spelled wrong ” red line under my words. The only thing they want is for me to capitalize the word, no. They are not a real thing, nor do I respect the alleged “sir name “of a propaganda wing of the gubment. Thing is twitter is fine like it is. hmmm
    I also do not shake hand with my enemies.,.. Just ask them.
    Pay attention and stand for your rights or someone , like the gubment will take them or allow someone else (that represents them) to.

  7. Sorry about the spelling error, my bad. What is interesting when you read the various reports from the UN. The UN supports Antifa and the 1619 project. The UN can’t understand why any government would refer to Antifa as domestic terrorists because according to the United Nations Antifa is an antifascist group. According to the UN and World Bank, there were three pandemics occuring simultaneously: COVID-19 and a pandemic of systemic racism and pandemic of hate, which is why public school systems hired equity staff and implemented DEI programs.The World Bank clearly states that it provided funds to member nations to address all three pandemics.

  8. To “Chris”:
    Normally, I would use an appropriate prefix, but I don’t know your pronouns and don’t want to hurt your feelings.

    You state: “It is enshrined in the Law of this land that political candidates must receive equal time.”

    No, it is not and that sounds pretty, pretty Commie to make sure that everyone gets their turn and their fair share.”

    Chris, you really need to learn to use your brain and maybe do some research before opening your pie hole and spouting nonsense. Technically, is not enshrined in the “law” of this land that political candidates must receive equal time, as it is an FCC “regulation”, and it is called “Equal-Time Rule” and only applies to entities that receive broadcast licenses from the FCC. Therefore, Mr. Rosenthal is quite correct but only as it applies to entities that have an FCC license. You should apologize, however that would require a certain type of character, that you likely don’t possess, to be a good citizen.
    However, the regulation that required news sources to provide a fair and balanced view of world and local events was called, “The Fairness Doctrine. It was in effect from 1949 until 1987. It required that radio broadcasts devote a reasonable amount of time to the discussion of controversial issues of public importance, and that the broadcaster do that fairly by offering reasonable opportunity for opposing viewpoints to be heard. If the Federal Communications Commission found a radio station in repeated violation of this Doctrine, it could take away the station’s license—a business form of capital punishment.” That was struck down under Reagan.

    What most people seem to misunderstand is that any company can decline services for any reason that doesn’t fall under a protected status of antidiscrimination laws. Your political view or ideology doesn’t protect you from being “canceled”. So FPF can censor all they like. Now, if the state or federal government is found to be behind the censoring, well, that is a different kettle of fish.

    To all the other commenters here: You all have to stop rising to “Chris” and its challenging behavior. You are just encouraging their dopamine rush. You need to check yourself that you too are not getting a jolly out of lashing out at “Chris”. I know because I too fell into that miserable existence for a time over on YT. Folks, it is just not worth the time and effort. If you ignore “Chris”, eventually “Chris” will get bored and move along. If you always come back with logic and calmness, “Chris” will definitely not get their fix and will double down for a while until crickets is all “Chris” hears. And then “Chris” will not be dipping their toes in the waters of VDC.
    If a black person in 1960’s Alabama can sit at a lunch counter and be called horrendous names, be spit on and physically manhandled by average citizens while maintaining a calm presence, so can you. Never forget what they went through, and that we can do it too. The left/progressives are just small children with short attention spans and are easily distracted.
    That’s my two cents worth.

    • You state: “It is enshrined in the Law of this land that political candidates must receive equal time.”

      Pam, I never said that, Scott Norman one of your fellow sheep can you please learn how to read. I would feel really dumb if I were you right now, but thanks for agreeing with my why this viewpoint was wrong.

  9. Ms. Stone,
    Thank you for such a well written and researched article. It is sad to hear how much our world has changed since my school days. Indeed, we had an entire high school class titled “Pluralism in America”. I remember it well. I learned a great deal about other cultures contributions to this great nation and their struggles to become a part of this nation. But that was back in the mid 70’s. And it was not a state or government school. It used to be a good thing to be proud of your heritage, whatever it may be. In grammar school, we were charged with making an ethnic dish with other students of similar backgrounds and sharing with the rest of the class while explaining why it was important to our heritage. We made Irish Soda Bread. Can you imagine doing that now? Good heavens.

  10. Thank you Pam. I was concerned that people had missed one on the most critical points being made.

    • Well, sadly reading comprehension has greatly declined in the last 15 years or so. And people do so love to fly off the handle, jump to conclusions and become indignant. The left/progressives do not have the market cornered on this commodity.
      It is challenging to walk the line between rightous anger versus self indulgent temper tantrums. To be honest, sometimes….most times, people exhaust me. So I limit my interactions.
      I thoroughly enjoy your commentary and look forward to future pieces.
      Pam Baker

  11. Christine, your steadfast research is helping to open the eyes and ears of those who need to know these things, including me. Thank you for writing this piece which ties our VT experience to the levers of power which are attempting to control the world through the UN, WEF and other organizations. We in VT are not exempt.

    I am not surprised FPF is working in lock step with these powerbrokers–allowing their agenda to appear “local”. You have brought it all together, once again.

    If you have not attended one of Christine’s presentations make a plan to do so!

  12. Censorship of conservative viewpoints among most, if not all “mainstream” outlets is and has been absolutely rampant for a very long time. I know since I’ve experienced it. Christine’s excellent research clearly shows this, and she also sheds light on the diabolical plans of the cabal / deep state / radical left / globalist “elites” (they all work in unison toward the same goals). These groups all work together and are the world’s power brokers. When the Bible says that satan is the “god” of this world, it means it. The leaders of these groups, worldwide, are his top generals, and they all do his bidding. They also control essentially all large medial outlets – social media and otherwise. Pretty easy to put two and two together there.
    It’s OK, since we know Who wins in the end (Hint: the book of Revelation is the spoiler).
    ……………. some relevant quotes to keep in mind …………
    “No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” – Plato
    “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. ” – Orwell
    “Ego is about who’s right and truth is about what’s right.” M. Maples
    “Ego never accepts the truth.”
    “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” – Ron Paul
    “A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority.” – Booker T. Washington