Warner: Why the establishment can’t solve the Trump “problem” 

by Aaron Warner

This week at the Republican Primary Debate Nikki Haley referred to Donald Trump as the “most disliked politician in America”, apparently missing the irony of the moment given he didn’t attend the event because his popularity among the American voter is off the charts relative to her and the rest of the field.  Despite being ridiculed for running since day one – late night hosts mocked him, politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Lindsay Graham guaranteed he’d lose, A-list celebrities like George Cooney superciliously dismissed the notion, and the media scoffed right up until the moment he was elected – Donald Trump’s popularity grew. 

In his four years in office the overwhelming narrative from the establishment class (coastal city, Ivy League graduate, upper class income, etc.) was Donald Trump and his supporters are deplorable and bad for the future.  Before he could even start his term in office Rashida Tlaib vowed “we’re going to impeach the m*****f****r”.  Quickly he was described as a racist, white supremacist, inveterate lying, misogynist and xenophobic bigot – minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.  Clearly this life-long showman had pulled a fast-one on the slow-witted American people and the erudite class were duty bound to make us wise to the scam.  

Aaron Warner

The only problem was, it wasn’t working.  

No matter how vitriolic the charges the people knew who and what they voted for and, thanks to the internet and to the chagrin of his detractors, were able to see the man and the results for themselves. 

They voted to protect the border, he promised to build a wall and he did.  They wanted more jobs for Americans and he delivered manufacturing plants to the states.  They wanted to get out of endless wars and he refused to start any.  They wanted fewer taxes and so he cut them.  

Though he was pilloried as an arch white supremacist, misogynist and racist he somehow managed to create and economy where more black female entrepreneurs succeeded than any time in history, he freed black prisoners, and guaranteed funding to Historically Black Colleges ten times longer than America’s first black president, Harvard’s very own Barack Obama.  CNN’s own black analyst Van Jones even had to tip his hat to Trump’s victories for black Americans.  

We wondered about NATO spending, so he took the member countries to task.  We didn’t want to suffer economic disaster of the climate change accords in Paris, so he withdrew us from them.  We were tired of fearing the middle-east terrorists like Isis so he took them out, and we were even more tired of funding them by buying their oil, so he opened up our pipelines and made us energy independent.  

All the while the media tried to convince us he was perhaps the worst person on the planet

It just wasn’t adding up. 

Making good on Tlaib’s prophetic promise to impeach, the Democrat majority drafted the articles claiming Trump colluded with Russia, only to find out the evidence was bought and paid for by his vanquished presidential competitor Hillary Clinton.  This was followed by an exodus from the Democrat partyThe Walk Away campaign founded by a gay man suddenly exploded in numbers of loyal leftists seeing through the façade and walking away from what they knew to be lies.  The black community began to rally around Trump giving thanks for using his office to support their needs.  The iconic Kanye West sought to work with Donald Trump and was castigated by white and black elite as crazy even suggesting he was no longer black.  Suddenly blackness was a political position not an immutable characteristic.  

Another prophetic prediction from soon to be media darling and establishment elite member Anthony Fauci warned Trump would be facing a breakout virus.  How he knew this is unclear, yet he stated it with the certainty of someone with insider information.  Suddenly the pandemic came and what followed was a cascade of government overreach and abuses both in America and worldwide the likes of which we had never seen.  No matter what Trump did, even pushing for their sacred vaccines, he was credited only with the disasters.  Once his predecessor Joe Biden took over the media winds shifted 180 degrees. 

It’s as if these people cannot see what they’re doing enough to realize American’s see right through it.  Their behavior is that of narcissists who cannot be told they might be wrong and are practiced at the art of projection and gaslighting.  Shrouding themselves in self-righteousness they believe the object of their scorn should be the object of everyone’s scorn.  You must hate what they hate, believe what they believe and practice what they practice. 

The party of tolerance not only didn’t show any for Trump or his supporters but actively promoted violence toward them.

