Tarrant: current state constitution a ‘shim-sham show,’ historically speaking

by Kathi Tarrant

President Abraham Lincoln popularized the phrase “better angels” for Americans in his first Inaugural Address as an effort to disguise the polarization of public conversation. In the end, it was Lincoln who used the phrase so beautifully on March 4, 1861, on the eve of the Civil War:

“I am loath to close. We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battle-field and patriot grave to every living heart and hearth-stone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

Like a lawyer speaking to a jury, Lincoln suggests that separation would make the nation’s current problems worse, not better. A few years later, Vermonters found themselves standing between “us” and our “better angels” when the Council of Censors – caretakers of the state constitution – was abolished in 1870.

By 1913, our state constitution was set aside and replaced by corrupt public officials. The document was to become a private commercial corporate charter. In short, our lawful state of Vermont was overthrown. 

A mention: the Federal Reserve was also established that same year.

Along with several other states through emergency legislative sessions in 1933-1935, Vermont entered into the collective bankruptcy of the private “commercial corporation” known as the STATE OF VERMONT, and has been in a state of continued bankruptcy ever since. Henceforth, the document offered on the de facto State of Vermont government website is NOT our lawful constitution. 

In practical terms, Lincoln’s speech was a failure in nearly every aspect, because it failed to provide positive evidence that “better angels” were either individual people or supernatural beings. Instead, as William Shakespeare would attest, “two spirits” that are both from me “would corrupt my saint to be a devil.”  

For Lincoln, the “better angels of our nature” are those civic and patriotic qualities, shaped by shared memory, that permit us, even in times of national fracturing, to “swell the chorus of the Union.” In recollecting our shared history with his inaugural speech, Lincoln desired both north and south to “profess to be content in the Union, if all constitutional rights can be maintained.” 

So, given the Vermont Constitution is a shim-sham show, the recent vote re: Article 22 could be a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

The author, a Waterbury resident, musician and teacher, was a candidate for the Washington-Chittenden Vermont House district in the Nov. 8 election. 

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  1. If you’d like to read about the poor articulation that Proposal 22 included, the article by Wendy Buchierri does an excellent job detailing the shim-sham that Kathi alludes to. Read it and weep and to know what lies ahead.

    How can so many be deluded into thinking it is so wonderful? A boyfriend could murder his girlfriend and unborn and claim it was a botched abortion attempt and he’d be held harmless as would anyone else who botched an abortion.

    What kind of stupor surrounded those who wrote such horrendously poor legal documentation for a Constitutional matter? What kind of smoke washed the brains of so many Vermonters to have them embrace it? Lord, have mercy on us all.

    • Re: “How can so many be deluded into thinking it is so wonderful?”

      Because the media, including VT Digger and Front Porch Forum, censored much of the warnings similar to those of Ms. Tarrant’s. And these local media outlets are still practicing their deceptive practices. The question is, are they being coerced?

      While the Twitter ‘house of cards’ collapses before our eyes, our suspicions that revered institutions, the FBI, the CIA, and our legislatures, are complicit in this deception are being confirmed. Not only were elections manipulated, ours and our children’s lives have been put at risk.

      Yes, Lord have mercy. But remember, God helps those who help themselves. We know who some of these people are. But I suspect the complicit Vermont legislators, administrators, appointees, and special interest people know who they are too. And the sooner they come clean, the better it will be for everyone.

      • Just gotta tell ya: The aforementioned publications have plenty of reason to toe the party line. It’s called STATE MONEY. It’s that simple. This country, citizen by citizen, has sold out our nation for MONEY. No one will admit it. No one will expose it. The Commies are here, bought and paid for by my neighbors.

    • How were so many deluded in 1913? Not only was the Federal Reserve established, but tariffs also which funded the government were eliminated and the Progressive income tax (16th Amendment) was installed to make sure everybody paid their “fair share”, when in reality they installed a system which they knew down the road could be weaponized and used against political opponents. Then they passed the 17th Amendment allowing the Senators to be elected to office instead of being appointed by the state legislatures bypassing the natural term limits the founders built into Constitution. Right after all the Senators were bought up by the special interests of the day, they turned around and passed laws allowing them to create foundations so they could circumvent the income tax. All this was under the father of Progressivism, President Woodrow Wilson. And the United States has never been the same. The camel got more than his nose under the tent. Scratch a progressive and you’ll find a fascist.

      • The Americans of 1913, for the most part, were never really informed by their politicians as to the Federal Reserve. Rather, Congress quietly ditched the original 16th amendment forbidding income tax and replaced it with their “fair share” policy. There were three politicians who refused to budge in their refusal to OK this. They died on the Titanic. Do I believe the banksters planned the resultant demise of all on that ship? Well, not really. They just didn’t care WHO ELSE died other than those stubborn politicians. And yes, all this unethical destructive behavior was brought in on the Progressive Train.

    • The planning for this pathetic article 22 started with the rumbles of the supreme court overturning Roe vs Wade. Once this was done in the SC and Roe was no longer, the legislature and progressives pushed this article in the media with out of state financing, slick TV ads with slick politicians basically telling a fictitious story to gullible people. The liberal VT media was in on the deception like always and news stories on VT local news channels as well as VPR on the radio created a storm of uninformed voters to pass the most deceptive of amendments ever. All this was a revenge movement against the conservative court from a tiny progressive north eastern state. The amendment doesn’t provide any rights as long as the state has any compelling interest in the outcome. The population of affirmative voters for article 22 were deceived into voting for a right with no rights that was a show of force to ridicule the supreme court. These are your leaders. The future will dismantle this amendment once it gets to a real court because the article implies nothing.

