Stolen Trump truck set ablaze, left in woods

Stolen from home in Topsham

By Guy Page

A truck bearing the prominent decal “Trump for America” stolen on Aug. 4-5 from a Topsham home was located August 6 abandoned and burned in a remote wooded area in Topsham.

Now police are seeking information from the public about the theft and destruction of the truck owned by Matthew Wadsworth, 57, of Topsham.

Troopers from the St. Johnsbury Barracks and members of the Department of Public Safety Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit followed up with the report and were able to locate the vehicle near Watson Hill Road.

Investigation into the theft and later burning of the vehicle is ongoing. The Vermont State Police is requesting the public’s assistance with information regarding the vehicle theft and fire. If anyone has information they are asked contact Trooper Evan Johnson at the St. Johnsbury Barracks 802-748-3111, or Detective Sgt. Christopher Blais at the Royalton Barracks at 802-234-9933.

The vehicle was identified as a white 2017 Toyota Tacoma bearing Vermont registration 282A124, taken from a residential driveway.  The truck had red “Trump For America” decals/stickers on both sides, chrome wheels, 33″ tires, and miscellaneous stickers on the rear. 

The truck has no known affiliation with the Trump campaign, nor do police say whether its decal was a factor in the reported theft.

Official Vermont voting returns show that Trump won Topsham by 55.1%. He won 43 other towns, mostly small towns in northern Vermont, but lost statewide, taking 30.7% of the total vote. 

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  1. If this was done to a Commiecrat with a Biden bumper sticker on their rig they would be whining and crying and carrying on like their butt was on fire and their heads were catching.

    • If this was a Prius with Biden stickers, it would not have been reported on by this rag-with-an-agenda. The Guy Page of years past was a journalist who I admired for presenting fair and balanced news to his readers.

      • Actually, when someone dared to touch a BLM flag or an inverted rainbow flag, this publication did report it as the State Police and the social justice cavalery went bonkers and demanded justice. We now have a whole State Department and specified training tasks forces in the wake of their intolerance. When a hate crime is committed against the other side, nothing to see here, crickets. Appears this is a hate crime and likely the result of climate change, which we now know is code for ARSON. (79 arsonists arrested in Greece as the island went up in flames)

      • Sure, criticize the only conservative leaning web site in VT. I know of no other. If it was a Prius with a Biden bumper sticker, it would be the crime of the century.

      • Notice anything different about this ‘rag-with-an-agenda’ compared to VtDigger and Seven Days? Via a comment section it actually allows uncensored voices to be heard rather than suppressed. That includes voices from all sides. The left through the media and the government loves to censor anyone who disagrees with them. I think liberals would refer to that as Fascism.

      • hi Brian. Actually I would have reported the purloined Prius with the burned Biden badge, and for the same reason: it’s news! BTW my phlebotomist just rented a house on Colchester Point, and loves running the Causeway. I told how how it happened and who made it happen

    • It would have been reported as a “hate crime” and the FBI would be investigating .

  2. You know it is going to get a fair and impartial investigation in Vermont.

  3. Seeing how much this inflames liberals, there will likely soon be 20 or more such trucks baiting missing person candidates. S.S.S.

  4. Ya gotta laugh – the Police don’t know whether its decal had anything to do with its “reported” theft.

    First of all: Was it STOLEN or just “reported” stolen?

    Second of all: Are you all daft?


  5. The first amendment to the constitution guarantees free speech. Whoever did this, or does not turn, is just as guilty of intimidating our right to free speech. I am worried that free speech not considered as important to these morons then it really is. It is serious, many people died for it. I would not argue against the death penalty for this heinous crime even though some may think that extreme.

  6. Didn’t the Vermont Legislature pass a bill making it a crime to “threaten” a politician this last session? I guess that just pertains to our very own brain trust, and not to “deplorables” .

    • And that was really a disappointing move by the government in the state of Vermont.

      One of my representatives Republican Thomas Burditt of West Rutland was involved in that…

      I no longer vote for Tom because of it..

      Another theft of the freedoms of the people in the state of Vermont…

      Now we can go to jail for speaking our mind..

      Arthur Peterson my other Republican representative from Clarendon has blocked me from posting on the Clarendon Republican page because he doesn’t like the fact that I post the truth about candidates we’re representatives in the Republican party…

      We have a right to know the truth and we should never have our constitutional rights violated especially by representatives that we elect to protect them…

      I sure hope they get Donald Trump on the ticket in the state of Vermont because I’m going to have a hard time voting for any other candidate the pretends they are Republican…

      People in Vermont need to wake up…. We are dealing with politicians who want a uni party..

      They tell us one thing and do another…