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Gov. Scott announces launch of Vermont Strong ’23 license plate sales

Berlin, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today announced  that “Vermont Strong” license plates are now available for purchase. All proceeds will support victims of the summer’s severe flooding.

“Time and time again, Vermonters have shown how willing they are to step up, join together, help their neighbors and unite for their communities,” said Governor Scott. “This summer’s flooding has been no exception. It’s clear, We Are Vermont Strong, and Tough Too! I know many Vermonters will be excited to contribute to flood recovery efforts and proudly display the new plates.”

There are two different license plate options available. One says, “We Are Vermont Strong ’23” and the other also has the words, “Tough Too!” The license plates cost $35 each and retailers may place bulk orders for resale at their business.

The two license plates can also be purchased in-person at all Vermont Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) locations starting September 1. In addition to the two plate options, there will be a limited, online only deal, where one can get a “Tough Too!” plate and a pair of Darn Tough “Vermont Strong” socks for $70.

Online purchases can be made at

Half of the proceeds from the sales will support the Vermont Community Foundation, which is helping fill gaps in funding needed to address the most significant disaster relief needs of individual Vermonters.

The other half will support to the Agency of Commerce and Community Development’s Business Emergency Gap Assistance Program, which is supporting employers who experienced significant flood damage reopen and reemploy Vermonters.

Additionally, there is an option to make a direct monetary donation through the DMV website. The donations will go to the Vermont Emergency Donations Special Fund. For example, some of this funding will be used to support the Manufactured Home Improvement and Repair Program.

“We are very excited to bring back the Vermont Strong license plates that were so well received after Tropical Storm Irene,” said DMV Commissioner Wanda Minoli. “The updated design reflects the community spirit of Vermont, and every sale will contribute financially to unmet needs of Vermonters, businesses, and farms that need vital support after the devastating flooding last month.”

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  1. You don’t need a license plate to show your character. It makes me assume those who have one are just showing off. Good deeds are good deeds and do not need a pat on the back. The people who do them know and do not need advertisement. Crappy way for the state to make money, they want more money, just tax us more and then we can have an accounting.

    • Plus don’t forget to wear your Branch Covidian mask all alone in the car so other drivers know how good of a person you are. I doubt the Vermonters after the ‘27 flood used it as an opportunity to let others know how ‘strong’ they were.

  2. I still see cars driving around with paper, photocopied registration temp plates, yet they can produce these plates in a matter of weeks? The best option is don’t give the State or the grifter NGOs/non-profiteers a red cent. Take the $35 or $70 dollars and spend it at a local private business. Our dollars are best spent direct to private local business owners, not the installed thieves masking as our government.

    • Well, one is a graphic replicated thousands of times and the other is personalized and verified for an individual so yes, one can be made in weeks and one takes more time. I can draw you a smiley face in a minute, but your portrait would take hours, but they’re both pictures.

      • Not to mention when told to stop the pressing of real license plates in favor of State sanctioned vanity plates at $35 a pop. If a person pays up front for registration and plate, the expectation is the plate doesn’t take 90+ days to make, while these State grifter plates are produced in far less time. Our taxpayer dollars at work for the installed regime, not for us who paid for a plate up front because of their rules and regulations.

  3. Good job creating a new shiny object of “feel good” Scott! We wouldn’t want Vermont Citizens to pay attention to what REALLY matters, would we?

    Those of us who are paying attention and aren’t afraid of the truth, don’t expect Scott to be honest and talk about the “true” condition of the State of Vermont due to his lack of leadership. Scott, together with the other present “selected” state officials and legislators, have swiftly taken Vermont deeper and deeper into a state of dark depravity and immorality. The consequences are clearly evident.

    Scott will call you “tough and strong” when he needs to virtue signal, but he easily disrespected ALL VERMONTERS when he ignored the constitution and many other laws in taking away individual Freedom to choose whether to take a Covid Shot.

    Scott has also proven he doesn’t trust you to choose your own government officials with legitimate, free and fair elections without corruption. He approved and easily signed onto the chaotic mess we presently use for a state election system.

    I choose NOT to play along and pretend. Loosing our ability to Freely Vote for our own government is unconstitutional and treasonous. Scott freely signed Bill S-15 drastically changing our state election system allowing the state to mail unrequested ballots to ALL VOTERS throughout the State, with 40+ days of voting, no more ballot chain of custody, no voter ID’s, legal ballot harvesting, 24/7 ballot drop boxes, and mandated questionable counting machines. Many say they can prove the counting machines are connected to the internet and being manipulated.

    I have no doubt there are tough and strong people of character in Vermont in spite of the overall condition of our state. Please don’t allow yourselves to be deceived by the empty words of a man who calls himself a Republican Governor, yet has no behaviors that are in keeping with the Party Platform.

  4. I guess some people don’t like this flavor cool aid,who knew? Great commentary here.