Scott won’t run for Senate

by Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott won’t seek the open U.S. Senate seat next year, he said at a press conference today.

Sen. Patrick Leahy announced yesterday he will not seek re-election, prompting speculation about who might seek his seat. Leahy has held that Senate seat since 1974.

Scott was asked by the Chronicle if he would run. Definitely not, he said: “I’m out of it.” Moments later, Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen noted that fellow moderate Republican NH Gov. John Sununu also recently said he wouldn’t run for the Senate.

“Both you and Gov. Sununu have regularly bemoaned partisan gridlock in Washington. How does that change without moderate voices like yours in Washington?”, Cullen asked. Scott said he agreed D.C. needs more moderate voices but “I just choose not to be one of them….It’s something that takes a different style, a different approach.” Scott also observed that non-partisans are a minority in DC. Having spent most of his political life in the minority, “I don’t want to be in it again,” he said.

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  1. I think they (the Dems) have Molly Gray poised to become the next Governor, particularly if they can keep the Covid panic going until next year. I mea, let’s face it, she came out of left field! Maybe Gov. Scott should run for US Senate. We need balance there and I don’t support picking women for gender sake – I want the focus on competence, common sense, and ability to work on a team ( and no drama).

    • How about we don’t let governor Scott back into the government?

      That should be the penalty for lying to your constituents.

    • Gray certainly emerged from nowhere, she owes Jim Condos big for his mail in ballot engineering.

  2. Scott is a jackass who never should have had ANY seat in Montpelier. Our next governor will be John Klar, and I hope Don Turner considers running for Leahy’s seat. There are other real conservatives we can have ready for corrupt Peter Welch’s seat, and the commies left in Russia will be wanting Bernie back soon to serve soup in the gulag.

  3. Word out in the alternate news realm is certain governors, such as Cuomo, Newsome, Whitchy-Poo D-Michigan, Murphy, Wolf D-PA, Kemp, and likely Phil, are in the crosshairs for certain things they have done and certain officials they are/were doing deals with…. Has anyone seen Cuomo? Newsome rumors running rampant. Gretchen Whitchy-Poo quiet… Pompeo pointed out the CCP had a list of “friendly” governers – we know ours is super CCP friendly. Perhaps Phil may be too tied up to run another campaign or will pretend to be running? Praying for justice to be served.

  4. Once again I find myself in the unenviable position of supporting our RINO Governor. But we must ask ourselves: what would Freedom Loving Vermonters do if our last line of defense, the Governor’s veto pen, was handed over to a full-blown democrat/progressive/socialist/marxist like Molly Gray, Becca Balint or Jill Krowinski? Phil Scott is the best we can hope for as a Governor in Vermont because we must face the facts that with the level of left-wing ignorance and brainwashing that pervades among the majority of voters here and now, anyone even slightly to the right of Phil Scott WOULD NOT BE ELECTED. I would love to see Don Turner or John Klar as Governor but the demoKKKrats would spare no expense in blowing some statement they had made in the past about same-sex marriage or boys in the girls’ locker room into a media hatefest barrage, backed by out-of-state activists with very deep pockets.
    Unfortunately, Phil has had to cave on occasion, and it did put the pinch on some of our cherished rights, but are we really willing to risk turning all three branches of government in Vermont over to determined and devoted liberal whackos? You think taxes and regulations are out of control now? Just imagine under Governor Balint…