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VT Water Cooler: Police ‘citizen review’ board / Quiros sentencing / Air Guard deploys

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Seven Days

Copeland Hanzas Enters the Race for Secretary of State

4/28/2022 6:31 PM
VT Digger Bennington seeks members for its first citizens’ police review board 4/28/2022 7:14 PM
NBC 5 Champlain College students lead walk out supporting survivors of sexual assault 4/28/2022 7:35 PM
VT Digger Paxlovid shortage frustrates Vermonters seeking Covid treatment 4/29/2022 6:17 AM
WCAX Too much chlorine accidentally added to Burlington water 4/29/2022 6:52 AM
WCAX OneCare lawsuit makes it to Vermont Supreme Court 4/29/2022 7:30 AM
WCAX BHS girls soccer team to be featured in UK museum 4/29/2022 8:54 AM
WCAX Quiros to be sentenced Friday in Kingdom Con case 4/29/2022 9:19 AM
WCAX South Burlington airport task force recommends against rezoning 4/29/2022 10:05 AM
NBC 5 Members of Vermont Air National Guard to deploy, bolster NATO defenses 4/29/2022 9:55 AM

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  1. “A “couple hundred” service members will go to Europe in an effort to bolster NATO defenses in the region, a spokesperson confirmed with NBC5 News. That total includes both pilots and members of ground crew.

    They will join thousands of U.S. soldiers already deployed to support the nation’s allies following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    The deployment will also include some of the F-35 fighter jets currently stationed at the Air National Guard base in South Burlington.”

    So, prepping for War then?

  2. How this is any surprise to anyone the Democratic warhawks have been trying to go to war with Russia for a decade.

    I mean hell they blamed every loss they’ve had for the last 7 years on the Russians are coming.

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