History is littered with examples of this social dynamic, perhaps never more so clearly as what we read in the Bible, a book the establishment likewise disregard as comfort for imbeciles.  Rather than read it and see the parallels they can’t be bothered.  So they won’t see how uncanny their behavior is to the political and religious leaders in first century Israel.  Like the Romans, Pharisees and Sadducees they have constructed a mountain of rules and regulations, approved gods and behaviors offering them power over the plebes who suddenly were listening to a low-life saying he had come to make Israel great again.  However the powers that be only heard the ramblings of someone who was exposing their corruption and how wrong they were despite their painstaking attempts to appear righteous.  

You may be thinking I’m lionizing Donald Trump and comparing him to Jesus, but like them, you’d be missing my point.  Rather, what we are witnessing is a man beleaguered by an elite guard who have convinced themselves of their superiority and even god-like ability to rule the world.  They feign being champions of freedom as they pile burden after burden on the commoners. 

If anything Trump is more like David or perhaps his womanizing son Solomon, both of who were demonstrably broken human beings, failing in the same ways we see Trump fail.  David suffered similar persecution by king Saul for much of his political life, and Solomon came clean with us that he chased women, built palaces and monuments not much different than the New York real estate developer who plasters his name on nearly everything he makes.  

Trump, despite his own narcissistic tendencies, has repeatedly pointed us to the Creator in his humbler moments.  This is what the deplorable class love about him.  He reminds us of the broken heroes of old, exposed for their weaknesses and failings but with the courage and conviction to take on the powers who will oppress us for, as they see it, our own good.  

Trump’s appeal is not him.  It’s his willingness to call out the phonies, the industry of liars and the brutal honesty of a man who’s benefited by the system.  His promise is tied to America’s promise to its citizens – you were made to be free to pursue lives of happiness and prosperity, not be ruled by tyrants.  

He is loved because he understands America, unlike those who are hell bent on fundamentally transforming it until it is no more.

The author is a fitness expert living in Hartford.

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  1. The elites are scared ” Shxx less ” of DJT and as you have seen for the past number
    of years and continues today with all the feckless charges, hell If DJT is guilty then
    ” 90″ percent of all DC elected should already be wearing ” orange ” jump-suits.

    DJT may be crass and rude, but he can and will save the county as we knew it, even
    from a jail cell, when you say banana republic and election interference you must
    say we are there…………..wake up people !!

    If they can do it to an X President, you won’t stand a chance when they come for you.

  2. If former President Trump is convicted in a court of law, would you still support him as your party’s choice, Please raise your hand if you would. Kudos to Matt Baier of Fox News for asking the question.

    • Convicted of what? Being Donald Trump? Not only will I vote for him if he is convicted of all the trumped-up charges (pun intended) I will write him in if I have to, whether he’s on the ballot or not. My question for you will you vote for Biden if he’s impeached?

    • Yes – absolutley! The people demand to solve the problem of the tone-deaf, disconnected, installed, corrupt beyond repair establishment. The only peron willing to poke the establishment in the eye (and he’s got the biggest guns behind him to do so) is the one that 260+ million people watched on Tucker instead of the clown show on Fox.

    • The courts are relative to their jurisdiction. Everyone knows SDNY, DC, LA, 9th Circuit are full if corrupt ideologues who won’t give a fair trial. The two tiered system of “justice” has never been more apprent thanks to Biden and his son’s laptop and a DOJ that labels parents domeatic terrorists.

      Donald Trump will get my vote if for no other reason than we have the same enemies – not because we want them, but because they refuse to let us live out the American dream in peace and they’re destroying the future for our children.

      If you can’t see that you are part of the problem.

    • We live in a Banana Republic where our legal system serves the interest of Social Justice, a United Nations agenda. Where law breakers are immediately released back into society with no penalty for their actions. Antifa and the not so peaceful BLM activities are allowed to attack people in the streets, and loot and burn businesses in the name of restorative justice.I read the defense lawyers argument in a case where an older Asian man running a small corner store refused to give a black woman potato chips. The woman’s black boyfriend went back and beat the old man up.The old man defended himself with a knife. According to the lawyer the Asian man had no right to protect himself and should have accepted his beating in the name of justice. And last but not least, the DoD actually declared parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorists. It was revealed in the Senate testimony that there was no instance of a parent attacking a school board member during any school board meeting. The DoD was doing the bidding of the teacher’s union by intimidating parents. So, to answer your question, I could be inclined to accept such a candidate.

