Vaxxers bash Joe Mercola AND his woke Vermont publisher, too

Dr. Joseph Mercola / photo

Popular progressive publisher punished by pundits

by Guy Page

Chelsea Green Publishing of White River Junction has earned a faithful following by publishing political and environmental progressive authors Big Publishing won’t touch.

Chelsea Green is the Brave Little State’s Brave Little Publisher. By cultivating ‘green’ best-sellers like Helen Nearing’s Loving and Leaving the Good Life, The New Organic Grower and Limits to Growth, plus 400 other titles, CG now employs 29 people and in 2015 earned $5 million in sales, according to the Sept. 27 Seven Days news story headlined “Vermont Publishing House Chelsea Green is peddling Coronavirus misinformation.”

Founded in 1984, CGP is the award-winning publisher about “the politics and practice of sustainable living, publishing authors who bring in-depth, practical knowledge to life, and give readers hands-on information related to organic farming and gardening, ecology and the environment, healthy food, sustainable economics, progressive politics, and, most recently, integrative health and wellness,” according to its website.

But now the 37-year-old publishing house of hot titles like “Rebugging the Planet” and the feminist Gnostic hit “Not In HIS Image” is in big trouble with its core audience, thanks to publishing and unapologetically cheerleading a hot best seller by natural dietary supplement expert and osteopath Dr. Joe Mercola.

The book title alone is enough to make Anthony Fauci self-medicate with a maple creemee: “The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal.”

Here’s more:

“Since early 2020, the world has experienced a series of catastrophic events—a global pandemic caused by what appears to be an engineered coronavirus; international lockdowns and border closings causing widespread business closures, economic collapse, and massive unemployment; and an unprecedented curtailment of civil liberties and freedoms in the name of keeping people safe by locking them up in their homes.

“We are now living in a world that is increasingly ruled, not by our democratic systems and institutions, but by public health fiat, carried out by politicians who rule by instilling fear and panic.”

In case you hadn’t noticed, a sizeable number of Americans disagree. Instead, they are fixated on universal vaccination. Aver me no ivermectin. Spare me the VAERS. Pay no attention to those millions of unvaxxed illegals entering America. Who cares if workers are being fired for refusing the Pfizer vax that is still legally under Emergency Use Authorization? Just Get. The. Jab.

Judging by the ensuing kerfluffle, you’d think Chelsea Green was trying to sell Velveeta at a farmer’s market. Poisoned Velveeta. Check out the blowback as reported by Seven Days:

Author and former Burlington Free Press journalist Stephen Kiernan: “As far as I’m concerned, Chelsea Green’s profit from this book is blood money.”

Dartmouth College professor and journalist Jeff Sharlet: “”Shame on @chelseagreen, which I’ve always admired. This is murderous.”

CNN reporter Randi Kaye found Mercola riding a bicycle and interrogated his rapidly receding back: “Do you feel responsible for people who didn’t get vaccinated and possibly got sick and died because of what you’ve told them about the vaccines? What do you say to families who’ve lost loved ones? Are you spreading misinformation?”

The owner of Everyone’s Books in Brattleboro promised Seven Days readers she won’t carry “The Truth About COVID-19.” She warned that she may never display another Mercola book again.

Cancel culture, Vermont-style.

Though getting Banned in Brattleboro is no doubt a painful blow to Chelsea Green’s national marketing plan, sales elsewhere are encouraging. In fact, it’s an, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller. And that’s what’s really driving the vax-only crowd crazy. One of Their Own has contemptuously dismissed the Official Line. Standing inside this latter day Orwellian Ministry of Truth, Joseph Mercola has thrown a chair through a window, and the sunshine is streaming in.

For more information on Mercola and ordering a copy of “The Truth About COVID-19,” go to the book’s Chelsea Green webpage. You can also learn more from the video interview by Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher about coercive measures and authoritarian approach undertaken by government and doctors to vaccinate all Americans: Click to access the interview transcriptvideo interview, and podcast for the Sept. 26 featured content. 

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  1. I’m trying to order a copy on their website and it’s currently backordered – presumably because they are sold out! That would be super. I also emailed the company to thank them for their commitment to vetting authors and standing by their publications. If people don’t like it, they should just not buy the damn book. I’m planning on placing an order with them this week, and attempting to publish my own book through them, if they’ll have me.

  2. Nazi’s have been known to burn books in the past. Somethings never change.

    Propaganda is their favorite, along with shallow thinking.

  3. What always gets me is how casually the word “misinformation” is thrown around. Like an all-purpose disinfectant, it is sprayed on anything that accuser disagrees with, but without actually explaining WHY it is “misinformation.” It works a lot like “conspiracy theorist” and it comes from the same tree of non-thinking.

  4. I have gotten my supplements for years from Dr. Mercola. He is top notch! He has presented the facts about the virus and the jab from the beginning, along with many other medical experts in the field. He interviews top medical professionals who are not afraid of speaking to the lies being spread by the regime. Too many people are just listening to the MSM who repeat and repeat and repeat the same old false narrative. if they are so confident they are correct in their assessments of the virus and the jab, why would they fear one lone book? All they want is to cancel anything that is against the propaganda machine. Those old enough to have learned real history about tyrants and how they destroy freedoms certainly know what is in store for us if we buckle to the mob!

    Thank you Guy for writing this article. You do good work!!

