SHORTS: Townshend yard signs / vax passports for Dem fundraiser

by Guy Page

SHORTS is a new feature compiling Vermont news stories in a single paragraph.

A Vermont Daily Chronicle reader who lives in Townshend read the Tuesday news story on fellow Townshend resident Elizabeth Dery being jailed for allegedly disruptive behavior at a school board meeting Monday. Both the news story and readers’ comments noted she had controversial signs in her front yard. The reader took photos (see above) of the signs in Dery’s yard, which is located next to the local school, and sent them to VDC.

Saturday, April 30, Vermonters will again be able to dispose of unused, unwanted and expired medications at these 55 locations. Every year 2-3 tons of medications are disposed of on Prescription Drug Take Back Day, state officials say. 

Attendees of the May 7 Vermont Democratic Party fundraiser with Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey in South Burlington must show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the event. “Through May 6 (the day before the event) you may [email] a photo of your vaccination card.” Vaccination cards or test results can also be checked at the door. Masks are recommended except when eating or drinking.

16 states including Vermont are suing the U.S. Postal Service to stop purchases of 165,000 gasoline-powered delivery trucks, according to an AP report. Attorney General TJ Donovan want to force the USPS to buy low-carbon electric-powered trucks. 

New estimates of economic benefit of a publicly funded, comprehensive child care in Vermont could exceed $755 million a year, organizers of a State House rally featuring many business owners said yesterday. Using data from state and federal agencies, the report released by Let’s Grow Kids, estimates annual family savings, new child care sector jobs created, and annual economic returns. No word, though, on how much it would cost taxpayers. 

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  1. On comprehensive “child care” , taxpayers will foot the bill of , at LEAST , three quarters of a BILLION dollars. ( 755 MILLION) that’s before new government officials are added to the mix plus government waste.

  2. Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon of let’s grow kids they should certainly look at the parent NGO They sure do make it sound good, I promise you this is where your tax dollars are going, and these are the people influencing your legislation in a way that you are not allowed to or don’t have the means to. 1 million in lobbying every year, and that’s just from the parent NGO who knows how much the lower NGOs and they’re 27 million worth of money goes towards lobbying.

    Their entire existence is to dole out money to programs that they feel the state needs which in turn grows the government and costs you money, all while they don’t get taxed for it.

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