Siegel: If she’s elected, all Vermonters will have housing

Protests Scott decision to cut homeless housing subsidies Dec. 1

Brenda Siegel in 2021, during her weeks of sleeping on the Vermont State House steps protesting the Scott administration’s homeless housing policies. Page photo

by Brenda Siegel

About a month ago, the current Republican administration abruptly announced that 8,411 households will completely lose their assistance by December 1st. 

I’ve been an advocate for better housing policy my entire life, and I am devastated by the administration’s announcement. Due to this decision, many Vermonters will have nowhere to go and no net to catch them in a state where there is just over a 2% vacancy rate.

Unlike the current administration, I have your back. In order to solve our housing crisis, we must create a plan that meets Vermont’s needs. It must address all Vermonters, from those experiencing homelessness to middle income families. 

As governor, I promise I will ensure that Vermonters have access to emergency, transitional, and permanent housing, including in the rental market and home ownership. I will address zoning and systemic barriers. No Vermonter will be left behind. 

Vermont needs a governor who stands alongside the most vulnerable instead of leaving them to risk freezing to death.

The author is a Newfane resident and Democratic nominee for governor.

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  1. SURE… so how is she going to get by all the different permits in Vermont.. how about act 250 how is she going to get by that???? can’t did a hole on your property without a permit….

  2. So this woman has discovered the CURE for any & every mental illness known to mankind, as well as the cure for drug addiction?? Wow, a genius in our midst. And to think she was using the VT Capital as a personal bathroom not that long ago.

  3. I have a plan. The plan is to match a Democrat and a Republican with a Homeless person. The idea is that they would come along side this homeless person and help them out of their own pockets, true non-partisanship. When I see how sincere they are with their own money, I might trust them with mine.

    An alternative plan would be to have a box on Vermont income tax returns to voluntarily donate $5 to a homeless fund without raising your tax bill. We can do this fund political campaigns, surely we wouldn’t slight the homeless in favor of politicians.

  4. This candidate’s proposed significant expansion of our already bloated social service cornucopia comes at a time when every business in the state of Vermont has a help wanted sign in the window and no one is paying less than $15/hr. The working taxpayers of Vermont’s middle class simply can’t afford any more largess. Face it, Brenda, the pandemic payout party is over and all of the associated new programs and handouts need to come to an end.

  5. Build it and they will come. The more you add to the social services provided the more people will relocate to Vermont to partake. I heard about an organization in Brattleboro advertising for people to relocate for support.

  6. So, you are asking for my vote based on your promise to end homlessness. In order for me to to vote for you – I need to know your plan. I have heard way too many promises from way too many politicians to just “take their word” that they have the answer. I think these plans are called “campaign promises”. And from past experience, I have come to learn that once elected – most of the promises would never come to fruition. So, until I get a little more than “If elected, I will……” I’ll just hold onto my vote. And I agree with the previous comment…Vermont’s social services are seriously bloated and need limits set on how long people can partake. There has to be some incentive for people to move forward towards being self sufficient. I have no problem helping someone get through a rough time but welfare and subsidies shouldn’t be allowed to become a permanent career choice.

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