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Flag Wave Thursday

Scene from recent flag-waving outside the Essex Grange Hall on Rte. 15.

A “Celebrate America” Flag Wave and Potluck will be held Thursday, Sept. 30 at the Essex Grange Hall on Rte. 15 from 4-8 pm.

This is an opportunity to share, commiserate, get informed, plan, and network with people who are proud to wave Old Glory. All are welcome – and bring your flag!

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  1. Go ahead – make it happen in your town. It isn’t hard – pick a busy corner, suggested time 4-6pm as folks are heading home. Encourage people to bring a flag and join in the wave. This is a perfect memory for people to take back as they visit Vermont’s scenic fall. Give a toot for freedom when you drive by.

  2. Yes! Celebrate Your Freedoms that No Other Country Has! Look at Australia right now, We The People better make sure We Don’t Lose our God-Given Freedoms like they have!

    Liberty is from God not men.

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