Woman jailed after disrupting school board meeting, police say

by Guy Page

A Townshend woman was cited for disorderly conduct and violation of conditions of release after confronting the a local school board in Townshend last night, state police say.

At 7:36 pm, Vermont State Police received a report of a disorderly woman causing a disturbance at the West River Education District meeting at Leland and Gray High School. Upon arrival, police found Elizabeth Dery, 55, of Townshend outside the school engaging in a verbal confrontation with members of the school board. Townshend is a small town in northern Windham County.

State troopers found that Dery had exhibited criminal behavior, to include disorderly conduct and violation of conditions of release. She was arrested, jailed at Southern State Correctional Facility, and cited to appear today in Vermont Superior Court.  The conditions of release stemmed from an arrest on 06/23/2021 for DUI, Disorderly Conduct, Attempting to Elude and Resisting Arrest. 

Neither video nor minutes of the meeting are available, but a Brattleboro Reformer news reporter Chris Mays wrote today that Dery “became combative with board members and school staff as soon as she entered. “I’m going to destroy you…. “I’m SUNY Binghamton. I got in there because I’m smart. You didn’t get in there.” 

According to the Reformer, attendees said they smelled alcohol on Derry’s breath. Police were called and others attempted to get Dery outside of the building.

This isn’t Dery’s first run-in with the school district (or vice-versa), according to the Reformer story. She reportedly lives next door, where her yard has signs questioning Covid-19 policy and other issues. 

A Nazi flag reportedly was seen in her yard last year. In October, the school board issued a statement, possibly aimed at Dery, decrying hate speech. When she announced at the meeting Monday night that she had sold her house, several audience members reportedly clapped.

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  1. “A Nazi flag was reportedly seen in her yard…”. It is an Antifa/woke tactic to label people who disagree as Nazi. Her conduct may have been out of line. However, such a report is rumor.
    This doesn’t reflect on Mr. Page’s reporting. If it was said at the meeting we should be informed that it was said.

    • Yup…a way to defame critics, tried and true. Also a Stasi/communist tactic to label their critics to justify arrests.
      Lots of innuendo here, and no actual proof outside of the arrest, and 2nd hand not first hand or source reporting.
      Does the smear for them.
      This is definitely a tactic.
      And – given the cozy connection between prior arrests and law enforcement that is also tried and true for the snitch culture, and informants, now making use of these people to create a situation that justifies the DHS ‘domestic terrorist’ labeling of parents at school board meetings for arrest and criminalization – this is the smell of the New World Order of Vermont sponsoring marxism.

      This history goes back to first peek we had of demonizing Bernie supporters as ‘crazies’ in 2016 here in Vermont. And even further, if one does some discerning reading of our ‘history’ here in Vermont around eugenics.

      • Thank you for elaborating. I hope that you’re one of the few here who separates Marxism from socialism. The idea of retaining natural resources for the benefit of the public, etc., is a far cry from the left fascism we’ve seen in all too many countries.

      • The reference to Bernie supporters being called ‘crazies’ was to put in context the campaign (manufacturing of consent) and its roots, not to condone his politics. I woke up the moment he returned from his kibbitz with Clinton with a bruise on his cheek like his face had been smashed to the floor and he had a rug burn.
        I SAW how this was going to roll out from there.
        And knew Bernie had become a made man.
        And, I woke up to how socialism opens the door to Marxism at the same time.
        But… now, here we are…as one commenter put it: Neo-marxism in situ, and all the hallmarks of the enforcers manufacturing consent for their narratives.
        Using the dupes they’d arrested – ‘or I’ll arrest you again. Your choice.’
        One of the biggest reasons to get clean and sober and right with God – so they can’t get their hooks into you and use you to control the narrative.

    • This is not rumor, but fact. I live near her home (across the street from the high school) and walk or drive by frequently. There was a Nazi flag on display at her house.

  2. Socialism vs. Marxism: A difference with no distinction. In both cases, others tell you how to spend the money you worked so hard to earn.

