Suspected dealer loses watery footrace with cops

An alleged coke dealer crossed the Winooski River in Montpelier to try to shake state troopers in pursuit – and failed.

Friday night at 10:35 pm, a pair of state troopers saw Michael Truman, wanted on warrant for cocaine trafficking, walking on Granite St. in Montpelier, police say.

After troopers approached Truman and another person, Truman fled on foot. Troopers pursued Truman on foot up the edge of the Winooski River and across the river toward Berlin St. before catching him and taking him into custody.

Cocaine was found on Truman’s person.

Truman was transported to the Middlesex Barracks for processing. Truman was also issued a citation for attempting to elude and possession of cocaine.

After processing he was brought to the Washington County Superior Court, Criminal Division for arraignment for his warrant. The Court subsequently released Truman with conditions of release.

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  1. Released on “conditions”…Released with no bail ( see the arrested of two death dealers in Rutland last month). Released on conditions : Two drug dealers from MY town busted in Mass by State police with 2400 baggies of heroin , mid august this year. Released on conditions One of them ARRESTED again in Springfield last month for stealing parts from cars. Still NOT in jail.

    See a trend here in Vermont?

    I see a court system that seemingly DOESNT care about YOUR safety of , your families safety.

    Anyone else tired of drug dealers getting ZERO consequences ?

  2. It’s all a part of the plan with these leftist judges who were funded by George Soros. Destroy America, create utter chaos, crime, & fear – and when all is decimated & the masses are broken and towns are blighted — in comes the communist/Marxist tyrannical government to “save the people” by lording over them in the new Amerika. Vermont was one of the first easy targets to devour – a people comprised of tree-huggers easily led by big brother & peaceable enough to not be interested in fighting for their freedoms.

  3. Sure would like someone, media, social or government to expose this “catch and release” practice scheme to avoid taking into custody. What is considered serious enough to hold in custody? If not possession of minor drugs why not large quantity, intent to sell, theft, avoiding law enforcement, assault, domestic abuse, armed robbery, history repeated incidents etc. Many of those released are repeated offenders.

  4. Talk about stupid! If he’d been a thinking man he’d have (allegedly!) STASHED the blow somewhere & returned to retrieve it! But forgive me, I just don’t see how a Coke dealer/user poses any threat to the public except from other users/dealers, they may be a danger to themselves but others? Not so much..The ONLY drug that gets, hooks, and compels users to steal, rob, and threaten the community is/are Heroin/Opiates through an actual physical vs. psychological “addiction”, remember that weed was once treated EXACTLY the same as hard drugs & is still classified as such Federally. Anyone remember the annual august Vt. Guard helicopter air-searches w/the VSP for pot “plantations”? How MANY lives were RUINED by these stupid laws? We had an extremely suspicious death here in my village last august and the VSP just cannot be bothered to run down any leads nor investigate it properly, so good to see they DO have time & resources to chase around some measly coke dealer though. Meanwhile a killer or killers run off scot-free, returned to the deceased mans home & ransacked it, returned AGAIN to steal his CAR (unrecovered as yet) and the VSP has NOT even interviewed ANYONE connected? Nevermind the dead man had pills & a handgun handy the VSP seems to think he committed suicide by LYING in the STREET waiting to be run over? Go VSP! Chase some coke dealers and close (maybe) MURDER cases as “suicide by street”! Much easier to grab the low-hanging “fruit” (drugs) than actually investigate extremely suspicious DEATHS.

    • Being a citizen of Springfield VT for these past 15 plus years I can give an educated guess ( because I am educated and have raised two grandkids through this town) that 95% of our violent crime and robberies are directly attributed to : Drug dealing and the poor addicts how steal our stuff to get their next hit.

      THAT is why we want something BETTER from the legal system other than slap-the-wrist and release.

    • There are documented cases where subjects were released to return to court at some future date. While on release, they returned to murder some one they knew (like a wife or girlfriend) or even a stranger.

    • THAT right there is funny to the point of sadness. That’s all we see in Windsor county too.

      Courts DONT care.

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