McClaughry: Ghosts guns and murderers

By John McClaughry

One of my favorite writers on current affairs is Kevin Williamson, who posts a piece every Tuesday at Last week he did an illuminating piece on President Biden’s current concern about “ghost guns,” unserialized and untraceable firearms that can be bought online and assembled at home.

It concluded with these interesting facts about gun crimes in general: “About 90 percent of murder suspects in cities such as New York and Chicago have prior arrest histories;  in Charlotte, half of the murder suspects have had prior gun charges dismissed, which is a genuine scandal;… the No. 1 thing people being convicted of violent felonies have in common is a prior arrest for a violent felony, which is the case for two-thirds of violent felons.”

“(For context, be aware that the majority of murder victims are criminal offenders, too, a finding that has held true in the big cities for half a century. A 2012 survey of New York murder victims found that 20 percent of them were on probation or parole or had an active arrest warrant, 10 percent were confirmed gang members, 71 percent had prior arrests, etc. Only one in five male murder victims in New York did not have a prior arrest.)”

“If prior offenders make up 90 percent of our murderers, and “ghost guns” are involved in less than 1 percent of our murders, why are we concentrating on the “ghost guns” rather than on the murderers?”

The tripartite answer, Williamson concludes, is “politics, theater, and cowardice.”

Good point, Kevin. Let’s ask our anti-gun legislators to give us a coherent answer to that.

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  1. Points well made, John, thank you.
    Curious that we have elected officials with no real personal experience with firearms, yet they feel fully qualified to place restrictions on their use by law-abiding citizens. People who share their ideology used to deride men who made laws restricting women’s reproductive choice because those men had no personal experience with pregnancy. Blaming the tool rather than who wields it is the mark of ignorant leftist reasoning. Everything to the democrat party is framed by race and white guilt. They have no problem with repeat violent offenders, repeating the mantra: “we can’t keep locking up our young, Black men”. Violent offenders are too busy with their criminal activities to bother with assembling kit guns, and are much more likely to be dealing with stolen firearms. with obliterated serial numbers. Federal gun laws are very tough, when enforced. A colorblind justice system is all we really need to remove violent offenders from society.

  2. President Biden sent VP Kamala Harris south to address the “core issues” giving rise to the illegal immigration across our southern border……She has, as we all well know, failed miserably.

    However, using the same strategy of “core causes” in an honest and straight forward manner can be productive to begin the long process of ending the epidemic of gun violence in this country…..But it will required what many, especially those on the left, would call racist action……Why, because honestly describing the problem requires admitting that a dramatically disproportionate amount of gun violence is committed by young black men. Young black men who are disproportionally reared in single parent ( no father present) homes resulting in the much needed supervision of both a mother and a fatherly is missing.

    The so called leaders on the left refuse to address the “core issue” related to single parent homes in driving gun violence. As a matter of fact, a basic Black Lives Matter tenet is that the “nuclear family” is not needed. When they do talk about crime issues, economic inequality and its racist under tones are used as an excuse to do nothing……However, gun violence is less likely to be committed by kids, both black and white from low income homes, with both a father and mother present to mete out discipline and proper behavior.

    So when will this country and its leaders (Including Joe Biden) decide to eschew focusing solely on guns and start looking at the “core causes” that that give rise too gun violence?……..Until our leaders, both black and white, decide to honestly address the “core issues of missing fathers, gun violence will continue at its current pace.

      • How about expanding the Denzel Washington list by adding just about every talking head at CNN, MSBNC and their guests, The New York Times, members of Congress starting with Nancy Pelosi, the Black Congressional Caucus, the Squad, BLM and even Republicans. If ever there was a “core issue” to be addressed that would help this country and particularly minority communities its fatherless homes.

        Oh Yeah, how about adding Barack Obama to the list. He barely said a word about the glaring problem of missing fathers during his 8 years as President…….A huge opportunity squandered…..An opportunity that looks like President Biden is also squandering when focusing on ghost guns.

      • One need only read some of Thomas Sowell’s work to understand that liberal policy has made this and so many other social problems worse- and many of today’s social ills were created by liberal legislation. If Sowell is too heavy a read, Walter E Williams was equally astute in his writing.
        For many, it seems forgotten that “news” outlets such as CNN, MSNBC and even FOX-
        are really in the entertainment and revenue generating business for their network employer. The programming broadcast by these outlets is to gain ratings, not necessarily inform viewers with truthful and accurate information. Ratings sells advertising, not truth. If false outrage sells ad time, then you can bet that’s what will be broadcast.

  3. Consider the cities with gun control laws, then count the gun-related crimes in those cities. Chicago stacking bodies like cords of wood. Burlington shootings way up now. The 2nd amendment is quite clear, yet here we are listening to more rhetoric and more lies about gun crime – which most of it is derived by false flags perpetrated by our own three letter agencies and politicians.

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