Pediatrics public ‘conversation’ re: vax one-sided, attendee reports

by Allison Cassavechia

Last evening I and Alison Despathy attended the American Academy of Pediatrics conversation about Covid-19 vaccines for children. This 11/16 session was with Dr. Josh Kantrowitz (pediatrician from St. J), supported by Dr. Rebecca Bell.

From the beginning of the session, it seemed pretty clear this was going to be very controlled and one sided. They took the first 30 or so minutes with a presentation explaining why they recommend the vax for 5-11 year olds. They also made it clear that questions could be asked in the Q&A section by typing them in, nothing verbal, but only the hosts could see the questions – not everyone else.

I could see there were about 23 questions. I could also only see my own two (2) questions. One asked why, if per VT Health Department’s own data there have been zero deaths and zero hospitalizations in this age group, would I expose my youngster to an experimental injection? I also asked about quotes from the various FDA scientists at the 10/26 meeting, who themselves questioned a one-size fits all for this age group when CDC estimates at least 40% of youth have natural immunity. Specific quote I asked about was this one from Dr. Hildreth:

“It just seemed to me that in some ways we’re vaccinating children to protect the adults when it should be the other way around. If 30 million children already have some form of immunity, they’ve made their contribution to herd immunity and our focus should be to get the adults vaccinated to protect the children.”

Needless to say they didn’t answer my questions, but in the Q&A chat it said they were answered LIVE. They seemed to cherry pick the questions they wanted to. Alison had 14 questions and didn’t hear them address any of hers. This was not meant to be an open discussion about real questions. It was a very controlled narrative.

They did admit there have been no deaths in this age group, let alone anyone under 20, but wouldn’t say zero hospitalizations for 5-11. I’ve looked at the Governor’s weekly reports and don’t see any for this age group.

This appears, to this mother of a young child, to be a one-sided controlled narrative. Is this the Vermont way? To control the narrative to the end point they want, in which everyone gets vaccinated no matter what? Did they specifically not answer local parents that have already been asking questions in their local newspaper, as that appears to be what happened to this mother?

I am very disappointed in the lack of real community conversation, in particular when it comes to subjecting children to an experimental injection when their immune systems have been able to fight this off better than any other age group.

Furthermore, DFR needs to show the age groups broken down in their charts from 0-9 for hospitalizations and deaths, not 0-17. They seem to choose the age bracket that looks best in the under 20. They should be consistent in showing the age bands.

The author is a Newark resident.

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  1. You have to see the irony here, as Vermont school boards and the Department of Education work exactly the same way. One sided conversations, one sided objective evidence and one sided outcomes. There is no compromise, ever. Whether it is healthcare or education, our officials already have a road map that supports a specific political outcome.

  2. Are there any pediatricians in vermont that are skeptical of the American academy of pediatrics?? Please speak up! Some kids will undoubtedly die from this and many will suffer. One is too many and completely unnecessary. If you lose your job as a result, its a noble cause and I’ll be the first parent in line to hire you as an independent contractor pediatrician. You folks took a Hippocratic oath, that should mean something to you.

  3. Re: “I am very disappointed in the lack of real community conversation,…”

    You’ve come to the right place then. This conversation and debate are alive and well here on VT Chronicle and on True North Reports. And these are the only two mainstream forums in Vermont still allowing extemporaneous commentary – one of the virtues of free speech that keeps us informed – for a reason. Forums like VT Digger, Seven Days and VT Public Radio don’t allow extemporaneous commentary. When submitted points of view, similar to your experience listed above, are presented, they are routinely censored.

    The reason for this is, of course, the money. It always is. The only thing it has to do with our children’s ‘well-being’ is that they use these terms to falsely characterize their actions – when, in fact, these people make more money in a dystopian society than they otherwise would. They are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    After all, if the vaccines really worked as originally advertised, we’d be done with them by now.