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“Support Vermont’s only online daily news publisher” – now wait a darn minute, Digger

By Guy Page

This morning I opened my email and what to my wondering eyes did appear but an appeal from VTDigger to financially support “Vermont’s only online daily news publisher.”

I thought to myself, “Self, that is awfully nice of those good folks at Digger to ask people to pitch a few pennies in the direction of Vermont Daily Chronicle.

Talk about selfless! 

Then I realized…..”noooooo, Self. They’re talking about themselves. In fact, they claim that VTDigger is ‘Vermont’s only online daily news publisher.’”

Au contraire. Seven Days publishes news online every day. So does WCAX, and Vermont Public (can’t call it Vermont Public Radio, anymore, it’s a branding thing). So do others. Including, of course….

Vermont Daily Chronicle, publisher of 10 news stories and commentaries every Monday – Friday. 

True, five days a week does not equal seven, the popular prejudice for the full complement of days in a week. But neither does six: “We work hard to deliver 8 to 10 critical and timely news stories six days a week – in addition to longer investigative pieces that have become the hallmark of our reporting.”

On the seventh day, even God rested from His creation, calling it good. We don’t begrudge Digger doing likewise. 

So Vermont has at least two online [only!] daily news publishers. Which is not to say they’re the same. For example:

VTDigger is operated by the not-for-profit Vermont Journalism Trust, and is thus forbidden by federal law to attempt to influence electoral outcomes. Vermont Daily Chronicle is a (legally, anyway) for-profit enterprise, and thus can say whatever it wants about politics without fear of an IRS audit.

VTDigger has a big staff of highly skilled reporters, editors, IT professionals, development, and administrative staff. Vermont Daily Chronicle has, well, one staff member: me. But we also have a growing plethora of contributing reporters, opinion writers, and IT experts. And we’re working on adding staff. 

VTDigger does indeed cover a wider breadth of news, and some of its investigative work is outstanding, just ask Bill Stenger and Ariel Quiros. On the other hand, Vermont Daily Chronicle publishes news and news perspectives not found anywhere else, including Digger.

What Vermont’s two online daily news publishers share in common is reliance on readers’ support. If your budget can find a little extra despite the skyrocketing cost of home heating fuel and food, please send a sadly non-tax deductible check for a $108/annual subscription to Vermont Daily Chronicle, P.O. Box 1547, Montpelier VT, 05601, or make a donation on Paypal to Vermont’s other online daily news publisher.

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  1. “VTDigger is operated by the not-for-profit Vermont Journalism Trust, and is thus forbidden by federal law to attempt to influence electoral outcomes.” Anyone who has spent ANY time perusing the VTDigger realizes that influencing electoral outcomes through the promotion of specific ideologies is a primary reason for their existence. They make the (false) claim of being “Vermont’s only daily online news publisher”, but the Vermont Daily Chronicle could make the claim that they are Vermont’s only online daily news publisher which allows their readers to engage in commentary and rate others’ comments.

  2. Guy, VT Digger would enhance itself if it emulated your insight and coverage. Indeed, VT Digger would triple its readership if it were able to attract you to their staff. That’s unlikely, given your independence and integrity. Carry on. Never change. John in Alburgh, VT

  3. They should have added only “ unbalanced” newspaper to give it proper perspective.
    From a casual observer vantage it appears they do have a definitive slant.

  4. Truth is in the eye of the beholder.
    And ‘you shall know them by their fruits.’
    I could go on…
    Galling that we have such blatant corruption attached to ‘digger’ – one makes the assumption its for Truth Vermonter need to know about…buuuutttt…BIG but there.


  5. 100% Agree with all above! A huge Thank you to Guy Page for providing a balanced thoughtful information packed publication….I was a digger until the numbers just never seemed to add up (covid gig weekly)…….and someone told me about Vermont Chronicle; well 1 issue and I was a believer again……..there is biased journalism all over the place..tv,online, newspapers…ect ect…but here we have this GEM of an information source and oh YES we can comment, discuss, and let our thoughts be known……..I’m sending my check asap………Share Share Share this rarity in journalism today!

  6. Can’t endorse political candidates or issues, but VTDigger sure seems to do that in their reporting. They also gave $1,000 free advertising for Prop 5/Article 22. But oops, they undid that (supposedly)

  7. Is it VTDigger’s annual fund-me drive again? How much do you think the woke, jane’s revenge, climate extremists, globalist, grifter Vermont syndicate will dole out to them during the recession? I’m sure the Kubucha fountain and Starbucks costs is denting their trust fund slush funds.

  8. I terminated VTDigger Because they consistently used NYT as a source and cooperated to the point of a NYT columnist participating in a public meeting with subscribers.

  9. Has anyone else noticed that we are forced to support VTDIGGER financially? Thay accept advertising dollars and one of the advertisers is Efficiency Vermont. If you pay an electric bill there is a line item going to Efficiency Vermont.

  10. VT Digger has become a political spin machine for the DNC…didn’t start out that way, but that is the way it evolved. I even sent them money when they started.
    When they removed the comments section, is when Digger really became a DNC talking point, spin machine, in the likes of the old PRAVDA, in the old USSR. I seldom read it anymore, as I already know what they will spin. I hope this newsfeed stays afloat, It has hope.

  11. All seven of the candidates in the article Digger is featuring are Democrats (of color, naturally).

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