  5. Old left: “down with the establishment, Free speech! New Left: Obey the Establishment, Ban and DOX then because of their speech!
    How did this happen?
    Throw away your “smart” phone it’s a brain washing tool

  6. Reading that “story” in 7Days Vt. last week it was gleefully slanted & owners skewered by “former employees”, aka DISGRUNTLED former employees & I just loved the BIG “F/U’ comments by the owner. Being a 1st Amendment absolutist I have NO problem with ANYONE publishing books that run the gamut from Henry Ford’s “The International Jew” ( last published by a Jewish gentleman from NJ for his profit) to Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” (so popular on campuses today) as THIS is what differentiates the USA from almost ALL other countries, the right to “wrong-think”. We have and will be seeing (today’s Facebook whistleblower) how detrimental censorship IS to our freedom, especially concerning information voters NEED before an election, a recent poll showed some 16% of voters would have voted differently had the Hunter Biden Laptop story been allowed to see daylight BEFORE the election. When the “Deep State”, the so-called “mainstream media”, former & current Intel Agencies, and “Social Media” (where most the young get their info) companies all conspire to hide, dissemble, & obscure important info from the public, we’re..well…screwed. Whatever happened to “I may disagree w/all that you say but would fight to the death for your RIGHT to say it”? NOW polls show that college-aged people almost ALL agree that SOME info should be censored, hidden, shut & shouted down if it somehow “offends” the listener? Nevermind herd-immunity, I’m more concerned with herd-mentality, and the push to squelch Free Speech these days must be itself squelched & Social Media Monopolies broken into a thousand pieces & scatted to the winds while we still have time left.

  7. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY DANGER! Different people have different opinions, but there are scientifically documented, independent of interpretations, truths. Inhibiting ace2 is scientifically wrong!

    The vaccine is made to the wrong protein! The mRNA vaccines make lots of excess spike proteins to bind ace2, so that the virus cannot infect the cell. Superficially, that approach makes sense. However, what has not been addressed is what does the ace2 protein normally do?The answer is pretty scary, Ace2 inhibits the pro inflammatory clotting activity that is seen in people who’ve been infected. To put it more succinctly, the vaccine is pro-aging. People who’ve been vaccinated and are not extremely cautious with their diet, to make sure they turn on sufficient fat burning, will die prematurely.

    References documenting why ACE2 should not be inhibited.

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  8. Good for Chelsea Green for having the courage to publish Mercola’s book. Instead of crying foul, those who disagree with his conclusions about Covid might consider actually having a discussion, a debate, and state exactly what they disagree with, and why. To those of us who still can think critically, it is distinctly unhelpful to slander his book without backing up opinion with facts. A public and open debate about Covid, and its accompaning oppressive countermeasures. (masks, social isolation, vaccine mandates) is long overdue.
    Sandy Reider MD

    • Bless you, Dr. Reider! I have been HOPING more health care professionals would please speak up with their own educated opinions and experiences!

  9. Thank you Guy as usual for reporting the real news- free of censorship. Your commitment to free press and freedom of speech is honorable and appreciated. -much gratitude

    I had written this to seven days as a letter to the editor in response to their, in my opinion, appalling, narrow-minded, one-sided piece on Chelsea Green. Haven’t seen it printed yet so wanted to share. Margo is a truth-seeking, brave woman.

    I am writing in support of Margo Baldwin of Chelsea Green Publishing. The article written by Chelsea Edgar was vicious and misinformed. For decades, Chelsea Green has been leading and guiding the way towards sustainable perspectives and practices and a deeper understanding of the world and how to make it right. Their mission is clearly intended to benefit humanity and the earth.

    A glance at Chelsea Green’s impressive books helps illustrate Margo’s vision, depth of understanding about the world and what type of wisdom may help. Many Vermonters have at least one Chelsea Green book in their collection, I have many and am grateful for Margo’s willingness to give everyone a chance to share their knowledge, without censorship. Their business model and support of local and new authors further reflects their integrity and bravery.

    Chelsea Green is committed to the quest for truth and the support of differing opinions and the right of free speech. This is intimately tied to freedom and the evolution of our minds and practices -creating deeper understandings and positive change. Without the willingness to print differing views of the world, all we have is a propaganda machine. Chelsea Green’s decision to print this controversial book gives me hope that this is not the case and that free speech and the right to have a difference of opinion are alive and well. I offer my gratitude to Margo for her strength and willingness to uphold two core tenets of liberty -freedom of press and free speech.

  10. Another example we live in an upside-down world. The hippies and progressives of the past brought us good things like organic food, supplements, and natural products for health and healing. They warned us against GMOs and of the hazards of relying only on western medicine. Now they are the same people that are the most deathly afraid of COVID and latch on to every utterance from Saint Fauci and the high priests of Big Pharma.

  11. These days – when free speech or the free speaker is being attacked by the left and/or RINOS – they are likely telling the truth or the information is good. Sticking to the Truth or telling the Truth is honorable and brave – attacking it is cowardly and shows how desperate the demons are to keep the corrupted machine turning – it’s about to blow a gasket….

  12. I have long been a fan of the books that Chelsea Green publishes and have purchased a number of their organic farming titles over the years. I’m glad they have chosen to publish the Mercola book; bought it on Amazon to add to the purchase statistics and thumb my nose at those who wish to ban it.

  13. I have at least 5 books (all 4 pictured here) by Dr. Mercola and EACH one has changed my life for the BETTER.

    Mercola is the BEST thing that has happened to my health since 1985, when I discovered natural medicines and alternative medicines.

    Mercola’s overriding goal is to improve the health of all who read him. Period. If he finds evidence that a certain therapy is beneficial, he will publish the findings. On the other hand, he will NOT publish any benefits if he cannot find proof for them.

    For this cause, I consider him a true scientist and truth-teller.

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