Mazur: ’22 elections our only hope

To the editor:

Nine eleven, 2001 was a threat to our national security. President Joe Biden’s Afghan debacle, open borders, and human infrastructure policies are equally threatening. The Afghan evacuation showed terrorists and China our weakness and vulnerability. The Obama/Biden strategy to achieve peace through compromise and bribes is naïve and self-defeating and antithetical to peace through strength. Afghanistan highlighted our national security exposures which is further exacerbated by illegals entering our country because of Biden’s open-border invitation. Our intelligence is worried about terrorists’ chatter trying to recruit illegals to become martyrs.

Biden and Congress are proposing to increase spending and taxes in the next few weeks that will transform our free-economy to a government-dependent socialistic culture. If successful, citizens will be dependent on government programs from cradle to grave. Government will plan jobs, control all education, elections and profits, and rewards will dictate our behavior. Our debt will spiral out of control with inflation taking hold like third world economies.

There’s hope with the 2022 elections. Biden’s approval rating is tanking and Independents and Republicans are equally negative about Biden’s agenda. The election can provide a roadblock to this socialistic destructive path and protect our borders. We get what we accept. Vote!

Frank Mazur

South Burlington

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  1. I have my doubts that this geriatric, frail, incompetent, boob will make it to 2022 without having a mental breakdown. What then ? Kamala ? Lord help us all ! I hate to say say this, but I do not see a way to exit the situation that the last election left us with before 2024. Kamala Harris is/was a terrible concession to make to the left, as a Vice President . She would not make an adequate choice to be dog catcher for lower Church Street ! She’s a bigger boob that Biden !

  2. One of those “intellectuals” recently sexually assaulted an American Armed Services female soldier.

  3. I understand this post is in regards to the federal election cycle however our state is under attack from the far left and left concerning wildlife management. ( Just to name one) Talk to your friends and family. Make sure they vote next year and get involved. Send letters to Natural Resource Comm. Inform them you are against a new fish and wildlife board. Animal right groups not only want stronger gun legislation, just look at comments made from its members, they want to end non consumption of wild organic meat.

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