    • You Betcha!!!!!!!! As Sarah Palin would likely reply as well. And the likes of YOU, Mr. Searles? I imagine you will continue to play the sycophant to the socialist tyrants in Vermont and vote for anyone under the (D) moniker who is intent on destroying this once-free Green Mountain State along with their apostates who dwell in the D.C. swamp as do parasites in a sewer system.

      • Thanks for the link. It’s looking like black America sees themselves in Trump more than they did Obama. It only took a corrupt DOJ and biased lawyers to turn the lights on.

        #Ni—asForTrump ❤️

    • Dave Searles, This is what the ‘elites’ – of which Aaron writes about – want to accomplish in America, with the conviction and ‘erasure’ of President Trump:

      “Everything faded Into mist.
      The past was erased,
      the erasure was forgotten,
      the lie became truth.”

      – George Orwell, 1984

    • Even more 100% than now, because these are politically motivated communist style show trials over absolutely nothing, just like the impeachments. And that’s to say nothing of Biden’s bribery issues and the absolutely corrupt hypocrisy of it all. These trials will prove to be a huge miscalculation, and they’re going to have to steal it even bigger this time. They won’t be able to hide it even a little bit.

    • Mr. Searles,

      A court of law? Really? Are you a Trump Hater? Do you have Trump Derangement Syndrome?

      If we had courts of law that truly delivered justice without prejudice, Joe and Hunter Biden would be in jail right now along with Hilary Clinton and many other lawbreakers.

  3. To paraphrase Dr. Sebastian Gorka as to why he is supporting Donald J. Trump. There are approximately 335,318 million people in the United States. Of that number there is only one person who if elected President can only serve one term and that’s Donald J. Trump. All of the other eligible candidates if elected can serve two terms of office which means the first thing they will do after taking office is to ensure they get re-elected. This is why they fear him. There is no man more dangerous than someone with nothing to lose.

  4. Mr. Warner, kudos to you, sir. This is one of the most precise missives, simultaneously poignant and hopeful, describing the current American condition, as I’ve ever read. Anywhere! And I read a lot.

    Please publish it elsewhere. And if you would, give us permission to pass it on to those we believe might benefit from the perspective.

    My sincerest thanks to you.

    • Mr. Eshelman, please review my post and address my concerns about our legal system being corrupted by critical Social Justice. In the instances I provided, do you agree that the legal positions demonstrated warrant serious concern over our justice system.

      • Ms. Stone: Yes. Everything you mention is likely true, at least to some extent.

        But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Our legal ‘system’ (the U.S. Constitution) isn’t corrupt. It’s the people we’ve elected and appointed to be in it who are. Again, as Ben Franklin opined 230 years ago:

        “… this Constitution with all its faults, … is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.”

        What happens next is anyone’s guess. But Aaron Warner’s missive is one the most compelling descriptions of why we are, and should continue to be, supportive of Trump and resistant to “those who are hell bent on fundamentally transforming it (the Constitution) until it is no more.”

        IMHO, I suggest, for now at least, emphasizing Warner’s remarks, not diverting attention from them by going even deeper into the weeds we all know exist.

        Postscript: GraniteGrok will post Warner’s missive later today. I recommend everyone who subscribes to Warner’s perspective, express their support.

  5. Trump was my guy mainly because he was not a ” schooled ” politician like everyone else running in 2016. Refreshing not to have a lawyer and self serving politician running to POTUS.

  6. Put Tlaib and the rest of the “squad” and add in Balint and the combined IQs will equal the square root of minus one. I am not a fan of Trump but he is better than what we got which is a dried up cadaver in a blue suit.

  7. I read the missive from John Bossange before I read this one. Transitioning from one article to the next was like emerging from a dark world into the light. Mr Bossange seems filled with hate for half of America and what is frightening is that I believe Mr. Bossange was an educator…. think about that.
    Aaron thank you for your thoughtful words.