Arrested for stabbing in bar, Burlington man pleads innocent

The Burlington man arrested for stabbing another Burlington man to death Sunday morning in a Main Street, Burlington restaurant pleaded innocent today to second-degree murder, WCAX reports.

Von C. Simmonds, 40 allegedly stabbed to death Abubakar Sharrif, 23, early Sunday morning, Dec. 4 in what police are calling an act of violence committed after a downtown bar closed.

At 3:08 AM, police received multiple calls about a disturbance outside Piesanos Restaurant. Police found Sharrif bleeding heavily from multiple stab wounds. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

It’s the fifth homicide in Burlington this year. According to WCAX reports, Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad said Sharrif was stabbed inside the restaurant and what Murad called a “bar closing fight” continued outside. 

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  1. We can’t blame guns for this one, Mr. Mayor. According to the Chief, this one was a “bar closing fight”. How many more must die then before we allow the bars to remain open 24/7 to avoid any more of these “bar closing fights”? Keep it “vibrant”, Burlington!

  2. Mr Simmons is a pillar of society. Just look up his name in Google and his societal accomplishments. How come no mugshot photo?? Must be something doesn’t fit the narrative.again

  3. Plenty of room in the crowbar hotel, but our “non-prosecutor”
    and the “Judges” simply don’t want to do their jobs.
    Put ’em back on the street as quickly as possible!!!

    Doug Richmond

  4. This man has a long rap sheet including involvement in that Simon’s store gun fight that was caught on video. Why is he not incarcerated??!!

    • @Ty

      Why was he not incarcerated? Given his history of violence and drug trafficking? I’d guess it’s just bad optics to lock up another black guy in VT. We are told by the leftists that if blacks are incarcerated at a higher rate than their percentage of the population then this is because we are racist white people.So he and too many others are left free to walk the streets until they commit a crime that is so heinous that they finally land in jail; this generally requires murdering at least one person though. And if the black community has a problem with this then stop voting for and supporting those who refuse to prosecute and lock up violent blacks.

      • Soros likes to fund those DA’s for reasons of anarcho-tyranny. It both breaks the spirit as well as creating problems for which the aspiring authoritarian neo-communists can pretend to offer solutions. In this case, they can blame both the economically functional, and that great new bogeyman- white people, especially of the heterosexual male variety. Releasing violent criminals while imprisoning bureaucratic offenders and those who deign to defend themselves is exactly standard operating procedure. You can’t build back better until you manage to wreck it, and anarcho-tyranny is an excellent wrecking bar.