Meyers backs Madden for Congress

Madden a breath of fresh air, Balint isn’t, Dem primary candidate says

by Dr. Louis Meyers

I have endorsed Liam Madden for Congress in Vermont. As a congressional candidate this year I participated in a number of forums and debates with Mr. Madden. I have watched his political development over the past six months and am always impressed by his intellect, his open mind, and the depth of his concern for Vermont and for our country. He will be a breath of fresh air as our congressman.

Ms. Becca Balint – the Democratic nominee – is most decidedly NOT a breath of fresh air. She continues to parrot the worn-out and far-left policies of her mentor Bernie Sanders.

And her so-called “authenticity” has been called into question by her having received and used over one million dollars from a cryptocurrency billionaire in California.

My vote is for Liam Madden.

The author was a Democratic candidate for Congress in the August primary.

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  1. Yeah because he’s a Democrat/Progressive not a REPUBLICAN. Of course the centrist who didn’t want Becca (an absolute nightmare, surefire new member of the squad like AOC) to win is going to choose the Democrat who lied his way into a seat.

    It’s just the nature of the Democrats, vote for the liar closest to your own ideals.

    If you want a conservative candidate and one that won’t try to take your guns, property, or money vote for Ericka.

  2. A vote for Erica is a wasted protest vote that guarantees Becca’s numbers grow past Liam’s. I have no problem with Erica. Except that her numbers were less, and she will now only split the available anti Becca vote? Why participate in that? Party loyalty should never hurt a city, State, or our Country.

    • Because voting down party lines is what got us here to begin with. I vote for who I believe is a better candidate, and it’s not Liam.

      Besides most of the party’s chairs (maybe even all at this point) have pledged that they are behind Ericka’s campaign.

    • Patrick says, “Party loyalty should never hurt a city, State, or our Country.” I would suggest that parties are formed for the union of ideas and that’s why we have and vote for them. Independents have no political clout by themselves. No one knows where Liam’s loyalties are since he said he wouldn’t caucus with republicans. That leaves the dem/prog party to caucus with. He has to go one way or the other to gain committee assignments and to build support for his idea.

      Ericka will caucus with the republicans and will be an asset to the party platform. A congressman has to work within the framework of the political machine in DC. No man is an island and in DC an independent is nothing until he/she joins one of the parties to caucus with. Liam has not been honest on this front. He can’t caucus with both parties because of secrets and loyalty. The more qualified candidate is Ericka, so she is my pick.

    • There’s no way Liam would win this race so you might as well join us and vote your principles with Ericka….

    • Voting for someone who has your values rather than someone who doesn’t is never a wasted vote. If my vote gets someone elected who does not share my belief’s, what have I gained. To be pragmatically constrained to vote for the strongest candidate is like being held hostage. Right makes might (Abraham Lincoln), not the other way around.

  3. One Dem/Prog endorsing another Dem/Prog. Democrats are like cluster flies, they all stick together. I’m voting for Ericka for sane policies, a return to normal. Madden ruined his chance by declaring that he wouldn’t caucus with the republicans. He also refused the party nomination until he found out that he couldn’t run as an independent due to his lack of knowledge of election laws.

  4. Ericka, you have our votes. Becca is a globalist that endorses collectivism. That makes everyone the same only by massively lowering our standard of living which is wiping out the middle class. Liam talks the talk (NATO) talk only, no action! Ericka walks the walk. I’ll follower her as long as it takes for her voice to be heard in the halls of the Capital building. Remember, remember the 8th of November.
    P.S. Don’t forget to throw out Peter Welch too!