    • Major media outlets are largely to blame; for the fear-mongering as it relates to the Supreme Court ruling. A lot of Vermonters were led to believe that their right to an abortion was then up for grabs and that it needed to be inserted into the Vermont Constitution; as a guarantee. It’s truly horrific; in knowing how people can be so easily deluded. And the callousness of it all.

  2. Our constitution is not treated as law law of Vermont anyway. Each officer, representative, senator and judicial officer take an oath to defend our constitution and swear not to harm it. Yeah, right! As soon as the dust settles and as the gavels are struck these not so good angels proceed to violate their oaths.

    Upon entering any of the positions that require the swearing under the pains and perjury threat which is nonexistent, they do whatever they wish, constitutional or not. There is no enforcement for ethics violations or unconstitutional harm done by legislation to our constitution.

    Vermont is mentioned in the recent Brunson petition before the supreme court which charges 385 members of congress of violating their oaths of office to defend the US constitution. 31 states changed their election laws illegally prior to the 2020 election. Those congress people mentioned as defendants violated their oaths by passing a rules change to speed up the certification of the Biden election to the presidency. They were required to hear challenges to the election within 10 days if there were complaints filed. Over 100 election complaints were given to the house and senate but they ignored the law and certified the election. These people violated their oaths of office and could face expulsion, all 388 plus the president and vice president. The supreme court also took the same oath and the ball is in their court.

    Perhaps those who seek to take an oath here should be held to a strict standard. If you lie before entering your position of trust and follow through by ignoring your oath, you should be banned from ever holding office again and you should lose whatever position you hold. It is past due that Vermont politicians stand by their oath. The Vermont constitution, as it it should be required to be placed at every desk in the legislature and a committee of bipartisan members should review the constitutionality of each law before it is presented to the body for votes.

    • On top of the SCOTUS cases, we have exposure of the Twitter backroom shenigans commencing in early Fall of 2020…haven’t even seen the bulk of that data dump. Yet, at the same time, Condos comes out with the scripted conspiracy theories and misinformation chicken dance. The receipts are out in the public realm now and there is much, much more to come.

    • Re: Governorship in the STATE OF VERMONT; we’re operating under private international bankruptcy law. Madeline Kunin, for example, never subscribed or filed an OATH or Affirmation of Office or Allegiance for the entire duration of her stint as Governor. Howard Dean served six years without having subscribed and filed an Oath or Affirmation of Office and Allegiance. By 1997, after continued pressure and concern over possible legal action against Howard Dean, Doug Racine and William Sorrell subscribed fraudulent Oaths or Affirmation of Office and Allegiance in an attempt to placate a citizen’s investigation against them. Since that time, no member of the executive branch or the judicial branch of the de facto STATE OF VERMONT has taken, subscribed (signed) or filed a Lawful Oath or Affirmation of Office and Allegiance with the STATES SECRETARY OF STATE OFFICE.

  3. Lincoln tried and tried to get rid of the banksters. He was shot and killed. Problem solved.
    Kennedy announced his intention of informing the American public as to the atrocities perpetrated by the Banksters via U.S. government the very next day. He was shot and killed. Problem solved.
    Kinda points to the banksters and their bought and paid for politicians…ya think?
    AGAIN: It’s all about the money, ’bout the money.

  4. Lincoln tried and tried to stop the banksters. He was shot and killed.

    Kennedy announced to the American people he would be exposing the banksters and complicit politicians the very next day. He was shot and killed.

    What had been born as THE country by and for the people was completely corrupted about 100 years into it’s inception. Our nation was incorporated, owned and run by the banksters. And that’s why we are in the mess they have made.

  5. So if I got this right, it looks something like this: The Left want to control your money, but doesn’t care what you do with your body. The Right wants you to keep your money, but restrict what other people can do with their bodies. Am I wrong?

    • I saw a lovely pic of a very pregnant young woman wearing a tee shirt that said (under a large arrow pointing down to her belly): “This is NOT my body-this is my BABY”. If they are so worried about their body, how about they start out by taking responsibility for that body. Like not having promiscuous sex. Like not having unprotected sex. Like (and here comes the really outrageous suggestion) only having sex with one’s spouse so that the resulting BABY can have both a Mommy and Daddy and food to eat. Just sayin’.

  6. ? FreedomFounders1776 “…restrict what other people can do with their bodies.” No lets be honest about it. The concern is “…what other people can do with their in utero children.”

  7. I think if you take the time to read this and actually bring it to heart you understand that there is NO LEFT VERSUS RIGHT and that if there is an us versus Them it’s the people vs the Corporation who’s only purpose is to manage the people. By manage I mean force to work long hours and restricting what they can and can’t do only to coerce them through lies, misinformation, and violence at times in a rigged system so that they can pay their board profits off of the back of the people.

    Who’s their board, the big bankers of course.

    When we as a people collectively understand this that’s when things will change.

    One would think that the actions of the government in the last two or three years alone would be enough for the people to realize it…. Then again I thought people would be in the streets over the Twitter files…

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