Shepard: Overthinking Phil Scott

If conservatives control Legislature, they might like the new Phil Scott, former senate colleague says

Like the skilled racecar driver he is, Phil Scott the politician seeks to maneuver and position himself, says former Republican state senator colleague Mark Shepard (seen here with Pres. Ronald Reagan). Scott photo from campaign Facebook page.

by Mark Shepard

Many Republicans have been frustrated by Republican Phil Scott as governor of Vermont.   I served with Phil for four years in the state senate and never saw Phil has someone that could be counted on to hold strong to any position.  

Phil Scott is not well understood within today’s left-right political spectrum, where the left embraces shifting power toward the state and a collectivist’s view of people and the right embraces shifting power toward individual, free-markets and individual human value.

Rather as a seasoned race car driver, Phil simply applies his racing-mind to his politics.  As with racing he has no destination, but rather simply tries to position himself to stay ahead of the pack as he goes round and round, never really getting anywhere.

So if you want someone who is guided by a set of ideas and who you can depended on to lead the state based upon those ideas, Phil Scott may not be your best option.   Of course that always depends on what your options are.  If, as has been the case in every one of his general elections, the alternative is someone who embraces a set of ideas that has failed everywhere tested, Phil starts looking a lot better.  

My advice for liberty-minded Vermonters is to stop worrying about the governor’s office until you have a majority in the legislature.   You might actually like the Phil Scott that shows up in that scenario.

Mark Shepard, Rustburg, VA

Vermont State Senator 2003-2006

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  1. Mr. Shepard; You are truly a coward!! You could have addressed any of the multitude of Scott’s failings and betrayals to the Real Vermont Republicans. But you ‘go along’ with all the lame-ass Republican sell-outs who make excuses/justify Scott as “not that bad.” I am a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against Scott. He should be outed/removed from the Republican Party!!

  2. Given the issues we face every day and how some of our elected officials “represent” us, I frequently find myself enflamed with intense passion and tempted to go on an indignant zealous tare. Friends prompting self reflection suggest that I consider whether I’m actually involved in image management rather than trying to convince others of something.

  3. Kathi Tarrent, First you do not know me,, nor I you, so please hold the ignorant insults. Second you reinforced my point quite well by being so fixated on Phil Scott that you imagined that I said something that was supporting of Phil Scott simply because I recommend getting off that fixation and focus on the legislature, which happens to be what is running the state of Vermont. The legislative branch is the most powerful. That is the branch that produces policy.

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