Finnie: Thanks for ‘Day of Infamy’ memoir

To the editor:

Thank you for the article about Pearl Harbor Day, “The day that will live in infamy.” Maybe I’m too sentimental, but I believe that the “Greatest Generation” and all others who have served to make this country the “shining light on the hill” that it still is, deserve no less than to have this issue addressed. Thank you, and have a solemn, and reflective Pearl Harbor Day.

Mr. Finnie included this letter he sent to our three-member Congressional delegation:

Honorable Gentlemen:

On this solemn day (9/11/22) with the passing of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, I am reminded of a similarly notable day 12/7/13. At that time I was employed by the State of Vermont as a Security Officer for the Montpelier Complex. Possibly the biggest honor of my life was my duty as a Security Officer in Montpelier to raise, and lower the flags in front of the State House.

On 12/5/2013, Nelson Mandela passed. Then President Obama proclaimed that all flags should be lowered to half staff until after his funeral. Nelson Mandela was a great man, and his passing deserved to be honored. My issue with this action was that on Pearl Harbor Day (12/7/13) there was nothing done to acknowledge the “day that lives in infamy.” 

As the son of a WWII vet, and the nephew of three of his brothers who also served, (2 in the Pacific, and one in Europe as my father did) I was deeply hurt by the seeming lack of respect for this day. It was my feeling that the flags should have been brought back up to full staff the morning of 12/7, and immediately lowered to half staff, to honor those that died on Pearl Harbor Day. 

Here we are again, the Queen has passed, and the flags have been lowered to honor her passing, as they should be, and in my opinion, the patriots who gave all on that day, our “Pearl Harbor,” 9/11, were not paid proper honor by those that can declare the flag be utilized to do so. I guess what I am asking is, what can be done to change “Flag Code” so that events which have overlapping dates can be accommodated ? It seems to me to be the least we can do to honor those who gave so much so we could have so much.

Pat Finnie, Calais

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  1. It would appear( more than appear) that the current crop of leaders have forgotten who had won them all the rights to which they seem to feel entitled. More dedicated to replacing symbols of the our collective history which has shaped our nation. More interested in fracturing the nation with appropriate pronouns than exercising E Pluribus Unum. More interested in tearing down than building up.

    Time to take these leaders on a trip to our national cemeteries here or overseas. Take a knee there not on the sidelines of some sporting event and pay some respect to the true heroes.

    Thank you for upping the awareness for those who need to be aware.

  2. I’m not particularly patriotic. That being said, your point is well taken. The U.S. is not the author of all the World’s ills. More to the point, why honor these others but no those who gave their lives in WW2?
    Or is the failure in order to appease a mob?