Road rage shooting bust in April, sex assault this week

A Burlington man arrested in June for an April road rage shooting in Jeffersonville was cited Wednesday, November 9 for sexual assault, criminal threatening, and first degree aggravated domestic assault.

In May of 2022 the Vermont State Police began an investigation into Jermaine Morris, 42, regarding sexual assault allegations that took place over the course of several years in Cambridge. On Wednesday Morris was issued a citation for sexual assault, first degree aggravated domestic assault, and criminal threatening.

In the April incident, Morris allegedly physically assaulted the operator of another car,  and fired multiple rounds while chasing the victim in his vehicle. He turned himself in in June, police say.

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  1. Hard to believe.
    Release him again and see what he comes up with this time.
    You know he is going to do it again till he gets it right.
    Hopefully , his temporary incarceration did not disrupt his Election Day activities.

  2. And to think Burlington residents voted overwhelmingly for sarah george…may as well voted for george floyd if he had a D by his name. Can’t fix stupid.

  3. Whatever you do don’t put him in jail he might sue for being enslaved.