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

    ― Margaret Thatcher

  3. it should NOT have been reported that a Nazi flag “had been seen in her yard” without some type of caveat, such as “Bob Schmertz SAID he saw a flag”, or somesuch.

    Also, it is unlikely the Disorderly charge will stand, as the VT Supreme Court has ruled twice that Disorderly Conduct requires actual direct threatening language (I will destroy you to a politician wouldn’t count) or actual disorderly behavior. See Vermont vs Tracy, Vermont vs Allberelli.

  4. Last time I checked this WAS a free country and one could “hate” anyone or anything from snowflakes to broccoli, no? I got some grief when I displayed an upside down US flag (distress) upon invasion of Iraq for “WMD’s” but 2 years later I was..”exonerated”..”Free Speech” means you tolerate speech you don’t support from folks you may not like..or even “hate”..Free Speech, like pregnancy, means you either ARE or ARE NOT “tolerant” of it, Nazi flags, hammer & sickle flags, Antifa flags, whatever..Regarding the “alcohol” on her “breath”, if THAT was verboten there would be a lot fewer meetings of ANYONE..As long as there’s no driving involved it’s another moot issue..This new “fad” of calling police every time one raises their voice must stop, we’ve even seen it way up here in North Troy & it’s becoming a tactic to avoid ANY and ALL dissent from “authority”..

    • I totally agree with you. Hate speech can be responded to with speech not with amputation. Free speech may have problems but there are infinitely more problems when censorship is acceptable.

  5. I just bet the ones who clapped are transplants from another state. What someone has in their yard (signs) is their business no one else.
    The last I knew signs don’t hurt anyone,, OH WAIT signs and words hurts liberal demonRATS. those poor snowflakes.
    Did the state police give the lady a breath test? Did they read her her rights? OR did they just take the words of the liberals??
    This is just the beginning. If you say BOO to someone they will call the police.
    If you pray to GOD they call you a racist.
    If you speak out you get arrested.
    If you stand up for your country, town or family OMG you are a terrorist.
    We are losing our freedom
    Time to stop this bull.
    Take Back Vermont !!!

    • Lets see. Woman comes barging into a meeting where the board is discussing loss of grant funding for enchrichment programs. Woman is slurring speech, smells strongly of alcohol, highly belligerent and just starts yelling. School board members ask her to please take seat and be quiet, she wont. She is offerred a minute to speak her case, refuses that offer. Starts verbally attacking the few people wearing masks at meeting. Lunges at elderly woman in community who was simply attending the meeting. Appeared to possibly push one of the board members who was forming a blockade to protect the community. But the board is the problem? Wow!

  6. Native Vermonters do fine making their own problems with no help from “transplants”. Look who we elect to public offices!

    • We are getting into our third generation of the post-Phil Hoff leftist invasion of Vermont now so we have many “native Vermonters” who share the same pathological ideologies as the more recent “transplants”. They have gotten their indoctrination from their parents and from the public schools.
      What I mean is that being a native Vermonter really doesn’t mean anything anymore.

  7. I live in the area and pass her house quite often. She has a lot of signs that make a several political statements. Among them is a Trump 2020 sign, so we know where all the hate comes from, the “tolerant, inclusive & diverse” leftists. I HAVE NEVER SEEN OR HEARD A NAZI FLAG DISPLAYED ON HER PROPERTY. IT IS BS.

  8. Guy Page , You’ve Turned this in to a Liberal Rag . You Have no truth nor Evidence , Nor were You There . Repeating Reports from the Reformer and Clips from the Police is Not Honest Reporting .

    • This is all the information I have for this story, Mark. If you know more, please send it along. Best to know that it’s happening, right?


  10. “Socialism is the road to Communism”. A quote from Vladimir Lenin founder of the world’s first Communist nation. By the way for those who have not figured it out yet, U.S.S.R. stands for, Union of United Socialist Republics. Duh?

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