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To the editor:

Well, the election is over and for many of us it has been anticlimactic.  For me the campaign was shorter than for most. I would like to express my respect and gratitude to all of our candidates.  It has been an incredible ride for me, a journey I never saw coming. It has been exhausting at times, and then completely exhilarating.  I do not regret doing this, not even a tiny little bit.

In the end, I feel as though I won. I proved to myself and the voters of Vermont that I could run a campaign and get a respectable number of votes. My personal goal was not achieved, but I showed up and played the game to the end. But most importantly, I won because of all of the new friends I have because of the campaign. I met so many great people on the campaign trail. The joy this brings me far outweighs any sadness. I feel like after three short years, the state I now call home has welcomed me.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me along the way –  From the volunteers who put out my signs,  people who made donations,  others helped at sign waves, and some just talked to their friends and neighbors about my platform. It has been an honor to campaign to try to get to Montpelier to serve you as Attorney General.  Last but not least, thank you to the voters who participated in the process.  I am humbled and very grateful.

I’d also like to wish Charity success as your next Attorney General. In her new role, I am hopeful that she will do great things for Vermont.

Michael Tagliavia, Republican candidate for Attorney General

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  1. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it, all the people you meet? All the really good people who know what is going on……there are legions of them. Thank you giving us an option for voting, it was an honor to vote for you.

  2. Michael Thank You !
    Very honorable post.

    We must continue to recruit, promote, raise awareness and unite to restore balance to our great state of Vermont.

    our experiences and lessons will only make us stronger,

    Lincoln’s party shall not fall to lunacy

    Stand strong and proud !

  3. Thank you Michael and your family for running. You did win, we won as a State and as Constitutional Republicans because you stepped up and delivered your message. We need more people like you to step-up in ocal and State offices delivering our “We The People” message. God bless you and your family my friend.

    Gregory Thayer

  4. Thank you for participating in our Meet The Candidates Night in the little town of Whitingham in southern Vermont. It was heartening and inspiring to meet you and your fellow conservative candidates. The outcome of the election was disappointing but you have every right to feel proud of the effort. Hope you run again!

  5. Mike – I’m the guy who asked you to run at the State GOP Meeting in Montpeiler. While my physical health prevented me from doing much on the street during the campaign, I did wish you the best and voted for you.

    Nothing for you to be sad about. You scored 33% out of the gate, and held the line. No one expected a miracle, you acquitted yourself well. My hat is off to you sir.

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