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Despite leftist ‘cancel’ efforts, Charlie Kirk coming to Vermont

Anti-Charlie Kirk social media meme posted by CopWatch.
TPUSA meme for the upcoming visit to Burlington

By Guy Page

Leftist anti-police activists are trying to ‘cancel’ TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk’s October 18 visit to the Burlington area. If the current scheduled venue is unavailable, TPUSA has multiple backup plans for venue and will hold the event in the Burlington area same date (October 18) and same time (7-10 pm), no matter what, Vermont organizer Savannah Coelho said today.

A group called Burlington CopWatch (“Dedicated to Police Abolition”) is trying to get followers to reserve seats online to Kirk’s Exposing Critical Racism Tour at the Burlington Hilton – and then, not show up. They say they’re trying to keep Kirk’s conservative message away from impressionable young people.

College students curious about an alternative to ‘equity and diversity’ orthodoxy are encouraged to attend. There will be opportunities to meet Kirk. They may contact Vermont director Savannah Coelho at Free tickets may be ordered at Scroll scroll down to the UVM event link and order there, Coelho said.

The event has been scheduled to be held at a downtown hotel – which has been targeted by CopWatch.

“Proactively preventing recruitment of young people to conservative/racist/homophobic organizations is some of the most efficient organizing we can do,” CopWatch said on Facebook yesterday. 

The group – seemingly comprised mostly of young white people wearing black, judging by its FB cover photo – styles itself as anti-racist, anti-homophobic, and anti-cop. They want people to call the Hilton and complain, to take to social media and complain, and then “Reserve a seat at the event and don’t show:…/exposing-critical-racism…” 

The link appears to have been taken down, prohibiting anyone – friend or foe alike – from registering at the Eventbrite site.

CopWatch also is trying to pressure the Hilton, it admitted on its website. 

“We know we’ll need to hit them where it hurts: PR & their bottom line, and we’ll do just that if we need to! In the week leading up to the event we’ll reach out to their main customer base, informing guests staying with them of the Hilton’s harmful decision, and we’ll show up in droves day-of if the event doesn’t end up canceled,” the group claims.

It’s no surprise that CopWatch is particularly incensed about Kirk’s subject: the ‘threat’ of Critical Race Theory. CopWatch expresses solidarity with Black Lives Matter, an organization with Marxist roots and (like CRT adherents) committed to ‘equity and diversity’ identity politics. 

Kirk is currently visiting college campuses to counter the generally positive narrative about Critical Race Theory and its policy offspring, ‘equity and diversity.’ According to a Sept. 8 article in the Clemson Tiger, Kirk is famously outspoken about Critical Race Theory (CRT), and many of his most controversial statements are available on the tour’s webpage. “If America doesn’t kill Critical Race Theory,” said Kirk in a May tweet, “Critical Race Theory will kill America.”  

He also called CRT “the most racist thing that is being spread in popular life in America — it is no different than the teaching of the KKK.”

Next October’s visit will be Kirk’s second to Vermont this year. After TPUSA organized in Vermont this spring, he spoke in June at Ignite Church in Williston.

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  1. Truth is these poor people can’t handle life or reality. They think they can make anything they don’t like or agree with go away if they scream, cry, and/or threaten. Similar to actions of toddlers or pre-teens. I feel sorry for them now. The longer this behavior continues and is placated, the worse their future is going to be…really sad.

  2. The state of Vermont is not sophisticated enough to discuss these new out of wack ideas. They are still living in the 18 th century and are joining every new idea just to try to catch up to the world! Like a child eating jellybeans!

  3. This CENSORSHIP and these vile tactics need to STOP immediately – even if it necessitates fighting fire with fire! Americans have Constitution RIGHTS of Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech!!!!! NO radicals or ignorant kiddies will EVER keep me from exercising my RIGHTS to live freely within the rule of law. Go live in Communist China, kids! Please forget to write.

  4. Glad to see this fast breaking news has readily been reported here. Another way all can join in as a voice of support for our police, our vets, our constitutional rights… is to have Flag Wave events all across our state. Perfect memory for all the leaf tourists to take back home from their Vermont visit. Simple to organize – designate a time at a busy intersection – bring your flags and wave to all who pass by. If you see groups doing this – honk and show your appreciation for our freedoms.

  5. These people are terrified of Kirk! They know they can’t successfully debate him, so they turn to their Fascist tactics and not allow other opinions.