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Vax freedom news: condolences to Kitzmiller family / school mask lawsuit update / RFK group starts New England chapter

Vermonters at Children’s Health Defense Defeat the Mandates March in Washington DC on Jan. 23, 2022 (credit: Geri Procaccini)

by Jennifer Stella

The Vermont Daily Chronicle reports that Rep. Warren Kitzmiller (D-Montpelier), who died of a stroke Saturday, “endeared himself to vaccine freedom supporters by being the only Democrat to co-sponsor H322, exemption to immunizations required for attendance at school and child care facilities on the basis of conscientious and personal beliefs.” 

Kitzmiller was indeed one who listened. After the Vermont House voted almost unanimously (130 to 3) to preserve Vermont’s philosophical vaccine exemptions, Kitzmiller told the Burlington Free Press: “I just said, ‘Wait a minute, these are not ignorant folks doing the wrong thing.’ They weren’t against vaccinations, they were against the blasts of multiple vaccinations at one time.” 

Just three months ago, the Montpelier Bridge reported: “After 22 years, Kitmiller said he’s ready to get in some skiing and enjoy retirement.” Our condolences go out to Warren’s family. 

Meanwhile, yet another family also is in need of support. Vermont’s “School Mask Lawsuit” continues, with the Desautels family standing again for justice in the courts – this time with the help of Children’s Health Defense (donations welcome). Some key points:

  • Complaint was filed February 18, 2022 Vermont Superior Court against North Country Supervisory Union (NCSU) in Orleans County concerning their policies requiring students – specifically – forcing Ryder – to wear face masks at school. 
  • For an overview of the case, please read the press release.
  • Get full details including documents, here

A New England Chapter of Children’s Health Defense is coming soon. Here’s how people can join:

The author, a Washington County resident, is a leader in Health Choice Vermont and Children’s Health Defense of New England.

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  1. Strange that the “my body my choice” mantra never applied to mandatory jabs, just imagine if Trump had “authorized” an advisory-only agency or a cabinet department to FORCE people into compliance? I have never seen such a bright line between the party/forces of naked authoritarianism drawn as I see now, one is for individual choice (or decided by the states) and the other forcing compliance or face job loss and worse. The biggest SCOTUS decision was NOT Roe, NOT the 2nd Amendment, but the one that clipped the EPA’s wings and ALL other bureaucrats to make society-wide edicts but instead FORCING CONGRESS (elected every 2 years, a beauty of a system) to do their own WORK and face US, their constituents! The ripples it send through the “Administrative State” (432 Agencies, 2.9 Million employees) is stunning to see, the message sent is CLEAR & CONCISE, these decisions MUST be made by REPRESENTATIVES, no longer by unelected, politically appointed HACKS, many/most who have never had a REAL job, ran a business, or had any other REAL world experience. Who is paying for these jobless mobs to “protest” conservative SCOTUS justices in violation of Federal Laws? WHY is the Biden DOJ allowing this illegal intimidation, other than it is sanctioned & approved from the top down? The choice is now obvious, the America/Americans First candidates vs. the Technocracy Dem’s & RINO holdovers, and thank God we have a Originalist SCOTUS for the 1st time since the regime of FDR, who bloated DC with armies of new alphabet agencies in his drive for State planned & run economy that did NOTHING for unemployment during the Depression as only entry into WWII got the USA back to work.(look it up) It’s a damn good start.

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