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Scott to address world leaders tomorrow at Biden’s ‘Summit for Democracy’

Governor Phil Scott will virtually address the Summit for Democracy being held December 9-10. The Summit, hosted by President Joe Biden, will bring together world leaders, heads of state, advocates for human rights and democratic values, and others to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing democracies in the 21st Century.

At a time when authoritarianism is on the rise at home and abroad, the governor shares the President’s commitment to doing our part to strengthen our democratic institutions and norms, his press secretary Jason Maulucci said.

The Summit will provide world leaders the opportunity to announce meaningful initiatives and reforms to bolster their commitments to preserve and expand democracy around the globe.

“America is the leader of the Free World, and people across the planet look to us to set an example,” Maulucci said. “Governor Scott believes that it is critical we set a better one, starting with how we engage with one another. In his remarks, Governor Scott will discuss the importance of preserving our democracy, the need to tone down divisive partisan rhetoric, and that passionate policy debates can happen with respect and civility.”

Scott will speak tomorrow, Thursday December 9 at 1:15 p.m. A full schedule of events, including other speakers, can be found by clicking here.


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  1. This is all so surreal. If all that has happened over the past two or so years were incorporated into a film & released – I wouldn’t have one to see it as the plot would have sounded so absurd.

  2. This Biden quote appears at the Summit for Democracy website:

    “Democracy doesn’t happen by accident.
    We have to defend it, fight for it, strengthen it, renew it.”

    Is that what Biden is doing? 🤔

    And now we see Phil Scott jumping on the “propaganda bandwagon” to preach civility and respect, when it is Biden who condemns, rather than defends our Republic; who destroys, rather than fights for our Republic; who weakens, rather than strengthens our Republic; and who ruins, rather than renews our Republic.

  3. Tilting more towards Nuremberg, the lid of the box Scott has placed himself in is beginning to close, making it even more difficult to escape!

  4. It’s muzzle loader season, season, so I’ll be freezing my butt off up a tree thank you !

  5. As far as Governor Scott speaking to a world audience on Democracy,the USA is a republic protected by God and our Constitution.Governor Scott there fore does not represent the people but represents Socialism that has infected the world by claiming government knows and will provide for the people,how foolish!!In Vermont,public schools are failed,Hospitals understaffed,gas prices go up,taxes up up and up,Covid-19’s fear mongering,food on the rise,and now Vermont is pushing electric cars and electric every thing,while there is no way possible to achieve that.We are talking just plain tyranny!!We must hold the Democrats accountable,even if they say they are Republicans!!

  6. Why not? Pete Buttigieg was mayor of greater South Bend, Indiana with a population of more than 700 thousand people. And now he’s Secretary of Transportation. Governor Scott is the chief executive of Vermont with only 643 thousand people. If Buttigieg can be Sec. of Transportation, surely Scott can give an address to Biden’s ‘Summit for Democracy’. Scott is likely to be similarly effective.

  7. And I thought that Bernie, Patrick, and Peter were the only national embarrassments representing Vermont. Sad!

  8. Hate to break to you Mr. President, Mr. Governor, we are a Republic.

    Of course they know that, and they know democracies always fail, epically.

    Why did our founding fathers abhor democracies and talk of enemies from within?

  9. Just another f-ing Rhino period to moron Hypocrite Scott may your last year be short period!!
    The Vermonter from the Right side period!!