Sexton: GOP platform should hold officials, candidates accountable

by Jim Sexton

This Saturday, April 30 is the date of the Vermont State GOP Platform meeting at the Double Tree (formerly the Sheraton) in South Burlington at 9:30 AM.

Jim Sexton

There is a great deal of division in the Republican Party because many feel betrayed by people who were elected to represent them. People that voted for or supported Republican candidates no longer participate because they feel hopeless or aren’t represented. Many have asked what can they do that will make any difference.

Go to this meeting on Saturday and make your voice count. You have the opportunity to make substantial changes to our Platform and hold Republican candidates and elected officials responsible for their votes and support of Bills that go against Republican and Conservative values. If you don’t stand for anything you will fall for everything.

Too many that have an R next to their name are supporting the left agenda when they vote for or support abortion without restrictions, sexualizing children and voting for the State to take control of your child. Supporting an open-ended law that will criminalize parents and medical professionals that refuse to physically, chemically and psychologically change the child for life.

I have submitted an Amendment to the Platform that would hold elected Republican officials and candidates accountable for their vote or support of Article 22 (formerly Prop 5). My Amendment would provide a method to remove all support and endorsement from the State GOP to any Republican that has voted for or does not support protections for the Sanctity of Human Life from conception to natural death. (Section 4, line 3 of our Platform)

As the Chittenden County Platform Delegate I was on the committee to write the language that is supposed to be the Guideline of what we expect from Elected Republicans and Candidates.

There are two other incredibly important Amendments that will be submitted:
Anya Tynio submitted an Amendment to provide for Conscious objections for Health Care workers, to not participate in elective procedures that they object to for Medical, Religious or Personal reasons. With the possibility of Article 22 becoming Law in November, a Health Care worker would be forced to participate in a procedure that will change a child biologically or face criminal charges.

Article 22 is specifically written ambiguously because, as the legislators supporting it have said, they won’t know how far it will go until a judge decides. Article 22 isn’t an abortion law. In fact abortion isn’t in the language. It doesn’t need to be, because when Governor Scott signed H57 it became Law in Vermont that abortion is legal until the moment of Birth.
If Article 22 becomes part of our Constitution it would become almost impossible to remove.

Anya had to submit this as an Amendment because members on the Platform Committee that did not want this to be a part of our Platform. Seven members of the Platform committee voted last night not to support this.

I also submitted an Amendment for the removal of State taxes on Military Pensions. This was also voted down by members of the Platform Committee during our meetings, but passed as an Amendment last night by Eleven members of the committee with one recusal.

Another member of the committee may submit an Amendment to remove “one nation under God” and replace it with “free expression of religion.” I don’t know if this will be submitted. I do not support this.

These Amendments and others will be voted on Saturday, along with the new proposed Platform. We need every member of the VT GOP to be there. Your voice matters, your vote matters. You are essential.

The author is an Essex Junction resident. He can be reached at jimsexton802@aol.com.

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  1. YES!!! YES!!! AND YES!!! THANK YOU Jim Sexton!

    Why do we bother having a Party Platform at all if no one is accountable to it?

    Many will say the Republican Party should be a “BIG TENT.”
    I believe that is a Cop Out and EXCUSE for those who DO NOT want to be accountable yet, they want to call themselves Republicans.

    They are diluting and devaluing the Republican Party. They should run as an Independent if they don’t want to be a Democrat.

    No one is saying we ALL have to be robots and think the same about everything, but there are certain Constitutional Freedoms and Rights that should unite us in agreement.

    We are talking about the protection of Human Life, Our Right to Bear Arms, Our Right to Own Private Property and Our Freedom of Speech and Religion.
    If you don’t support this Basic Constitutional Rights, you have NO BUSINESS being in a Government Position in the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America!

    Please show up at the Platform Meeting, April 30th and SPEAK OUT!

  2. Agree 100%. Thank you for being so vocal and keeping us up-to-date. Stand for something or fall for anything!


  4. I don’t declare allegiance to either party for obvious reasons at this point in time. Some Vermonters, like me, have voted on both sides of the ticket – freedom of choice regardless of declared party affiliation. Now that election fraud is being outed and the uniparty is exposed, it’s up to every voter in Vermont to demand voter identification and term limits. Good luck getting Dame or the power RINOs to go along with what is right or just. The Dems are finished. Yet, the GOP is poised to keep towing the same line. They must investigate and prosecute corrupt and treasonous members of their own party. The same goes for the moderate-centrist Democrats. The two parties, if they are going to survive the wrath of voters, best be getting with the program and start repealing every unconstitutional law and uphold their oath of office.

  5. We put “The Donald” in the Presidency to fix the, “not a dime’s worth of difference between them” problem, which had disenfranchised so many American patriots to the point of having zero representation of their principles in government. We sent him into the Temple to kick over the tables of the money changers and that is exactly what he did!!! This is the only reason the Republicans were finally able to win an election after years of defeat. Years of defeat that they were perfectly comfortable with profiting from their deep state scams. They were horrified their scams were mortally threatened. Their answer to this problem was to side with the Democrats to rig the election process to ensure Trump could not win reelection. The Republican leadership has become so corrupt that the only answer now is to make them a backwater third party. Trump should run again as an Independent and recruit Independent Party candidates to insure that happens. First order of business is to destroy the enemy within. The Republicans are giddy that they are going to have a cake walk in the upcoming elections. Do not forget what we did to your deep state candidates in the last election Mitch, there is more where that came from!

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